Dave Chappelle: I Quit TV Because of My Family

(AllHipHop News) Racism? No. Pressures of stardom? Not quite. Dave Chappelle apparently ended one of the most promising TV shows of all time in its prime for familial reasons.

Chappelle has stated on numerous occasions that he left The Chappelle Show in 2005 due to creative differences with Comedy Central. However, in a recent interview with People Magazine backstage at the 20th Annual Essence Festival he reveals that the pressure of fame was the most conducive to his departure:

I never stopped being on stage. What I did was step off of the main stage, Because those lights were hot, and I was trying to do other things with my life.

Adding to that Chappelle stated “that kind of attention wouldn’t have been conducive to raising a family”. Chappelle has three sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, and daughter Sonal with his wife Elaine. While he loves his family, Chappelle explains that his comedic relationship with the audience is a “healing process” and kept him coming back to the stage for stand-up gigs:

The audience-comedian relationship is one of the more consistent relationships in my life

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Chappelle the best black comedian to ever do it

    • Immortal


    • Shalove2

      Who’s the best White comedian or Asian comedian or Latino comedian?

      • Jonathan Bacher

        you must know that yourself

  • Dave fucked off that 50 million.now its kevin hart turn to shine.kevin hart not missin out on anything, money falling out the sky for him.time is something you cant get back, use it wisely.

  • Frank

    “The audience-comedian relationship is one of the more consistent relationships in my life”

    translation: I been funny and I always will be funny.

  • Reazonero

    Aye Kieth, u learn a new word today?? couldn’t wait to use it huh?lol..Nah but I hear where he’s coming from though. His show was very popular and I’m sure his kids would’ve been exposed to alot of negative feedback from crazy ass haters.

  • The Legendary Troll

    this dude keep making up excuses on why he left. whatever the reason is your gone bro. just leave it alone and continue on your personal quest. you wont be as poppin as you once were. that train has left the station with Kevin Hart

    • JD

      Chappelle is infinitely funnier than Kevin Hart and he keeps having to answer this question because people keep asking.

    • Ipullcards

      Not really Chapelle is way better an funnier. He connected with white pop culture and didn’t have to make corny jokes about white ppl and fighting etc. I like kev hart but he’s not as talented a Chapelle and didn’t have the same range.. and Katt is way off mentally but he still doesn’t have chapelles talent. My opinion

    • ghettogov

      Kevin Hart isn’t that funny and the difference between him and chapelle is that Kevin hart is just funny for the sake of being funny. Dave can be funny and touch on real issues at the same time as well as katt Williams (before whatever has happened to that brother) is able to do…then it’s bigger than just comedy

      • 5% Hov

        he didnt say he was funny ust he was more poppin.


      • Shalove2

        So there can only be one funny Black comedian. Get the hell out of here.

  • Markus

    It’s time to make a comeback to sketch comedy. He did it so well. He should consider doing another Chappelle’s Show.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Nah, let that be. If who does go back to TV it should be something entirely different, or get on some Larry David ish and write for a sitcom to help rebuild his brand then maybe come back with a show. But, nothing like the Chappelle Show.

  • IceBergSlim

    Whatever the reason is it’s allgood..Your mental health is more important than anything whether it be fame or fortune. I guess folks who never had money or have their priorities out of wack. Their is nothing like having money but if you don’t have a great mental health how can you enjoy your money and fame let alone keep things in perspective regarding your family. Their is nothing more important in this world besides God and Family.

  • Chapelle the best he can do whatever he wants. Facts!