Rick Ross Addresses Meek Mill Jail Sentence & Album Release

(AllHipHop News) Last week was a tough few days for Meek Mill. First he got into a social media beef with his Maybach Music Group comrade Wale, then he was sentenced to 3-6 months in jail for violating his parole.

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Rick Ross reached out to MTV to address his MMG artist’s latest stint behind bars. In a written statement Ross said:

I created MMG years ago, my desire was to create a space where the most talented artists in the world could be nurtured and supported. With that came a commitment. I vowed to support these artist, through the good and the bad. Every individual signed to MMG is not just an artist, they are my family. And with family you ride, or you die. Yesterday, my brother, Meek Mill ran into some unfortunate legal issues. It happens. However, his team, our team, will continue to execute Meek’s plan as close to schedule as possible.

Meek’s sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money is currently scheduled for release on September 9. According to Ross, the LP is still “coming.”

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  • therealjjohnson

    Can we chill on these crazy acronyms… “DWMTM” ? No one will ever call it that. Say it out loud one time and you will notice how silly you sound. This just started happening over the past 2 years or so I’ve noticed in articles. Man just type out the name of the album lol.

    • Because you are reading, not hearing.

      50’s GRODT = easier than ” Get rich Or Die trying”

      • therealjjohnson

        I get it. That was one of the first ones I saw it done with. It’s getting out of control now though. Seems like “get rich” would be equally as easy and comprehendable.

      • >> In EPMD’s voice : “Rap is out of control!”


    • I_AM_Houston

      they tryin to save 5 seconds bro lol

  • King Cold

    But no reply on your artists “beef” sounds like Ross cards have folded

  • Reazonero

    Meeks not a bad rapper, he just doesn’t know how to conduct himself when faced with criticism or uncertainty.

    • He’s young with new money!

      That’s normal!

      • Gary Woodln

        That’s not the problem though meek been getting money for a couple of years now, you can tell hens frustrated with his career he wants to excel and his career has been stagnant no certified records that’s crazy

      • His career is a blessing.

      • Comeonnow

        The problem isnt him spending money on things, even illegal things (for him being on parole) like firearms. Just DO NOT have any type of media that shows or can link these firearms to your possession or you simply holding them (and in many cases being involved with people who are brandishing them). Just dont while on parole, you dont gain street cred as that doesnt impress real street guys, maybe tricks very naive young teenangers but most people have seen stuff like that or own guns of their own and arent “impressed” by your glock 22 or 27 or mac 10 or assorted 9 milis. You arent gaining anything but attention and parole violations resulting in Jail time. Get through your Parole time with no incidents first, thats gotta be the only driving factor of how to live your life for however long your parole is. When thats over still dont act a fool on the net throwing out guns left and right or even gang signs, they can link you to things you dont have anything to do with on flimsy evidence like simple gang signs or associations.

      • I know, my peeps doing 150 months over a 2 min call complaining. he got hit for his connects dirt, his connec’s connect’s dirt, etc.

        The pic ain’t enough though, he could claim the gats are as fake as his label, they just wanted him for dissing the DA, etc.

        That ‘chet was dumber than anything.

    • I_AM_Houston

      meek seems street smart only to me, this is the problem with him. you could manipulate him into a dumb decision (i think)

  • MrNoName2K

    Man idk what everybody be talkin bout..Meek ain’t all that bad of a rapper, he just made some f*cked up decisions. Can’t be playin round pushin that line when you on parole

    • Ipullcards

      He’s a smart dumb brother.. I promise you.. He needs a filter and some humility/humbleness

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  • GP

    is it me or does meek looks African? boy his face is strong.

  • Comeonnow

    Meek may not be totally stupid as far as intelligence goes but hes ignorant or something. Being on Parole, how you expect the law to react when you do things to violate that parole on Camera? Specially messing with guns on video and your face is in plain view. Really theres nothing the system coulda done other than put you in jail at that point. Its like your trying to push them to act which should be the opposite of how your moving while under parole. Its not like your in parole for life, just act right till you are off parole. Still parole or not having actual guns or even replicas on video (that are released for anyone on the net) is a very stupid thing to do no matter what your legal standing is. First whats the benefit? You arent gaining fans or anything by having a gun, 60 + % of people in America 21 (some states 18) + have some type of firearm and lots have handguns depending on the laws of the state. Basically im saying i dont think anyone looks at rappers on video with guns as then being real or having street cred as guns are EVERYWHERE. Anything that can be seen or leaked to the legal department/justice department should be very thought out and never include anything incriminating. Guns in videos are incredibly incriminating, even if they are “fake” its harder to prove that as it falls on the person under investigation to prove it wasnt real and not on the police department. They will assume its real and need overwhelming proof/paperwork to the contrary which these guys dont have cause they dont think past tomorrow.

    • YSOLO985

      People live their life the way they want to. Real N*ggas Coulndnt Giv F*ck about the law. Specially when you have a fan base lik Meek’s, Where we still support. Yall Mofo’s need to stop hating. Sh*t Aint Cute. His Decision, His Life. If You Dont Understand Meek, If You dont understand The Streets, If You dont understand The Life, Dont Try To, #DWMTM #FREEMEEK