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Read Why Producer DJ Mustard Owns 2014 Summer!

The summer anthem  of 2014 arguably may be Iggy Azealea’s “Fancy,” but Roc Nation artist and producer  DJ Mustard has provided the season’s soundtrack.

His stage name is a play on his birth name, Dijon McFarlane, and it’s hard not to hear the Los Angeles native’s infectious brand of west coast trap music on the radio.

The 24- year old’s ad-lib to introduce his songs, “Mustard On The Beat,” has become a staple.

The hits speak for themselves.

From Tinashe’s “2 On,” and Kid Ink’s “Main Chick” to executive producing YG’s debut album, DJ Mustard is dominating.

Since producing Tyga’s X-rated hit “Rack City,” Mustard and his services have been in high demand.

“The game is about evolving,” DJ Mustard said to theGrio,com’s Kyle Harvey during the #BriskBodega tour stop in Chicago. “That’s what Timbaland always told me keep in my head.  I like the music that I make, but I listen to Drake and Kanye. I listen to so many different types of music.”

Other genres on his list include EDM and pop. Mustard said he wouldn’t mind getting into the studio with super producer Calvin Harris (We Found Love), or with hip-hop’s favorite guitarist John Mayer.

“I don’t  know why but John Mayer,” Mustard said. “He would be dope to work, and both he and Calvin know how to make good songs. I’ve been making the hood songs for so long … and I’m not tired of it, but I wanna do everything. I don’t know what he’d do but play that guitar, but we could take it from there.”

Mustard and Mayer? We’d pay to hear that.

You can follow DJ Mustard  on Twiter and look out for debut album 10 Summers to drop later this year.

You can check out Kyle Harvey’s musical coverage on theGrio music page and follow Kyle on Twitter @HarveyWins. 

  • Darryl Allen


  • hoeyuno

    I was actually waiten to hear the story behind the name…I thought he ate hotdogs smoothered with mustard or some ish. ..DJ Grey Poupon???

    • GQ


      Try again

      • hoeyuno

        I refuse..took me 10 mins to spell grey poupon right. .

    • The Arsonist

      His name is Dijon….Dijon Mustard get it? His momma gave him the nickname.

      • hoeyuno

        I know it said above..thats what i was sayin..

  • Markus

    Music is different now and this dude has a lot to do with it. The younger people listen for different things so they are cool about where rap is going. DJ Mustard is not hip hop in my opinion though. There is a difference. What’s considered hot right now isn’t hip hop.

    • ShaStud

      On point with that..

    • Johnny Boy

      Then don’t listen to it. Simple.

  • The Arsonist

    Its almost time to switch them beats up a lil Dj Condiment.

    • hoeyuno

      You said dj condiment but booed dj grey poupon ..thats splittin hairs on the corny joke scale.

      • The Arsonist

        Where did I BOO the Grey Poupon Joke? LoL.

      • hoeyuno

        Sorry I was trippin…I realized that right after I wrote it.. my bad haha

  • Earl Rutherland

    Looks more like DJ Mustard Greens

  • Executive

    His beats alllll sound the same, I was listening to the music channel on twc and I could of sworn that the same song was playing for 4 hours straight.

    • Lmao every song they named above has the same lil ring to it…lmao

  • i’mreloaded!

    He always look like he gotta $hit in every pic. I fux wit Mustard though, he doin his thing.

    • SBRon

      That shit’s funny!

  • Mustard is killin em!

  • No comment on his hip hop beats lmao but bruh look like a taller version of Emanuel Lewis aka Webster…lmao I wonder how many youngins gon have to google this to know who I’m speaking of? His beats do sound similar to one another imo. Get ya paper webster.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Reminds me of Jazze Pha when he was hot.

  • andone

    get it while the gettin is good…. AND STACK THAT SH!T MUSTY!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    dude is very limited in the skills department. his connects are undeniable.

  • cs1982

    I can’t hate on him for getting money, but I’m not a fan. All of his beats sound exactly the same with the “hey hey hey hey hey” crap. Pop artists just jump on a bandwagon and you’ll hear the same producer for a year or two.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Judging from the clips provided I must say that dude sh@t sounds bland AF. The first two sound nearly identical. To sum it up mustard churns out uninspired BS.

  • Savimbi

    Come Christmas he won’t b around lol

  • youngplaya

    Homie remixn his tracks like Lil John was doing when he was hot. And like Mistah Fab said, dude sound did originate in the bay. Congrats to homie for being persistent and chasing his dreams, but please “SAVE YO MONEY” I am sure he will continue to grow as a producer. Respect and Peace

  • Real n!ggas know that Mustard whole sound is Lil Jon.

    • AlizaECooper

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  • Black Avatars

    They all sound the same…It’s good to see young blacks getting money in a positive way though. I miss when niggas like Timbaland was running the game, niggas had sounds that couldn’t be copied. If if niggas did copy Timbo would switch it up.

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