Jim Jones Says A$AP Mob Wears Kilts and Tight Jeans, They're Not Like The Diplomats

(AllHipHop News) A$AP Rocky once said “a weirdo, but I’m rare though” on his song “Trilla” and Jim Jones seems to agree. In a recent interview, the Vamp Life captain explains how The Diplomats movement is the most influential since N.W.A., how A$AP Mob were not from the streets and more.

Ten years ago, The Diplomats released their second and (so far) final album Diplomatic Immunity 2Since then, A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob has taken the reigns as Harlem’s trendsetters in Hip Hop, something Jim Jones does not necessarily disagree with but does point out key differences between the two Harlem factions in his XXL interview:

I’m not trying to disrespect them—A$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and they’re doing what they like to do—but they’re nothing like the Diplomats. They didn’t come up hanging and banging and hustling and really touching the pavement, ya dig? It’s a big difference. We don’t wear kilts and we don’t wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. That’s not our style.

At one point The Diplomats had a stake in their own liquor, clothing line and Cam’ron was even on the verge of getting his own color from Crayola. Before Jones touts the Diplomats being the most influential rap group in terms of fashion, he does say there is one other group that could match them in overall audience influence:

Maybe the most influential—besides N.W.A—when it comes to everything. When it comes to style, we’re probably the most influential. I don’t recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them

Check out Jim Jones’ full interview here

90 Responses to “Jim Jones Says A$AP Mob Wears Kilts and Tight Jeans, They're Not Like The Diplomats”

  1. Fava Beans And Chianti

    Can’t lie back in day I use to follow they trends and be in the club fly as a mothafucka pimpin on all the hoes

  2. El Dogga

    Dipset did have a strong following for a year or two. But he may…..be reaching a little bit! lol Definitely better than ASAP Mob though

    • Ipullcards

      Nah you’re delirious and I’m not saying that because I’m from the east coast. I was living in New Orleans.. And all they rocked was dipset for years! Even after I hopped off the wave after dip 2.. They were on it. You’re wrong about that bro. They had a run of almost 5 years. Had everyone saying “what’s good” cam had dudes wearing pink tall tees.. I know you weren’t hating but it’s close lol… your comments didn’t justify these facts..

      • El Dogga

        I hasn’t hating on dipset at all! They had a strong movement, I wasn’t a big fan but they were undeniable.

        I don’t track the clothes part, I was talking in terms of albums. After the Jim Jones album with “Ballin” I think that’s where the decline started….so maybe it was 3-4 years.

        I was more into the G-unit run than dipset eventhough I mess with Jimmy and Cam.

      • El Dogga

        Cam did make it cool to wear pink though…..lol

      • ILL Will

        U faddish niggaz be tripn, so u saying in your hood it was cool to rock pink? Imma be real I know maybe a couple cats that tried it but got they ass ran up off the block cuz niggaz was joking and laughing too hard at they ass.

      • El Dogga

        Nah…….we clowned them too….BUT you had people thinking it was cool to try!

      • ILL Will

        What’s good been around light years before cam nem ever said it sorry……I used to purchase my pharmaceuticals in the early 90s and that’s how I would ask for it….lol tru story

      • Ipullcards

        Ok u mis read the made the term “popular”. Didn’t say they coined it! Cause I was saying it and half nyc years before. They made it popular

  3. Sgt. H. Jennings

    Dipset definitely had the trendsetting on lock for a couple years in the mid 2000’s. Jim is reaching a little bit as far as being that influential in it’s entirety but they were at the top of the game in terms of trendsetting for a good solid 2 years or so. At least from a hip-hop/pop culture perspective.

  4. i'mtelling

    this is the same dude that wanted credit for Lil Wayne dressing like them with tight pants and women glittery belts.

  5. hoeyuno

    Him and cam both fathered the weirdo clothing thing…I like cam and jimmy but cam with the pink and jimmy with the chains and weird ass shirts. …..ijs

    • Hendrix2020

      Preach!!! I was thinking the same thing while reading this article. Im just glad someone else said what I was going to say.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      word man, nigs wasnt wear chains attached wallets, bracelets with spikes sticking out (punk rocker ish) and we dam sure wasnt walking around with skulls and crossbones all over our shit either

  6. SupaDoopaGhost1

    I was a HUGE Dip fan in the early 2000’s. From Come Home With Me all they way down till about Hustlers P.O.M.E or Killa Season, (whichever one came last). But i must say Jimmy is definately reaching a tad. No lie now, I’m in memphis, and if you were fly, you was on the lil shirts, walletchains, skulls, and fly beltbuckles. But still, this whole thing sounds like he’s hating old-man style. New cats from his hood are running shit now, and noone’s buying that Vampire Life crap. He needs something more original than that Twilight knock off.


    DIPSH*T Who?! ‘Jim Jones’ using a fake name, a reality show has been, with a butt ugly ‘wife’, & a career COLD as the NORTH POLE! Hatin’? Irrelevant? NOBODY gives a F*CK about this old sleepy eyed dude – who resides in the ‘Where Are They NOW’ File!

    • Hector G

      nahh son, you’re confused…all the members of asap mob started their career and WILL end it in the “where are they now file.”….lol we know who jim jones is, it’s not our fault you’re 13 years old lol

    • Hector G

      lol name the asap mob members without looking on wikipedia….smh idiot…….wait they prolly aren’t even listed on there!!lololololololol

  8. therealwayno

    Jimmy hating a little bit. A$AP are kids, and they dress like kids dress now, maybe slightly weirder but no different from those long dress t-shirts and way oversized jerseys and bright pink and purple shirts and the tight biker shirts and chains and all that other crap. The Dips may have been in the streets more but WTF does that mean -Max B been locked for a minute, who wants that?

      • oliguti

        HMMMMM, DAMN, THATS TOUGH, BUT REMEMBER THE WU HAS/HAD NINE MEMBERS THAT CONTINUED TO REPRESENT THE SYMBOL WHICH ONLY MADE IT BIGGER. Public Enemy stood as a group, so they didn’t expand the movement while the WU did individually.

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        yea the WU definately got it. IDK where he got this PE bull from.

      • J Burn

        but Dipset had a movement…the Wu had karate movies lol who wanted to dress like ODB…but I can name a million dudes that wanted to dress like Jimmy

      • ILL Will

        Name some niggaz that wanted to dress like Jim Jones and nem? Pink shirts and scarfs? I know u exaggerated a lil but come on dogg, maybe in harlem

      • J Burn

        Name some who didn’t lol…nah not that ultra weirdo stuff but maybe you forgot True’s, wallet chains, pradas, slim fit-jeans, close-cut v-necks…they actually pre-ordained the way dudes dress now…(remember Lil Wayne in the Fat Joe ‘make it rain’ vid…he copied Juelz’s style to the letter and now he dresses the same way Asap does….and I’m from Jers bro…Newark to be accurate….

      • ILL Will

        That wallet chain shit was so funny to me, I remember only white dudes used to rock that sht….u made some valid points, I’m over here tryna think the exact year when them skinnies came back, I thought they would never come back but they actually never left. I just think it’s funny all these so called gangsters walking round lookn like the nerdy white kid. Some of that sht seem like u can throw anything on and it’s cool, sht ain’t gotta match or nutn

      • J Burn

        lol true..yo i’ll do you one better….my dad saw me rocking a V-neck and the wallet chain back in like 07…first thing he said is that’s a trucker’s style…I remember that was like his uniform back early 80’s..I think fashion out trumps fads nowadays…and you’re right these dudes don’t think about matching anymore…always good to engage in some substantive dialogue on here…dudes always trying to argue with a good point…respect my g

      • Comeonnow

        Im trying to figure out what it is Jim Jones dressed in that appeared in a million other people around that time. What exactly?

      • oliguti

        i guess you don’t know who made the cuban link famous, or introduced have of the lingo ppl used for decades.. one word CREAM!!!

      • Comeonnow

        Million? Come on now. I dont know how you could think the Wu wasnt a monstrous influence on alot of people/types of music and outside our country. Dipset/Jones do not reach outside our country on any level close to WU. Also look at album sales what Jones album blows away top Wu releases like 36 chambers, Only Built for Cuban Linx, Ironman, Liquid Swords (not big but ahead of its time and i think influencial to rap that came out around that time). What exactly are people wearing that is directly related to Jimmy? And how to do you get to a million? Maybe your right i just want to hear specifics on that.

      • EDOGZ818

        Plus merchandising, etc., but PE’s impact, especially at the time, made their logo the only other that could even be considered competing.

        Even without the merchandising & internet, PE’s logo is iconic.

      • GQ

        PE’s logo is NOWHERE CLOSE being more famous than WU. #FACTS

      • GQ

        Are you serious? So WU doesn’t have a movement?

        I’ve been all over the world, in many different countries, and that WU Logo is wayyyyyy more recognizable than PE’s and thats a fact! Not saying PE logo isn’t powerful, but it’s not touching wu by far.

      • EDOGZ818

        What movement Wu represents?

        Besides the WU movement? Music?

        PE reppped the entire struggle during the golden era of Hip Hop.

        Anyone who knows the PE logo, knows the Wu logo, but not everyone who knows the Wu logo, knows the PE Logo.

        IE : Overseas

        That gives pe the edge IMHO.

      • GQ

        How many time have you been out of the states and seen PE’s logo on a regular basis?

      • EDOGZ818

        How many times has PE traveled abroad & ripped arenas since the 80’s?


        Wu broke up & not all members repped the Wu, infact, they only rep it on RZA’s command.

        Not saying Wu isn’t ONE of the top logos, just that the “FORMER” members rarely flash it.

      • oliguti

        THE WU currently still have cats signed in Europe.

        Public Enemy made a lot of ppl conscience, can’t deny that.

        But you have not only two Classics from the group itself, then you have Liquid Swords, Only Built for Cuban Linx, Ironman, Supreme Clientele, Return of the 36 chambers and Tical. All of those albums had the WU SYMBOL INFRONT OF THEIR ALBUMS OR ON THE CD. AND THE WU HAD THEIR OWN VIDEO GAME.

      • oliguti

        yeah fn right, there was a lot of hype behind it bc of all the classics they put before that album, but far from mediocre.

        Inspectah decks bar alone in triumph made the album mediocre, the rest just made it a classic.

        Just to let you know Rza’s production on that album was amazing but it also influenced two great producers Just Blaze and Kayne West.

        Tell me another album that sounds like Wu Tang Forever?



        For Heavens Sake

        Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours

        Visionz Lyrics

        As High As Wu-Tang Get

        Severe Punishment

        Older Gods


        A Better Tomorrow

        It’s Yourz



        Little Ghetto Boys

        Deadly Melody

        The City

        The Projects

        Bells Of War

        The M.G.M.

        The only problem with the album was that it had too many songs. double cps are usually a problem. Like with life after death, I skip majority of those pop songs on it, bc thats not my style of music but it wasn’t mediocre.

      • ILL Will

        Gotta disagree bruh Pacs all eyes on me is the only double disc I can name that everybody knows the lyrics to just about every song…I remember cats stealing ur disc one or disc two so sooner or later you would have 3 disc ones and 2 disc 2’s of that All eyes on me…WU tang forever didn’t do it for me for one reason like that 36 chambers…that 36 was my sht…

      • oliguti

        You can’t see it but Meth walks with the symbol on his hand so he’s always promoting the WU

      • oliguti

        THE WU currently still have cats signed in Europe.
        Public Enemy made a lot of ppl conscience, can’t deny that.
        But you have not only two Classics from the group itself, then you have Liquid Swords, Only Built for Cuban Linx, Ironman, Supreme Clientele, Return of the 36 chambers and Tical. All of those albums had the WU SYMBOL INFRONT OF THEIR ALBUMS OR ON THE CD. AND THE WU HAD THEIR OWN VIDEO GAME.
        aND DON’T FORGET THE WU WAS SPREADING KNOWLEDGE, HELL ON hearth, cold world, a better tomorrow etc

      • EDOGZ818

        KillArmy, Sunz Of Man, etc. I know, Wu was 40 deep & definitely one of the TOP logos, with PE & WU both ahead of Diplomat’s logo, but PE is right along with them.

      • Comeonnow

        Come on WU is more than NY/East WU is recognized in Europe, Asia, Africa and other areas heavily. Im not joking in Africa Wu gets love, Europe big time and Asia too. Wu lasted the test of time much better than Public Enemy. PE is a political thing, they were important not only for music but political message/education.

      • ILL Will

        Hell the whole crew, even the self proclaimed hardest out Hell Rell aka Ruger Rell might a had on a few pair. Lmao I used to like that nigga verses.

  9. IceBergSlim

    All you bammas that’s rockin those tight jeans ya dead wrong pimp..no matter how you try and slice it. Should no MAN be wearing tight jeans. Unreal their is nothing G about a dude wearing tight pants like a bitch. The same wit these cats that wear their pants hanging off their ass what real dude does that

  10. Reazonero

    Jim is buggin. He don’t remember him and his boys rockin those louis vuitton scarfs. I’m pretty sure those were women scarfs they were wearing.

  11. El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    This nigga Jim Jones and them dip set niggas wasn’t no street niggas either. Them niggas ain’t start acting hard until they got on and had the money to pay real niggas from Harlem to run with them. I ain’t saying they soft but they dam sure wasn’t no gangster niggas. With that said niggas in Taft and foster ain’t look at Jim Jones like he was a G. So why he hating on Asap Mob when I remember Juelz not to long ago was wearing women sneakers.

  12. kvl

    Jim is buggin per the usual.. I mean yea he right but being right gets you nowhere when this shyt don’t matter. I done seen ASAP Rocky on stage at award shows with Diplomats T shirts on fuckin dummy! That’s y Dips fell off in 1st place cause Jim is a dunce and Cam need to cut all ties with this clown. Jim stay runnin his mouth & makin the WORST Biz moves “aka” Max B. I thought Harlem-stikk-2gether???! Foh here Jimmy.

    Max B wrote half ya shit! The BEST half!!!! And you did him dirty all while you turned ya back on Cam. This nigga is the cancer that killed the Dips reign.

    Back days them pigeon boyz made a whole song about ya tight pants that premiered on this Site!! #shottapants was ya movement u started! Foh Jimmy!!!

    • Myleage

      yeah cam said jim jones wanted to instigate a fake beef and after cam said no, jimmy did anyway and it turned into real beef. jimmy, smh

    • Breeze

      jim jones definitely started the fitted/ tight clothes movement lol. I remember that. you are also right about everything you said. he really destroyed the crew

  13. ILL Will

    And murk off in a double nickel the color of pickles….I might rock wit the Dips today….I’m playing that get em daddy wit hell rell first….that sht slaps……maybe that juelz

  14. RobJMars

    Wait… Pause… Most Influential since NWA in what way? Their movement was the shit in New York but Public Enemy was the most influential of all times.

    • oliguti


      • ILL Will

        I can dig what u saying but NWA was unique and started this gangsta sht…inspired by east coast? Negative bruh them boys was gang banging out there and brought that sht to the masses…East coast had nobody at the time going harder than NWA…not one group

  15. Universe Sal

    Rocawear suits, white nikes! Can’t see his eyes, who could it be, wit that new blue Yankee on? Who but me? -Jigga…..had everyone rockin that Yankee fitted even if they weren’t from New York

      • Universe Sal

        I don’t have any knowledge on who or what influenced u to wear a white sox fitted. I’m just giving my opinion who I think had a big influence on the culture that is hip hop. I believe that Jay and the Rocafella crew had a big impact on many different aspects of the game, wether it was fashion(velour/ denim suits, white nikes), slang (holla!, early!!), platinum jewelry, etc, etc. Yes, alot of different crews had an influence on different territories but I think the ROC had one of the biggest impacts…

    • Ryan Cole

      Only people outside of hip hop think Jay made Yankee fitteds popular. Jay was probably the last person to cop one.

      • Universe Sal

        Yes that might be true but Jay did take the Yankee fitted to a whole new level of popularity where all u needed was white Nikes, crisp pair of jeans, white T, and that blue Yankee fitted, fresh!!!

      • Ryan Cole

        No. You must not be a New Yorker. That’s like giving Nelly credit for people Rocking Air Forces, even though people had been rocking them for at least 10 years before the song came out.

      • Universe Sal

        Yeah! U right! But here in New York it just feels like the World!!! And the only reason I rep a Yankee is because I bleed blue! But I don’t think Nelly had much to do with people wearing AF 1’s….everybody already had a pair or two in their closet by the time he came out with his song. This is the second time I commented on Nelly tonite. He must be having an album dropping soon!?! LoL

    • ILL Will

      I have never in life owned another fitted except that STL fitted every color….I don’t rock another city sht….naw I’m lying the hat gotta be hella raw tho for me to step away from that STL fitted…I liked a lot of hats but I like to rep my sht.

      • Universe Sal

        I respect that brother! No disrespect to anyone’s city…..it just seemed like I saw more out of towners rockin the Yankee fitted around that time. Not so much anymore though…

    • Comeonnow

      Yeah almost doesnt need to be said but maybe it does to these youngins not fluent with NWA music, or Wu Tang or even D block. on the East it was Wu big time then others like D block which made great music for sure.

      • T.A.P.

        True…I have to mention big and pac 2…style wise they were a major influence. Oh but nuttin like jimmy and shit set…

  16. Triple7_skylakegreat

    Ra Diggs almost had u killed shut up Jim plz I used to like ya muzak nothing worse than havin people from where u from being a hater

  17. Gary Woodln

    Jim jones your a clown dipset will always be respected because of juelz and cam, people look at jim jones as a brand not a artist

    • Comeonnow

      Jones seems like a guy to run a record label (well maybe not run, but more a business guy). He can be street or whatever he wants to be but when people were feeling Dipset they were fast forwarding your verses on tracks. Juelz and Cam like Gary Woodin said is what people wanted on any dipset/diplomat albums and songs or affiliated. Jim had some success after on his own songs like ballin and maybe a few others. But the backbone to the dipset on a music side is Cam first and Juelz second.

      • ILL Will

        I liked a couple of Jims joints but I did fast forward more than a few time….The kooufi smaka…lmao he need to go head on wit that bullsht

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