Hollow Da Don Speaks On His Battle Against Joe Budden (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The main event of Saturday night’s Total Slaughter featured the rare battle that pitted a full-time battle rapper against a high-profile signed artist.

Hollow Da Don versus Joe Budden was one of the most anticipated battles of the year with fans, other emcees, and media personalities taking sides on who would walk out the victor.

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Hollow was named the winner of the bout, but the NYC emcee is still not proud of his performance that night. Speaking with ThisSh*tIsHotSun, Hollow revealed he felt technical difficulties played a part in him not doing his best.

“I’m my worse critic. So I’m going to definitely feel disappointed because I didn’t feel like I did my best potential because of the mic,” Hollow said. “I don’t want to make excuses, but people don’t understand when your s**t is off and your words are going in and out – you’re hearing that s**t. You’re thinking in your head, ‘this f**king mic is f**king…’ And you’re still trying to rap.”

Issues with the microphones were a major problem during the Hollow-Budden match. The two competitors had to switch handless mics at one point, and Budden eventually decided to use a hand-held mic.

Even with Hollow saying the audio problems threw him off, he still believes the judges gave the victory to the right person. He just to did not demolish Budden the way he would have like to have done.

“I’m not going to sit here like all these other battle rappers, and be like, ‘I killed it. Easy body. 3-0,” said Hollow. “I don’t feel I lost. I just felt like I could have did better and killed him.”

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Watch Hollow Da Don’s interview below.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    keep dreaming

    trying to act tuff…cut my time off


    • JimJames29

      He’s kinda humble imo

      • Not with that tough guy stunt he tried to pull on Budden. The nigga was promoting the event on radio WITH Joey…Where was the tough guy then? He wait for the battle to pause the even to get in Joey’s face about ALLEGEDLY hitting Tahiry YEARS ago? FOH and rap dawg!

      • Da Ledgendary

        that’s the idea of battling, fam. Say the most disparaging and disrespectful shit you can think of about your opponent. You cannot go into a battle and get in your feelings. The tough guy shit is part of the show. Its not personal.

      • Mark Lamount Burns

        Agreed! Somehow I don’t see a rap battle beginning like, “Hey you, nice shoes. Can I hang out with you?/We can get a bite to eat or take a trip the zoo!”

      • Shut Up Stupid

        lmaooo You’re an asshole #barz

      • Shut Up Stupid

        Those look like Tom Cruise mom’s shoes lol

      • NJNATL

        then be a tough guy in the form of rhyming nt just gettiin a nigga face talking shit that was weak and amateur on hollows part..

      • Comeonnow

        Yeah it was weak. Captain save a hoe and what you have to do with Joe or Tahiry? Why you catching feelings over an event that happened awhile ago and had zero to do with you (Hollow)? Plus come on Hollow you arent built like that quit it man. Just rap, you are not tough. You stepped up to Jon Jon Da Don over twitter type beef and swung on him and got washed out. But you the first guy to talk about how physical violence has no place in this “sport”. Well stop fronting like your gonna do something. You wont and you shouldn’t. Ill guarantee you didnt get points from street cats.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Battle was dead even until budden got in his feelings. Hollow is feeling himself too much here

  • soyhiphop

    See the entire battle on youtube seach t rex vs daylyt and it comes out..all battles were so so..battle of the night mook vs lux

    • Mook gave him the Bizness!

    • ghettogov

      Definitely one of the greatest battle performances I’ve ever seen…i ain’t no mook had it in him but he does a good job of studying his opponents

  • RblVzn8

    I think him & Budden should do an actual studio song together that would be dope… Then the two worlds would be completely mixed… like a “icing on the cake” type thing & be done with it.

  • therealjjohnson

    I gave it to Joe 2- 0. They both got boo’ed and lost the 3rd round to me. I dont feel comfortable saying anyone “won” that round.

    Just my scorecard…



    • Comeonnow

      could be 100% right. Dropping the Mic ruins more than his last round. Such a no-no type of act in a battle and he had to expect to be booed man. He never did this, had no flow, a couple hot lines but really mediocre. If he thought he wouldn’t get boo’s he thinks incredibly highly of himself and has no clue about what happens in battle rap.

  • I gave it to Joey 2-0. First round Joe got him with better bars, same for the second except for the second round was just boring for both MC’s. 3rd round I gave to Hollow ONLY because Joe Budden dropped the mic. You can’t do that when people are paying to watch a battle, that was poor sportsmanship in my opinion, but at the end of the day, I understand why they gave it to Hollow regardless of my opinion and a lot of others that actually caught Joe Budden’s bars. I don’t know wtf Hollow was talking about lol.

    • That “Hold him for Ransom” was mad funny though!

  • B.U.

    Dudes are buggin. Hollow won 2-1 if not 3-0. Joe had lines and held his own but his whole delivery and punches were basic as hell compared to Hollow. Hollow’s set ups and finishes were so much more layered and constructed. Joe is nice but his flow is definitely meant to ride a beat.

    • Comeonnow

      Joe had no flow on this. He needs beats i agree. It sounded like him talk dissing for real. No one wants a spoken argument which it felt like from Joes side.

  • Eli Pinilla

    His worst performance. He still won though. Whoever thinks budden was winning or won aren’t listening.

    • Nah, Joe went in.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I don’t think he did. He had a few good bars. But they wasn’t hittin. Neither was hollows. But hollow, I’ve seen do wayyyy better than he did vs joe. So the fact that hollow, at his worst imo, still held his own and had better hitting lines than a joe that was on his game, If we are to believe he was, still managed to win the battle. And how u buckle under pressure like that?!?! Put the mic down?!?! Tell the crowd to stop booing?!?! Man, that was bad. I understand he has fans, but he was getting booed for a reason. Even when hollow was getting bood, he rode through it. Everybody did. Joe buckled so hard.

      • Yeah, but that’s Joe, I know you ain’t expect him to stand strong! #IJS

        Hollow did a’ight, Joe too, it was a good battle, it just got overshined by Mook & Lux, but Joe has nothing to be ashamed of…I mean, except all the other chet he should have already been ashamed of.

  • ApricotNapalm

    UPVOTE Budden Won DOWNVOTE Hollow Won

    • andone

      cant see down votes numerically any more… hard to tally

  • Tre C

    he won but the battle was average. The crowd was terrible. Was Total Slaughter a success? Only time will tell, but that shit Daylyt did, is not helping

  • hoeyuno

    Budden had the first 2…im sorry but these top tier battle rappers punchlines are getting weak!! Hollows best was when he was going at shady over the bread…..dizaster shoulda been up there against joe cause diz can think out of the box and really entertain. .

    • Django 2Chainz

      Just my Opionion I didnt watch the battle yet….But I dont think Diz is touching Hollow…Just my opinion

  • MrNoName2K

    Gotta give em both props but Joe got that IMO..

  • Budden had the first 2 rounds but I gotta give it to Hollow since Joe was getting salty and quit, plus some of his lines sounded like lost bars from No Love Lost….

    Also, Joe was reacting to Hollows lines when they were going over the crowds head, which was dumb cause it made the audience realize Hollow was dropping ill bars.

    Dope performance on both sides, if you look past the sound/mic issues.

    • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

      buddens had the first 2? what bout were you watching bro?

  • Deebo

    The first 2 rounds were easily Joe. I would give him the 3rd, too, but you have to suffer some penalty for putting the mic down and walking away. So let’s give Hollow that one. In the 3rd round, the battle rap fans knew Hollow was going down so they started booing for no reason…damn near before he even said anything. Wack.

    Anyway, that’s all theatrics. Putting the mic down, Hollow screaming about fighting, Joe threatening to walk off, so-so delivery (both of them), etc. So in the end it comes down to lyrics. Hollow was simply outclassed. I remember a bunch of Joe’s lines. Hollow may have one or two quotables. There’s a difference between amateur and pro and it was on fully display.

    As for the judges, all three of them gave the win to Hollow. Not one of them thought Joe won. That’s how you really know this is fugazy.

    But whatever. The streets know. That’s why Hollow’s in this interview half-claiming his win. He’s an MC and he knows he didn’t really get the W.

    • TheReal

      Lol that was the first battle rap you have ever seen wasn’t it? if you are rapping like you are reading a script the entire time then you lose no questions asked. Not only that joe got booed off the stage third round and when it comes to punches, you did not even understand HALF the shit hollow said, run it back 3 or 4 times and maybe you will understand, You say the streets know? Lol you just a little backpacking joe budden dick rider cuzzin!

      • Deebo

        Bruh, please. Like I said, spoken word rappers and their fans want every word acted out and these fools jumping around like they’re on a caffeine IV. The ish is like performance art, not battling. That’s why Daylyt can come out like a project version of Spawn and still be allowed to perform. You tell me that nutjob would go like that to a cipher on the street? Hell no. That’s the difference. Half of the nonsense that goes on there would be unacceptable in REAL rap battles. Hollow stopped rhyming and started doing a domestic violence PSA. The hell is that about? That’s not bars. It’s some WWE ish that you apparently love, you lil Hollow nut hugger. Mook stops rapping to play some ish over the loudspeakers. while a cool funny moment, that’s not bars. That’s silly ish that makes y’all battle rap luddites go nuts but means nothing lyrically. But in your world, hey, it’s just part of the show and not only that all of those theatrics count just as much as the rhymes. Insane. Yeah, I’m not missing much.

        As for lyrics, your bar is way low if you think Hollow can hang with Joe in any arena. Why don’t you share some of Hollow’s super hot lyrics and show me what I’m missing. Because I watched it twice and don’t recall seeing any quotables but the Southside line and his domestic violence douchebaggery.


    If you think Joe won ANY rounds…….you need your head examined! Easily the most TRASH set of bars I’ve ever heard in my life + his delivery was terrible, he rhymed real slow & had “0” energy on the stage! Joe thought that the crowd they paid to get in there would just back him just “because”!! Dude is a complete & total clown!! He just made every battle MC out there look a million times better than they really are! I have a new respect for battle rap now that I’ve seen how difficult it is for Reed Dollaz, Canibus & now Joe to adjust to this new style of battling! If you don’t view this as a boxing-match……you’re SCREWED!!!

    • Ipullcards

      No u need not ride hallow so tough cause I heard all their raps and if joe never quit he could of easily drawed or lost. Never heard of him but he isn’t as nice as everyone who’s a fan says he is, at least he wasn’t that night. For the record I don’t like neither of them

  • Keem

    2-1 Hollow but it was a trash battle…..

  • TheReal

    Everyone thinks hollow lost because these lame asses could not understand anything he was saying, Like hollow said throughout the whole battle it went right over there heads, The people at the battle rap stadium were all mainstream fake people who do not really know what battle rapping was about, If it were hollow vs budden were the real battle rappers rap, then budden would not have made it past the first round, His shit was all over the place not to mention h o w s l o w he rapped. Joe lost every round and everyone who disagrees Either Does not watch battle rap at all, Or is on Buddens dick end of story.

  • ghettogov

    I watched a few hollow battles and i gotta say he is very talented with it…That said he didn’t really say to many impressive lines i liked the Cartwright Shit and the bars is wearing budden down line but that was about it…the fact that he even came close to losing is an l for battle rap…Joe did have more memorable lines…the drunk denzel shit , laugh at my expense and slow bucks bars were good and the Shit he said about hollow clothing line and him not having a first hit were dope is just his delivery was weak….

  • Stop-Being-Nosey

    Clearly the first 2 rounds belonged to Joe Budden. Period !

  • The Brown Mamba

    this wasn’t hollows best performance but he clearly won. joe was out of his element had no rebuttals his flow was tired and slow and those mics were fuckin up crazy…not to mention joe put the mic down and hollow picked it up and started spittin if someone wanted to say hollow 3-0 or 2-1 fine but joe didn’t win…no hate i like joe he and joell are tough but my man lost

  • ynmarcell

    Honestly it was either a tie or you can say Hollow won. Joey got the first round and then lost steam in the 2nd to me, so I gave that to Hollow. Round 3 was just terrible for both EMCEE’s, but there is a GOLDEN RULE in battle rap and just rap in general, NEVER PUT DOWN THE MIC!!! Joe Budden straight up quit when all he had to do was get through the round in order to get the W, but nooooo he wanted to act like a crybaby throwing a tantrum, *DNA VOICE* GHTFOH!

  • thelmajschlegel

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    “Here I go again making another bitch famous” joe 2-1

  • Comeonnow

    That was a not good event. The Budden Hollow specifically was bad. Hollow wasnt near his best, Budden had this flow, well i cant call it a flow, he basically just talk rapped his rounds. It was awful. Nothing very strong from either, Hollow won if for no other reason Budden showing his true hoe colors about if you dont let me rap im stopping. Dude you stupid? You say that to a crowd who already obviously isn’t feeling you do you think they are going to stop? No they are gonna boo more. They weren’t booing genius stuff, your stuff was bad with a couple of good lines. Him giving up makes him lose auto, just a real sensitive bitch move man. Then Hollow picks up the mic and goes “Eminem aint gonna like that, Put the Mic down aint wanna fight back, Imma strike back” which wasnt a good freestyle but still better than most stuff that whole match (garbage man, both had mic Probs which i dont doubt messed some stuff up but come on that was so bad for how much you shoulda been prepared). Hollow is right tho, Eminem isnt gonna like that. I wouldnt. Bitching out on the last round cause a few boos? Finish the damn match you idiot you knew booing was a part of this and was going to happen. All the other stuff before that was bad bad bad. Mook Lux was ok, but still not great. Mook won for sure, Lux’s gimmick is dumb we dont want that. Hes to old to battle anyhow. Those Budden rounds are hard to listen to for real, few good lines but no flow and constant complaining about stop the time whenever he thought people were going wild in the crowd and he couldnt spit till they chilled. Come on they liked a few lines nothing that would stop you from rapping.

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