Kanye West Talks Avoiding Airports "At All Costs" In Unreleased 2010 Reality Show Footage (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) A reality show could have prevented Kanye West from flipping out on a photographer, or at least helped the photographer know what was coming. Today (July 14th), unreleased footage from a scrapped reality TV show featuring Kanye West surfaces with the rapper explaining why he hates airports and how he avoids people at those places.

West’s travel agent Brett Grolsch, whom is “the ultimate travel agent to the stars” according to him, filmed a pilot for a 2010 reality show about his life. After Frankfurt to Los Angeles, West explains why people at airports cause him to avoid airports at all cost:

I try to avoid airports at all cost, because people like to say really stupid stuff to me. But, I’m fine. Wait, that’s completely, politcally incorrect. I really like being in airports. I like people walking up to me saying sh*t like ‘are you Kanye West?’

Kanye West was sentenced to anger management therapy this past March after pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery after assaulting a photographer at LAX airport back in July 2013. West recently compared paparazzi attention to sexual assault at his July 5th concert at the Wireless Festival.

Check out Kanye West explain why he avoids airports from Brett Grolsch’s unreleased reality show pilot below:

  • Markus

    Don’t understand Kanye West sometimes. He talks in code nowadays and his music in my opinion suffers. All the ranting he does is for his own personal benefit. No one else.

  • Blame the airport and the passengers there, blame the fans for loving you and happy to see you, blame everyone and everything else but your own ability to remain calm and being humble. #great

  • He talks all this smack and expect people to not ask questions…He need
    to be a true celeb and act accordingly or give back fans their money
    and go back to living a life of poverty.

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    watched a video of him coming out of a gas station the other day and having a conversation with the papz for about 5 mins; he was lapping it up,