Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What 90’s Hip-Hop Girl Group Is Reuniting?

TOTAL! Remember them? Yeah, Total, y’all!

It has been a long time, so let me explain a bit. Total was a group that was signed to Sean Combs and Bad Boy Records. They were one of the more popular acts back in the 1990’s and were making moves. I am not fully clear on why they broke up, bit I know Keisha got with Omar Epps and rode out! Now, the reunion only includes Kima and Pam, the remaining members. I heard lil’ sis Vita may be tagging along. Remember Vita was down with Murder Inc back in the days. But, yeah, they can’t seem to get Keisha back in because she is secure with the crew over there in Epps Land. I heard they got together earlier this year and are working on a new album. Hoping they make some moves in the current era. Its pretty open for singers.

By the way…they were as Hip-Hop as singers got so don’t come at me with that “they ain’t Hip-Hop.” Here are a few classics!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Total is TOTALLY Hip Hop.

    • brotha_man

      right im sitting her guessing before i click on the linking and they hit me with fugging Total. I was guessing the 5 footaz or salt n pepper, not to many female rap groups out there. although conscience daughters banged back in the day, i think one of them died tho….fugging total

    • hoeyuno

      Speaking of keith murray.. I thought he was on a comeback?

      • Yeah, but it will be hard for him.

    • Illseed didn’t even list Trippin’. I still play that song.
      they were R&B with a Hip-Hop Twist. Like Mary J.

      • Can’t You See – Started payola at Hot 97

        3o Mins of bad boy, mixed in with 12 minutes of other artist & 18mins of commercials…every hour on the hour.

  • brotha_man

    no thank you

  • Terrance

    Vita makes it interesting…

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    Cougars With Attitude?

  • The Legendary Troll

    when has a old group reuniting ever worked?

    • Ipullcards

      Reality tv, comeback shows & more royalties! The games changed. It’s not just music. Every artists with a platinum hit or multi hits can and should be able to still eat off former fame. Yes there’s an avenue for old washed up hiphop acts! Ask KeKe Wyatt. Sh1t basketball jump offs got their own shows.?? Ijs

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    !ll seed you a batty bwoy fa real! All ya rumours are either ‘reaaaachesss’ or irrelevant ish like this

    • dehova


  • scullyson

    If they make some more good ish then thats whatsup…..!

  • dehova

    Keisha, although she couldn’t hit a note, was the only reason I used to check for them

    • Jared

      Yeah the fine one right? I think that was Monica’s cousin or something like that.

      • dee

        thats vita sister the female rapper in murder inc

      • dehova

        You’re talking about Kima. Keisha is the one who had the short hair with the kind of deep voice

  • Markus

    Total has to have all of its members otherwise it isn’t Total. Almost two decades later it’s not going to work.

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Nigga that ain’t Total… It’s half

    • peterpopoff

      half of 3 people………(grabs calculator)

      • TheAfroRican

        66.6% approx.

      • El Dogga

        33% you idiot!

      • TheAfroRican

        that’s the percentage of what’s left dumb ass!

  • Immortal

    If you’re sitting back complaining about Total (or most of it) getting back together then think about this: Would you rather see Oaktowns 357 or HWA (Ho’s With Attitudes) get back together first? I’ll give a pass to JJ Fad with Supersonic and if “Tramp” SnP came back.

  • ɐƃƃᴉu ǝloɥʎʇooq ʎɥɔʇI️✔

    Who cares?

    • cindydtompkins

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      Joshua just got an almost new white Kia Rio Hatchback only from working
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  • Flea

    Man.. I’m thinking Hoes Wit Ass or whatever they was called was coming back and you talkin about a motherfuckin R&B group

    stop playing with my emotions

    • peterpopoff

      Dude, I bought their EP when it came out. For a dude about to hit puberty, those interludes gave me LIFE…..

  • peterpopoff

    So….I’m guessing Dirty Money is finished? ? No way both groups could exist in this dimension

    • F.U.

      They were done when the album tanked. They been broke up and left Puffy.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Not clear on why they broke up? Maybe because concert goers spread the word that these broads couldn’t sing live? Listen to their music, they weren’t singers, they just screamed and screeched. Now with auto tune and other filtering add ons, I bet this broads will sound better.