Trayvon Martin's Ex-Girlfriend Takes Blame For George Zimmerman's Acquittal (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rachel Jeantel’s testimony during last year’s trial over the murder of Trayvon Martin drew attention for the wrong reasons.  Jeantel spoke about George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the first time since the decision was made and assumes some of the culpability for the decision.

Jeantel’s phone conversation with Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2013 was the last time Martin would be recorded speaking to another person. According to Jeantel in an interview with CNN, “a little bit” of the blame for Zimmerman’s acquittal is placed on her due to her manner of speaking during her cross examination in late June of last year. Jeantel alleges that the jury invalidated her testimony by assumptions made about her based on her speech and attire.

At the time, Jeantel could not read or write past a third grade level. Attorney Rod Vereen claims Jeantel was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following the death of Martin and enrolled her into The Village, a program which provides counseling and tutoring. This past May, less than a year after her controversial testimony, Jeantel graduated with a High School diploma.

Check out Rachel Jeantel’s full interview with CNN below:

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  • Montezuma1

    Jeantel you may be right and it’s unfortunate young people don’t understand the importance of appearance and presentation until too late. At least you are growing and evolving into a responsible adult. Good for you.

    • Casor_Greener

      “until too late” sad but true


  • Eli Pinilla

    The education down here sucks. So I’m not surprised she wrote/read at such a basic level…..but it’s not her fault. She coulda had a doctorate and he still woulda been acquitted.

    • Q.

      “She coulda had a doctorate and he still woulda been acquitted”

      NUFF SAID.

  • El Dogga

    Good gosh she looks awful!!

    Anyways, don’t take no blame! He was gonna get off regardless!

    • Comeonnow

      agreed. Thats the thing we all knew he was getting off scott free.

  • KareemSayeed

    Liking these positive comments so far. Was worried to come across ignorant ish

  • WeakSauce

    Can we let go of this already?!

    • SursumAd Summum


      • Lmao hard den E muthafka

      • WeakSauce

        Computer Warrior, get some class. Oh wait, class can’t be bought! Even if you could, I can tell you don’t have enough to afford it.

      • SursumAd Summum


      • WeakSauce

        Yeah, didn’t expect anything less coming from you, you classless POS

  • Executive

    I’d pour gravy all on my balls and have here lick it off!

  • TruthSerum

    At least she admits it. That’s what people don’t understand, if you come off un-intelligent or act like you have no class, it doesn’t matter if you found the secret of life, nobody will listen to it coming from somebody they don’t respect.

  • Brindle

    Sad but good she realizes it…


    God bless the dead but come on Trayvon. Dont let this fat chick be your legacy when it come to bitches. Let this be a lesson niggas. Make sure all your sides chicks are fly

    • SursumAd Summum


      • ced taylor

        dumb ass nigga for cosigning that silly shit

      • Ipullcards

        Word! Super stupid. We are dumb if comments like this get multiple likes! Why every race can make money off us but US!

      • SursumAd Summum

        I must have hit home, hoe ass nigga.

    • ced taylor

      silly ass nigga

    • Ipullcards

      Make sure they aren’t dumb as a bag of rocks fuc fly! That’s blk ppl problem. Wanna be fly & accessorize.. Matching Louie belts and shoes and u don’t have no mansion! No pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of! Let that be a lesson! Everything ISNT about shining. You don’t have to have expansive clothes to SHINE! Believe that!

    • Sean Taylor

      Side chick? That was his main girl fu*k you talking bout?


    She got some gator teeth

  • Guillaume Pilon

    man wtf is that ugly fat hippo

  • Guillaume Pilon

    zimmerman is to blame….nobody else

  • Ipullcards

    Reach 1 teach 1. She still sounds like she chews on bricks but cognitively speaking she gets it. She gets how the world is & what she needs to do to be a contributor to society not a welfare recipent hinderance. I truly hope all her friends that are blk or improvised undereducated disenfranchised, I hope they can grasp that education is key! That’ll get u out of any trap!

    • impoverished *

      Two descriptions ‘/ adjectives need commas to seperate them, more than 2 gets an “AND” before the last one.

      improvised, undereducated & disenfranchised

      • Ipullcards

        Listen I’m not writing for your approval or for corrections on my grammar. I wrote this in 30 seconds and no it’s a blog as long as I don’t sound like a fool than idc about grammar and u shouldn’t be so focused on correcting ppl.. Makes u feel good huh?? See I bet u only have an undergrad degree going around pretending & acting like a PhD lol. Ppl like u who are so conscious of others mishaps and mistakes are usually the ones with the most short comings.. Wether educational or life period.. Stop trying to correct everyone that’s wrong and focus on improving your quality of life and self. Cause I’m sure there’s some improvement needed..

      • Practice makes perfect.

        It could hold you back in life in ways you may never become aware of. Lead by example.

  • Mac7504

    Precious, precious….MMMMmmmmm

  • terrible2s

    “George zimmer not a man” smart without trying

  • Markus

    I know some people will feel compelled to clown on her but the issue is a warped system that had judged a kid they didn’t know and considered his murder justified.

    • terrible2s

      Nothing warped about the system its just as blatant as it always been

      • Markus

        Very true.

    • MrApple

      Killing for self-defense is justifiable.

  • I remember shutting off the trial due to her, i honestly couldn’t believe homegirl was on the stand being as ratchet as she wanted to be. She did hurt the case a little but I don’t think the verdict was ultimately her fault. I’m a man and it hurt to see the education gap for real. Homegirl reminded me of so many of our uneducated sisters that I couldn’t swallow that pill. Her first few minutes made me think the case was doomed. Education in Florida, human rights in Florida, being black in Florida is fkn shameful at best. I’m not from here but I migrated ten yrs ago, the way things go here are appalling and I damn near wanna move back home to the midwest. Education in a lot of areas is outright disgusting. I know it’s the same all over the nation but I swear it’s a different ball game here. This sunshine and beaches ain’t all its cracked up to be, she still sounds a little shaky but I hope she gets it together. Fla laws and the overall way things are just don’t seem right in my opinion. Crazy thing is I don’t know if I wanna go back home and dodge bullets from my own kind or if I wanna. …u know what fk this post I could go on for days about here and Ther.

    • SBRon

      I feel your pain, bruh…

    • Hahaaha!

      LOL~N @ being undecided about getting killed in the hood, or dying 1,000 deaths in Fla.

      That ‘chet is real spill though!

      You escaped the hood…now you want to escape the burbs.

      That’s proof positive that we need our own.

      • Oh 4 sho, crazy thing is I don’t think you can really move anywhere away from the drama. Case in point, I stay in close proximity to the beach here in Fla and round here nothing too drastic happens, but just last night one of the young homes was gunned down and shot dead in one of the nicer areas around here. It’s crazy because they say it was a white broad that shot him. Just fukn crazy everywhere. CCW all day my way.

      • +1 on CCW.

        The dwarfs scare me more than Snow White.


    • Comeonnow

      Maybe im not remembering her. She real ratchet during the trial? Thats unfortunate because the defense will use that and exploit her as a person to help Zimmermans chances of getting no charges. Still i got this sick feeling Zimmerman was getting off with nothing no matter what. Florida laws and race.

  • There is a difference about her and many others. Don’t judge her by the looks.
    She is at least putting her pride aside and understands she has major deficits.
    Something I wish many black people would be able to do. Be honest about
    yourself and be more self critical can’t be wrong. Education is not a matter of schooling. The smartest people always educate themselves and just go to
    school for the tests. We have the internet now. Which opens far more
    information than Celeb Gossip, Porn, Sports and Music.

    • SBRon

      I’ve always said, to both my seeds and others, MY definition of intelligence is first recognizing one’s own deficiencies, then knowing where to go/who to turn to/what to read in order to eliminate them…

    • ‘Chet, Ninjaz that learn in school are actually dumber than ninjaz that actually attend school.

      Not dissing school, but one has to self educate past school….or even PRE school.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea but you cant tell young people that shyt..I had a million reasons not to go to school…I dropped outta school in grade 9 thinking life just works itself out and ended up going back to school in my mid 20s but im still a decade behind peoples who made decent decisions when they were teens and shyt….I know what your saying though and some of the dumbest muddafukkas I know make a good living though cause they just stuck to the program. Graduated high school then college or trade school or something…..

  • hoeyuno

    Congratulations Rachel for getting your high school diploma! Nobody blames you for nothin. Those snake ass lawyers day in and day out asking the same stupid questions trying to twist your words like you were on trial ..Rest in paradise Trayvon Martin…Fucc george zim…

    • Comeonnow

      Yeah im proud of her. I wish she didnt have to live with her or others thinking she is the reason Zimmerman got off, cause that was gonna happen anyhow i really believe that. She went out and got serious about education and bettering herself and thats inspirational to everyone. Try to better yourself no matter the race, social/economical class, gender or anything else. Always try to learn and move forward and become educated (in whatever sense you want, school, knowledge, from contemporaries, religious outlook or your career). Move forward and always try to positively grow from your past and mistakes. Good for her.

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  • soyhiphop

    R.I. p. Trayvon an all but…you wifed up grimace from mcdonalds? Faizon luv’s little sister?young chopp with a wig on? Lavell crawfords daughter? C’mon son!

    • hoeyuno

      ….Big Puns stunt double?..

      • soyhiphop

        Haaaaaaa good one

      • hoeyuno

        She does look like grimace though..that shyt was ruthless hahaha

    • GP

      don’t forget she can also pass as eightball daughter. suave house. lmao

      • Damn bruh u ‘coming out hard’ with that one…lmao

      • GP

        she started this shii now she wanna finish the shii.

      • Ball and g was my sht

    • MrApple

      Is that comment even in English?

  • Soooooo ain’t nobody seen Zimmerman yet? I ain’t tryna sound hard on this here Internet but I can’t see how this dude ain’t been touched yet. Crazy how one of ours can hit up the block and receive that right back asap….If u saw the clown sitting at a stoplight what would u do?

    • king

      Black people only attack each other

      • terrible2s

        Probably because thats all they worry about

      • king

        Exactly reason why they wouldn’t attack zimmerman

      • I must be unique because I’m an equal opportunity ass whooper, nice try tho saltine,

      • king

        Some how I doubt that .

      • Polly want a crakkka?

      • king

        Internet thug lol

      • Do u live under a bridge in a mystical forest perhaps?

      • king

        Exactly old wanna be thug Internet that is lol.

    • GP

      u right ill will. if a black man shot a black man, its war. this immigrant kills a young black man and he’s still living. im looking at the whole state of Florida in a different. all them gangs and thug rappers and Zimmerman still alive.

      • MrApple

        How exactly is George Zimmerman an “immigrant”? He was born in Manassas, Virginia in 1983.

    • El Dogga

      That’s cuz ain’t nobody really about that LIFE! It’s ok if someone else does it…but let’s say if this was between two different “sets” the body count would be up to 20 by now.

  • Paul Hoyte

    Too ghetto to be effective. Classic and sad.

  • It’s not her fault & it’s a blessing that she corrected her problem.
    Stay strong girl…it was the DA’s fault, not yours.

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    she still doesnt seem to get it and she gained more weight. she does not look healthy

    • GP

      umm when the trail started she didn’t look healthy!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        true true but she dam near looks like a different person….

  • GP

    is it me or does it look like if she sneeze she might bite her chin.

  • Comeonnow

    Post traumatic stress? She is suffering, im sure badly, but we throw around post traumatic stress to much. Leave that for soldiers in combat.
    I feel real bad for her. If she thinks she should be blamed for the outcome (Zimmerman being completely let off) then i really hope shes able to come to the conclusion that Zimmerman got off for more than things relating to her. The evidence (not coming from or involving her) should be enough to give Zimmerman some blame in Trayvons Death. He wasnt gonna get a first degree murder charge no matter what because the crazy stand your ground law and i think race was central to this. Lets say Trayvon bombed on this Zimmerman guy, cause he was scared he was being followed by a grown man, or felt in danger for some other reason. Still even if Trayvon got into a altercation with Zimmerman and hit him, etc that cant be a legit reason to shoot and kill someone. I find it hard to believe Zimmerman didnt escalate the situation in several ways, and even if Trayvon hit first because he felt he had to or whatever thats still flimsy excuse for shooting a person. They are using their hands, you have to feel that honestly you are probably going to be severally damaged or killed. Didnt the shooting not take place on the ground but after they both got up? You may want to shoot the guy cause he just swung on you (i cant believe Zimmerman in any way about who did what and who was first and the honest situation (meaning how Zimmerman was approaching him, his body language, and his words). He will downplay it but i really believe it had to be something that Trayvon took as a life or death or at least serious bodily harm type of situation was going to happen to him if he didnt swing first. Broke Zimmerman’s nose or not, still not a excuse legally to shoot a kid. Coulda been a manslaughter charge, at LEAST SOMETHING acknowledging Zimmerman is at fault in some way the same way Trayvon may have been at fault if he attacked first (even if he had legit reasons to us) the Law is crazy and doesn’t understand preliminary attack type situations cause how can you prove you felt your life was in immediate danger? Regardless how this young woman came off Zimmerman was going to get off because of the system and specifically the goofy laws and legal/justice system in Florida. Not confiscating a murder weapon for several days is unacceptable man, just outright unacceptable.

  • Rubylee

    Rachel could easily blame the prosecution for not preparing her, but she takes responsibilty for her actions. There is hope for her.
    Not so much for Trayvons murderer who only wants to blame others!

  • yardbird1947

    Treyvon Martin is responsible for the guilty verdict.

  • MrApple

    Jeantel isn’t responsible for the acquittal the evidence is.

  • Ed Hamilton

    That would be retarded mam.

  • Tyler Nelsen

    Third grade to high school graduation in a year? Lower standards much?

  • Rubylee

    Deep into the weeds of the Zimmerman case, slick defense attorneys were able to convince a jury that Zimmerman was acting in self defense. The argument of self defense was filled with holes and yet, they succeeded. Prosecutors failed in a key part of this case: identifying clearly that Zimmerman was the aggressor, and as the aggressor, he was to blame for the outcome of the night. Because of that, he should have paid the price.

    Gun rights advocates would say that Martin was “dangerous” and “people were scared” and Zimmerman had a right to defend himself. But, he was instructed by the police to stay at the gate and not to pursue the suspect. He disobeyed that order. He took the law into his own hands. The theory that Martin attacked Zimmerman is hardly believable. Martin was being chased by Zimmerman. Zimmerman went looking for a fight. Zimmerman intended to use that gun. It’s that simple.

    But the noise got in the way. And now George Zimmerman walks free.

    So what does a little Jewish lady from Brooklyn have to do with any of this? A lot.

    One of her most famous cases was an altercation between two teens on a train platform. A football jock was told that a bunch of skateboarders were making fun of him on the other side of the platform. The football jock approached the one teen on his skateboard, made threatening remarks, and the teen responded and said “please, I don’t want any trouble”. He put his skateboard down, and the football jock, with a history of criminal behavior, began pummeling the other kid to the ground. The victim’s girlfriend ran to the victim’s side, pulled out a knife from her purse, and stabbed the attacker in the heart.

    The attacker was suing the victim for pain and suffering because the girlfriend had attacked him. Statements from the doctors were clear, if the victim would have been beaten any more, he would have been dead.

    But the aggressor felt that because the girl had used the knife to defend her boyfriend from the aggressor, the aggressor should be able to sue for compensation.

    “WRONG” said the fine Judge.

    Her point was simple. The aggressor went looking for trouble. He pursued the victim for no reason other than to protect his ego. He chose to beat his victim mercilessly. Judy, in her wisdom, shut down the chatter and said plainly “you went looking for trouble, it’s your fault that you got stabbed – tough”.

    She was able to get to that conclusion because she cut through the noise, and got to the heart of the matter. Prosecutors in the case should have done the same. Zimmerman was told NOT to pursue the victim. He did. Because he disobeyed the police orders, it was clear that he was intent on chasing Martin. He shot Martin in cold-blood. Anyone who has any sense in their head can come to that conclusion. But, lady justice took another loss on this case, because she got drowned out by the noise.

    Our favorite TV judge and veteran of the New York courts is teaching us a lesson about our justice system. When the noise drowns out the truth, the guilty go free. Maybe we have to take a lesson out of Judy’s book and stop the noise, stop the distractions, and hold people responsible for their actions.

    Until we do that, we will suffer, not just because the innocent go free, but because the application of justice in our young democracy can still fall victim to the ills of our society, filled with noise, and distracted from the pursuit of a fair and just nation.

    However, the last time I checked, the honorable Judge is pulling a 4-5 share (sometimes topping 10M viewers a day). Anderson Cooper 360 is lucky if he gets a 1+ share. While I love Anderson, sometimes you don’t need 10 talking heads and noise, sometimes it’s the truth that will win out. Let’s hope that we will learn this lesson from Judge Judy, cut the noise, and pursue the truth. We might just become a better nation because of it.

    • Ed Hamilton

      Zimmerman was following Martin before he was told they didn’t need him to do that. We don’t have a democracy, it’s a republic.

      • Rubylee


        Is the United States a democracy or a republic? Unfortunately, the answer is politically and definitively confusing. Our form of government is both a democracy and a republic. Fortunately, the debate is beginning all over again and it was started by ordinary people who feel that our government is out of control.

        Dictionaries contain slightly different definitions of a democracy and a republic. However, most dictionaries agree that a democracy is government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

        A republic has two forms and definitions. A republic can be a form of government with an elected president instead of a monarch, or a form of government with an elected president and elected representatives responsible to the people.

        Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language brings a democracy and a republic closer together by defining a republic as “a form of government in which the sovereign power is widely vested in the people either directly or through elected representatives.”

        Cuba’s President Fidel Castro, Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein and the presidents of many totalitarian governments fit the first definition of a republic. However, they are tyrannical presidents that wield the sovereign power of monarchs.

        The United States fits the second description of a republic, which, combined with the definition of a democracy, makes us a republic of representative democracy or what some call a democratic republic.

        In the definitions of both a democracy and the second definition of a republic, however, the supreme power is supposed to be widely vested in the people. But in our democratic republic, the power of the people has been compromised by those who have assumed greater powers.

        The word “democracy” is not contained in the Constitution, yet it begins with the democratic statement, “We the people of the United States. do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. The only place the word “republic” is mentioned is in Article IV, Section 4. “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government.”

        Most people think of America as a democracy. However, social, educational and economic powers, and the unbridled growth of government have diluted the meaning. The public education establishment, colleges and universities have revised history. They have demeaned the word “democracy” as being majority rule, “mob rule” and the tyranny of the majority. The academic, political and media elite quietly condemn democracy and endorse the republic as a powerful central government, which must rule over us because we are unsophisticated and too ignorant to decide for themselves.

        Indeed, the United States has become weaker on democracy and stronger on a republic of consolidated government power in Washington. Anti-democracy zealots detest majority rule by the people, but they believe in the majority when it comes to electing representatives, and they believe in the majority of those representatives who rule the Congress and state legislatures with laws passed by the majority. Indeed, the word “majority” is used and referred to in the Constitution several times.

        Clearly, the irony of our so-called representative democracy has come to fruition. James Madison is considered the “architect” of the Constitution. He proposed a scheme of representation that would control the effects of factions and demagogues. But society is now inundated with factions, and government is controlled by the tyranny of the minority. Of course, the most glaring examples are the dominant Republican and Democratic Party factions, which control elections and government with the “two-party system.”

        Prior to the adoption of the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation were the laws of the land and they were filled with democracy and the sovereignty of the states. The confusion about democracy stems from the Founders of the Constitution. Madison, Hamilton and Adams argued in favor of federalism as opposed to state power and the “pure (direct) democracy” of ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy. Now, like then, the power of the aristocratic elite frowned upon the sovereign power of the people. And now, like then, they demonize democracy with lies, distortions and half-truths.

        Madison and the others followed Plato’s negative views on democracy and his positive views on a republic. But those views were elitist and wrong. Thomas Jefferson was considered the architect of the Declaration of Independence, and his dream for America was based upon the direct democracy of 5th century BC Athens, Greece.

        Democracy detractors conveniently focus on the extreme violence of ancient times, which were simply uncivilized ways of life throughout the ancient world. But they purposely fail to evaluate the democracy of Athens fairly. The democracy of Athens was much less violent than anywhere else. Athenians built the greatest early civilization with pure democracy. Without the democracy of Athens over 2,500 years ago we would not be enjoying anything remotely like democracy or a democratic republic today.

        The “politically correct” and “historical revisionists” have contaminated America with subtle but destructive tyrannies that have seriously damaged our free democratic society. Politicians use the word democracy when they want something from the people, and they use the word republic when they don’t.

        By definition, a Republican believes in a republic, and a Democrat believes in democracy, which can only lead ordinary people to believe that there is too much hypocrisy, too much power, and too little common sense in government.

        Lest we forget, the word “republic” identifies some of the worst of dictatorships, authoritarian and tyrannical governments. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China are two glaring examples.

        And even though the word “democratic” is used by small dictatorships around the globe, “democracy” is nowhere to be found.

        Frustration with society and government leaves most people feeling ambivalent or helpless. But we must not forget that the only thing standing between liberty and tyranny is the freedom to participate in democracy. We must use it or run the risk of losing it entirely.


        Bullseye on both points.


    Any ‘banger that would date Jabba The Hut deserves to be deceased.