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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica: Album Is Sooner Than You Think!

I know I just ran a rumor about Jay Elec over the weekend, but I have another bit for you. Its in regards to his new album and some rumors surrounding it. I heard there were a lot of questions and chit chat about his album and whatnot. Here is what I heard. I heard that the album is nearing completion and Jay-E is totally focused. I hear that the opus in the works will be a classic…seriously.

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I heard all of this from people close to the situation. I also heard that he is working with a very diverse and eclectic group of producers. Just Blaze has given him the biggest hits so I’m wondering if his name is in there. That I don’t know. I’m hearing that Jay-E has made a number of changes in his life too and that is also reflective of his new moves. I guess we’ll see soon, won’t week. Original rumors suggested he’d drop this year. Hoping that’s true.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • 5% Hov

    Jay E album…..Is this 2009?

    • EDub

      Lolll … seriously, he decided to start trolling the hip-hop world back then and won’t stop anytime soon.


    Even the bootleggers wont go gold off of his album so nah thx he can keep that.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Who is this guy and why does it seem like he only gets talked about every 3 years… NOBODY CARES!!!!

  • Alpha Male

    i’ll rock with it if it drop. i just want to hear some mature $hit for a change

    • I know that’s right bruh, don’t hold ya breath tho…..how many cats u waited to drop that didn’t deliver once they finally got round to it?

  • water_ur_seeds

    The words Jay E and album and rumour is all it would ever be lol

    I hope it does materialise, and I will buy it if it does…

    But like Dre’s Detox, its not something Im expecting, so it will be a bonus if it ever does drop!!!

  • Andre Moore

    This dudes album will drop the same day that Detox does.

    • Brindle


    • Carlos

      lmao.. and they gonna do the kanye/50 thing. whoever sells less retires..

  • Killuminati

    Jay e is overrated….

  • Slaughtr


  • El Dogga

    I think he missed the boat on this one……

  • Obi Won

    I honestly forgot the purpose Jay E, and what music he brings. Its been so long since his buzz. I really forgot why hip hop heads were hype for his album to drop.

    • Savimbi

      I think it was all about timing, commercially speaking as far as what is
      popular, the entire genre is completely dead and people are asking for
      that real ish more than ever, if you notice there’s a sort of big
      movement to bring the real back, from Dame Dash streams of consciousness
      calling out the label heads etc….Chuck w/ Hot 97 the popular rising
      of battle rap etc…none of those movements were really as strong around
      the exhibit c time…that pseudo hip-hop/hipster movement (I
      hate it) that included your Asap rockies, Mac millers, Big Sean and
      whoever else….<——— the cats I mentioned fell short on
      delivering…had he mixed himself up with that entire movement i think
      his impact wouldn't be as great as what this project might possibly be. I
      may be wrong but just my synopsis….lol

      • God Body

        I’d like to think that this was the strategy. It would make sense if that’s what they’re trying to achieve, otherwise dude took too long for us who were already ready for some world wide magnitude realness. If it’s true he waited for the right market environment then that’s some good planning and mature wisdom. If he was just on his sabbatical and/or searching for his muse then that hella disappointing. whatever the reasoning he must no this project is make or break. It doesn’t need to be some platinum selling stadium filling nonsense, but it does need to make an impact, even be a game changer, otherwise it’s just another talented rapper who made some songs. We know people around the way who can do that.

      • Savimbi

        I feel you on that but remember in his emergence you had a real big hip-hop movement that was building up Little Brother, Skyzoo, a lot of cats it really looked like a golden age was around the corner…then came Drake lol which switched up the entire landscape…Little Brother, Skyzoo etc…kinda fell to the side and lost mad momentum…but we will see, we made it freestyle made a whole lot of noise for what it was worth…we will see once he releases his first single…i would strongly suggest a J Cole assisted single tho, would be good for the both of them and Roc Nation…

    • Them ‘exhibits’ he put out was that uncut raw….gave u that old feeling that some sht was gon change for the better, and that we had another spitta on deck without the fluff and machismo, real struggle sht……then……he vanished, the devil scooped em and we ain’t seen em since lmao…..

  • andone

    Dilated Peoples “directors of photography” 8-12-14, save the date.

    • John Q. Public

      South Park Mexican “Son of Norma” coming out in August


      • andone

        i rocked wit spm, jus kinda hard with his whole situation… cant lie tho will be checkin for it to see wat he has to say, that was a good drop!

      • John Q. Public

        Yea someone from his camp said they visited him in lockup and he said late August – early September for the release… so it will prolly be September.

        His last 2 he dropped from prison were dope as hell tho. Some of his best work to me.

        And as far as his whole situation there is a lot of f*ck up factors from the case and basically no evidence. Will never kno for sure but I believe he was innocent.

      • andone

        couped that *devils strike & last chair double disc… *both proper, jus too dark… dude had some fun wit his music b4 that drama.

      • John Q. Public

        Tru hes def a different artist but still dope. Hard to have fun when u rappin from the pen, plus with 45yrs he knows hes gunna most likely die in there.

        His 1st album he dropped from the pen “When Devils Strike” was even better than “Last Chair” but that was even darker.

        I think he one of the most underated, SPM had great wordplay hes one of the artists I can always pull out his old sh*t and never gets old.

      • It’s funny I remember dude name from back in the day, what he in for?

      • John Q. Public

        sexual assault on a minor… its a very shady and controversial case tho.
        No evidence, and the girls testimony changed multiple times, among other things and an all white Texas jury gave him 45yrs

      • brotha_man

        spm went hard back in the day dont know if id check for him tho.
        Texas music now and then is very underrated

      • andone

        cant deny the talent, SMH

        either way, back to DOP… thats for sure!

      • Damn bruh that’s crazy, not really considering it’s Texas but I find it so crazy that dudes don’t shield themselves from the bs once they on the rise. Life crazy den a mfkn man, lil guy round my way just got cased up the same way.

      • John Q. Public

        the defense also used verses from his music to build character case against him which seems unlawful to me…

        The nail in the coffin was basically that he had a child from a minor in the past, but even with that he met the minor at a strip club she was working at using a fake id. didn’t know she was underage

      • That’s sum bullsht there bruh, but homie had to know she was young in the mind real quick. Then again maybe not if she was portraying to be working legitimately in a legit strip club, if those even exist. Damn.

      • John Q. Public

        yea but I mean hit just picked her up in a strip club and f*cked up by hittin raw… doubt he gave a sh*t about her mind u know…
        specially if his was clouded by weed, alcohol, & drank which he stayed on at least 1 of them

        But yea we will never know for sure but I mean if people can back Michael Jacksons creepy ass I will back SPM who had a family and daughter of his own.

        He at least deserves a fair trial

      • andone

        im hurt dude went out like that… and I still cant see my same kind on the shows thats on… all bad, he was one of the few to have a legit chance at uniting black and brown.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Still knocking spm

  • $17637591

    Why would he wait til his buzz dies to FINALLY release an album? Im not understanding this. Nobody is checking for him now. He better drop the best album of the last five years or Jay Z is gonna cut ties. We all know Jay don’t associate himself with artist unless theyre hot.

    • When’s the last time u seen another artist bring Jay out…I think the fact that he just did speaks for itself.

    • ruserious

      he just headlined at BHFF..I think tons of people are checking for him. LOL. And he’s signed to Roc Nation and he puts out less music but has more buzz than most artists out today!! just stating facts…

  • Brindle

    people keep wondering why Jay E didn’t come out before, 1 answer, the masses were and still “somewhat” are too ignorant, its a little better now that Kendrick got people thinking bout bars rather than the next southern dance step.

    • Naw bruh, even the dumbest cats that I let hear them ‘exhibits’ thought bruh was dope….i think he took to long. He better be on his chronic, ready to die, me against the world, illmatic, reasonable doubt shit……classic sht if u feel me…i don’t think he needs to dumb down with the way he was spitting, don’t think he gone live up to them expectations anymore.

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Damn at least come out w new pictures I was a huge fan could recite some of his raps Made southern cats like me feel great about rap plus he was god body in most of his rhymes. Not much drug talk he was dope surprised jay still rock w him

  • H Stiggedy

    While y’all are waiting for “The Turn” just go listen to Killah Priest’s Psychic World of Walter Reed, you be ard!

  • fukbamas

    Yo Jay, hope u got that soul in them beats… if u come out soundin like jay last joint w no soul and make a str8 up corporate record… imma be a sik indiviual.. tired of corporate rap… and all this bs yall feedin the kids…yall mf’s got them mils… thats say 100 out 100000000 bros and sistas out here starvin … killin hiphop n shit.. hope u got madlb like on ya old joints.. what dead prez say.. they own the school systems and prison system, they own the labels so yall forced to feed us bs to keep us down… yea hope u dont fall in they hands cuz ya joints on the mixtape r classics bred


      trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • “I guess we’ll see soon, won’t week”

    Now is that supposed to be some type of hint…Or just another one of Illseed’s fuqups

  • Yea right nigga, this nigga like a fuckn confused homo he ain’t never coming out.

    • johnblacksad


  • brotha_man


  • Jared

    I have hope lol

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  • dbfromdc


  • Mac Ness

    Jay the shit…that bein said just drop the damn thing you can’t make a classic by wait…..well maybe ….Dr.Dre had us waiting for damn near 16 years…..and i heard that it was a Classic lol