Jadakiss & DJ Drama Address Meek Mill/Wale Beef

(AllHipHop News) There are always going to be times when people that work closely together have disagreements. The question is: how do you handle those moments when they happen?

Many observers did not approve of Meek Mill’s approach of airing out his differences with fellow Maybach Music Group artist Wale on Twitter. It was seen as a private matter that should not have become public.

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Vibe asked veteran emcee Jadakiss about the Meek Mill/Wale rift, and The Lox member agreed that some things should be kept in-house.

“Who am I to say if it was right or wrong,” said Jadakiss. “I just know I wouldn’t have handled it like that with my brothers. If we have any discrepancies, we settle them among each other. I would never call out Styles or Sheek on Twitter or Instagram or no social media site before I call them up or meet them at the studio or their house.”

DJ Drama is an A&R executive at Atlantic Records (label home of Meek and Wale). He also agreed the problems between the two rappers did not need to take place in front of the entire world.

“I would suggest more than anything, we just keep family business within the family,” said Drama. “If I could suggest anything to those guys, I don’t feel like Twitter is the place for that.”

While the social media battle between Meek Mill and Wale could been seen as an embarrassing moment for them and MMG, the confrontation did help bring awareness to Wale’s latest single “The Followers.” The song shot up to number one on the Trending Chart when it was released.

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35 Responses to “Jadakiss & DJ Drama Address Meek Mill/Wale Beef”

    • Sean Taylor

      Mill and Kiss aren’t even on the same level, stop with that nonsense. But thanks, I had a good Friday morning laugh.

    • Killuminati

      Meek was nowhere around when jada was supposed to be “the next big thing”. If that we’re ever even the case lol….that woulda been in the late 90s! Rick Ross was still a CO then lmao

    • EL_BARK

      niggah meek came 6 years after jada prime.
      so how do u connect “then came meek??? they two differernt era.
      meek a rookie jada a vet…

      and meek not no damn modern day jada.
      that disrespectful

    • El Dogga

      Man…..you gotta be a troll or something!!!!

      Meek is the modern day Memphis Bleek I think you were trying to say! One hit away….which likely won’t ever come through! lol

      And how can Meek be the modern day of something that is still here????? Jada still cranking out hot verses!

      • Vernon Lowery

        HAHAHAH one hit away…
        Naw Meek has process further than Bleek, however he’s no Jada
        remember Jada was writing hooks for BIG… Look it up

      • El Dogga

        I don’t need to look it up……the entire lox helped BIG.

    • GQ

      Girl, shut the fukk up! Do you realize Jada is from a different era than Meek?

      Meek is Jada replacement? On sum real sh!t, this has gotta be one of the top 5 dumbest comments I’ve ever heard, about anything! No lie, that was dumb as hell.

    • Vernon Lowery

      really Meek took Jada spot
      not you really sound … u know what I wont diss because you are required to have a comment. However Jada came out with MONSTERS in the rap game
      Not the same now. differ era

  1. Mitraised

    Meek couldn’t be Jada in his damn dreams, some of you niggas better stick to the weed because that other shit is fuckin yall brains up. Thats a DISRESPECTFUL ass comment. Meek think he hotter than he really is or was. Whether he blew up like he was suppose to or not Jada is and has always been a REAL MC. Some of Jada verses would kill Meeks albums!!

  2. ILLAmusic

    Meek is not in the same league as jada…they aren’t even playing the same sport! Jadakiss is in the top 5..Meeks in the top 500 lmao

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        oh i see it now, some clown suggested that below your comment, smh!!!!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        yo i had to go back and read the nutass article again like “dam, how did i miss that” lmao

  3. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Every thing is a gimmick now for promo, ratings and record sales, These artist never do something when there is no project in the works or just released.

  4. Stand Your Ground

    Meek just showed his true colors on “Twitter”, actin like Rick Ross’s “bottom bitch”, hoe ass nigga!!! Wale “Ether’d” that cornball on some humble, grown man shit… Meek needs to humble himself, his 15 mins. are just about up…

  5. LIveFrom-3805

    Maybe because we from the same area and I’m a huge Wale fan but I’m siding with Wale cause you can’t get mad at somebody for not supporting their project when you didn’t support theirs when it was time to but overall Jadakiss was right they should’ve called each other up first. and honestly Meek that was some kid shit to immediately go to twitter and say that knowing you got 100s of thousands of followers who gonna see that shit, he wasn’t thinking on that

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