Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is MMG Being Torn Apart By Internal Beef?

We all know that Rick Ross has chilled out on the eating, but it seems like he’s dealing with nothing but beef inside the ranks of MMG. Yep. This is what I am hearing…that the ranks of one of the strongest crews are at odds like A.M.F.! This all seemingly started with Meek Mill popping off at Wale for allegedly not supporting him. I don’t know to what extent this purported beefing has carried on, but my sources say its pretty deep. Furthermore, there seems to be some frustration that the crew hasn’t experienced some of the meteoric highs that other groups have even though they are one of the strongest collectives out right now. I don’t know. Hoping Ross can bring some order to this chaos.

On the flip side, the FREE MEEK MILL campaign is in full swing.

I didn’t even realize it, but Meek is going away for about 3 months or 3 weeks. EITHER WAY – Relax, y’all…he’ll be home before you can say “Dream Chasers.”

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Psyclonus

    Ross used to be a C.O., he prolly has connects in the bing. Meek will b aight.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Meek is going to be the only nigga walking around with a C.O as bodyguard in that bitch…

      • Psyclonus

        Then make a record about how he wasn’t in PC like Cassidy..

      • g MACK

        I ain’t gonna lie, some of them C,O’s looked out for some of the homeys. supplied some of the store if u know what I mean!!!!!

    • Sadat

      Ross probably cuffed him, read him his rights, and took him in. UHHH!!!

  • ShaStud

    Looks like he’s about to throw up… O_o

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    MAYCOCK Music is DONE! HISTORY! We don’t need ‘meek rappers’ & Fake Frauds who ‘plays a bawse on TV’ & second rate rappers flipping his ego out on a magazine that didn’t include him on THEIR ‘Top 10 choices’…….. F*CK these LAMES! We need REAL ARTISTS Sayin’ something like 2PAC, NWA, BIGGIE, PUBLIC ENEMY, OUTKAST DE LA SOUL, NAS, & more!

  • Ike’s Mood

    good for they ass. they needed to be taken down a coupla notches anyway. mmg aint half as good of a label record, staff and as a muthafukin crew as they think they are! ross shooda never put those two kinda guys together

  • That Meek vs Wale beef hurt them from inside.

    • Weedras

      Meek is one ignorant jackass from the looks of it…smh… it was just a matter of time before the DA caught up with him even when warned about mentioning the DA/PO in his music he still did… as for the Wale shit his ignorance shines again…

      • ‘Chet, i forgot about that!
        Meek should have kept it schmoove!

  • Meek used to look like one of them third world kids

  • Zoe

    Yeah MMG faltering, but it ain’t just from the inside, 50 slowly but surely hacking away at this label like he said he was gonna do. 50 is at the root of all of this because Rick didn’t stand up to him when Gunplay’s chain got snatched and caught a beatdown.

    • Eny Daboss

      lol at the root, 50 cant even get his own ass a decent deal how the hell, he will make mmg go down, mmg is like bad boy … they can kick artist out and take other artists to replace them then ross himslef aint worry bout mmg problem… he did triple C’s, change it to mmg, now nigga maybe bout to focus on some delight product for fat man with big beard.. but 50 cant do that he still on tha g-unit bs ppl that was listening this shiit are 33 or 40.. u can even find fake gunit clothes in any 99cents stores in nyc

      • LMAO How the hell can they kick artist out and plug new ones in when they fraud ass boss ain’t selling shit, getting chased outta cities and just all out fake and selling fake fuckery drug tales to the misguided youth. You niggas is unbelievable, MMG never has or will be hot. Truth be told Wale helped them out and I ain’t a fan of his like that but I respect good music and niggas that keep it 100. These new young niggas put out a good mix tape or 1 alright cd and that shit go to they head. Niggas don’t care about substance and having a message anymore,everybody ballin and was/is a drug lord.

      • Eny Daboss

        this is why he got 4 number 1 album ask your fav rapper wat was his last sale lol

      • i_am_LOUD

        RR GFID album was considered a flop. Number 1 it went until a week later it fell off the face of the earth. Ross so fake.

    • Fifty aint got nothing to do with them. This is completely internal. Fifty aint even really diss them in years.

      • Zoe

        50 said he was gonna ruin Rick. He ain’t done yet with RR. This is a long chess game. Slowbucks getting his chain snatched, catching an ass-whooping, AND kicked down a flight of stairs by gunit it ain’t no coincidence that Slowbucks was being cosigned by RR recently(plus he had taken that photo with 50’s son on top of it). I think 50’s just clowning on Officer Ricky and MMG any chance he gets using whoever he can get to.

        I’m just wondering who is next?

  • KareemSayeed


    Meek: Yo Rozay I’m going to prison, just thought you should know

    Officer Ricky: The f*** is that supposed to mean? You talkin sh**? F*** you

    • El Dogga


  • Shit I don’t know about the haters but to me 50 doing real good. This nigga making more $ off of one deal than MMG make as label COMBINED!! Pay attention niggas and try to catch up. As far as Puffy goes…. He ain’t shit but a leech who hang around whoever hot!

    • $21384666

      I kinda second that G-Unit wasnt my fav. Set. But as far as crews go im going all in on gunit and dipset to take this fake fuks outta the light

  • walkerboy86


    • Eny Daboss

      wale never fuked wit 50 at all, they both were on interscope

      • EricHiesenberg

        Wale has no issues with 50 Cent, meaning your implying Wale “never fucked with 50” in a negative plight. Which is false.

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  • Django 2Chainz

    First The LeBron leave the Heat Now This?? Miami taking to many L’s this month

    • Kofi Aychmeng


  • King Cold

    Trust and believe its a wrap for mmg. They already lost their last deal and had to change labels. 50 is real close to meek mill and has been for years. Pay close attention hes destroying mmg and using meek to do it. This is no surprise. He orchastrated beanie sigel to go at jay, yung berg to diss bow wow, jim jones to diss camron this is nothin new. 50 is a smart man

    • Django 2Chainz

      Lay off the hard drugs kid….50 aint have shit to do with have that stuff you said

      • King Cold

        Whats funny is theyve all admitted it in interviews. Let me school you. Camron fell out with jim jones because him and juelz sided with 50 cent during 50 and cam`s beef. Juelz and Jim even was on a episode of rap city with G-unit no camron present. Yung Burg admitted in an interview 50 told him to take bow wow out the game. 50 did the same with Beans and they released a diss track on jay-z called i go off. Step ya game up buddy

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  • Ross having 4#1 albums is good but when you got a major behind you and you can’t and have not EVER went platinun….What does that really mean?? The label is losing $ on Ross. I’m quite sure if you ask him he would trade all them #1’s for a platinum plaque!! Now you ask yourself and look at ALL the rappers that came out when 50 came out including Ross and tell me who really winning?? Between his movie deals, the sms line, his tv show and boxing, how could any REAL nigga hate on that. Ross said it best “IT’S DEEPER THAN RAP”!! LOL

  • QXylashe1964

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    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      A Peugeot 205? Maybe saying you got a Bentley does the trick.

  • lets see theres meek then theres…… ross. and…… and……. that kid that was in B2K….. omarion…. and then tehres… wale? wale wack sauce… so then theres…….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………… oh that crack head gunplay… and then…………. wait this group ant that good and infact these Mfers ant even a group

    • El Dogga

      What????? ENGLISH FOOL!

      • learn how to read MFer

      • El Dogga

        “and then tehres.”

        “is group ant that”

        Right, because that’s perfect English right? You short hand writing imbecile!

      • nigga if u cant read slang or differentiate between a spelling error and a typing error, then u a dumb ass mo’fuca lmfao

      • El Dogga

        You ain’t typing slang; you are just trying to mask your limit vocabulary due to your substantially low IQ!

      • nigga i be typin so much slang you confused… cause u a burbz type of dude

      • El Dogga

        Right…..coming from someone named “Charlie Kelly” with that avatar pic? GTFOH!

      • man, charlie kelly is from the slums of philly.. step ya game up lil guy

      • El Dogga

        You aren’t!

      • tru im not from philly… im from camdizzle

      • El Dogga


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    Is MMG Being Torn Apart By Internal Beef? I hope so. Sooner they out of circulation the better.

  • Celz

    They are a group that can’t make radio singles without outside help. What single has MMG had that just featured Ross, Meek, or Wale ONLY? Singles = residual income and album sales from sometimesy fans. Without huge singles you will NEVER go platinum and will HAVE to be independent period. I hope they savin money so they don’t end up like Scott Storch or Biggs from Rocafella… I bet E-40 makes more money then Ross.. I know for a fact that Tech-N9ne does and its off a fraction of the exposure. But what do you expect when you build a career off farirytales..

  • EricHiesenberg

    this has nothing to do with 50 Cent at all…or does it? I wonder how Ross feels that Meek is cool with 50 cent and his crew? I wonder….hmmm. Slithering snakes. I once remember 50 saying….he very “resourceful” most business men who own real companies and make deals…not chicken wing places, keep resources around them…go study Wall-Street, create a portfolio talk about it. Damn, I thought All-HipHop was a place of debate and research, this is easy.

    Rap Blog Alpha Male

  • EricHiesenberg

    4 number 1 albums and he never went Plat. hahaha this is so easy.

  • Dope

    What’s with all these dumb ”Free (insert incarcerated rapper name here” things in hip hop. Nobody important gives a damn, nobody is going to be released or have their sentence shortened, so let them to the time they deserved to get and that’s it.

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  • Ross has one of the last active record label in Hip-Hop right now unfortunately this is how it all end with disloyal artists, artists going to jail then everything falls flat….It’s hard to manage young black dudes from the hood, because after they make some decent money it becomes extremely hard to manage them.

  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    u know what i find crazy? the fact that 50 cent wasn’t even mentioned in this article at all and somehow half the comments seem to bring 50 up. Ill never understand the time that ppl invest in beefs on ppl who they don’t even know or get money with.

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  • Obi Won

    Why are we surprised, every crew/label, has its rise and fall moment. The Roc, No Limit, Cash Money, Young Money, Ruff Riders etc…

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Yeah you can go back farther to Ruthless Records and Deathrow..

  • El Dogga

    Meek shouldv’e been locked up for screaming on EVERY dayum track!

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  • Killuminati

    Dudes getting locked up for 3 months and u do a free meek mill campaign? I thought u do that when someone is locked up awaiting sentencing? And meek is prob goin thru withdrawl from not being able to post on twitter….fuk Mmg anyways lol.

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  • baller187

    meek washed up put out 1 cd, now he mad at wale cuz wale is going on his 4th cd, you can only ride dreamchasers so long