White Folk and the N-Word: Use at Your Own Risk!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names [words] will never hurt me!” That’s what we were taught as children, but as adults, we now know that was some nursery-rhyme bullshit! Many-a-dude has gone into rehab behind a chick telling him he has a teeny-weenie pencil-neck pecker and many-a-chick has gone into depression behind a dude calling her a “thot” and a “jump-off.” Yes! Words can sting and touch us to our core!

Thus, it was, in 1839 that Englishman Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a play entitled “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy” where he coined the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”No truer words have ever been spoken! The “pen” (or words) are powerful!

The idea that we “give words too much power” is ludacrisp preposterous! This seems to be the new thinking of this generation of youngsters who would tell us old-heads that we are living in the past, as though the word “nigger” (or even “nigga”) has lost its sting and wretchedness coming from the moufs of white people. Meanwhile, it’s been 2,000 years and you’re still harping on the murder of one man (Jesus), but bringing up a pogrom (look the word up!) of slavery that ended less than 160 years ago is hanging on to the past?

When did it become okay for white people to say nigger/nigga? Yes! I know they are just parroting, mimicking, aping and regurgitating black hip-hop cultural aesthetics. Hip-hop (rap) is partly responsible for the desensitization of the N-word, but when did it become okay for white people and white rappers like V-Nasty (and I’m hearing some scuttlebutt about Iggy Azalea) to use the N-word? When did this shift occur? What coonerific black rapper cosigned the usage—Mister Fab?

Surely, every white rapper, from the Beastie Boys to Third Bass to Vanilla Ice to Eminem (and please don’t bring up Benzino’s supposed outing of Em!) knew that using the N-word (whether it be nigger or nigga) on wax was a no-no—a faux pas (misstep) of the highest order! They weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel and take the power away from the N-word. They knew full-well the ramifications that lie ahead for trying to adopt the N-word.

But now some whites argue that blacks are hypocritical because we can call each other “niggas,” but a white person can’t. (Awww! Poor Baby! You want in on our cultural ignorance. Tough!) They’ve become philosophical. This has to be the lamest argument ever, but I say to any white person who feels as such to freely used to the N-word, and expect that overhand right to come a-calling from Bum-fuck Egypt at any given moment when used around enough black people. Go for it! I want to hear you tell some hood cat that he’s “hypocritical” while picking up your teef dental off the ground. By all means, go for it!

Listen to me white people! You know damned well it’s wrong to use the N-word in any form! Don’t let this industry, ignant-assed rappers or the black kids you grew up around you make you think any differently! You will never be the homie (as in, “my nigga!”).

Nigger. Nothing stings a race of people more than the word nigger! Not cracker, spic, wetback, Pollock, kike, Ginny or any other ethnic slur! Why? Because the word “nigger” is rooted in a history so wretched, so shameful, so painful, so degrading, and so murderous—a word that is the bedfellow of the worst hell-ocaust “holocaust” in the annals of human history, euphemistically called “That Peculiar Institution”—fucking American slavery!

The word nigger is still fresh in the minds of young and old African Americans/blacks today. Those are fighting words! How dare you even think that after 400 plus years of human servitude and a mere 150 years “Up From Slavery” (Shout-out to Booker T Washington!) you think you can come along with your pseudo bullshit cultural interloping and “culture vulture” self and undo the legacy of the N-Word? That’s just like a white person to think such idiocy! You can’t devalue or take the sting off a word that sent hundreds, yea, thousands—doff! Millions to their deaths! You can’t erase that in the name of Freedom of Speech or artistic licensure or rap music or ‘cause your ignant black friends told you it was all right to use the N-word! The proof is when a black person steps to you (white person) and verbally and/or physically checks you! Don’t get a “nigga” (me!) wrong! I’m not (per se) against white people using the N-word, but I’m also not (per se) against black people knocking the shit out of white people for using “said” word. How’s that? (“For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”)

If only we’d read a book or two! We might find a way to a clue! This subject really isn’t worth a lengthy blog. Black action will speak louder than any white pontificating.

Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, V-Nasty, etc. Keep it up! I assure you there’s a Worldstar moment with your name on it! You can use the N-word, but be warned—use at your own risk!


Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One athttp://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Instagram @khalil_amani, Youtube @ yahweh 12 Khalilamani@yahoo.com

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52 Responses to “White Folk and the N-Word: Use at Your Own Risk!”

    • Brindle

      cute to say but not true… whites call each other white trash, I hear mexicans calling each other wet backs, etc…

      • ZUBU

        Exactly brotha, most of my day to day friends are non-black and they call themselves all types of awful names I on the other hand do not repeat what they say. I stay in my lane. That @Antoine Hart person is either not a brotha or a lost brotha…..

      • Wolf William

        I’ve never seen a white person walk up to another white person and say: wassup my piece of white trash!… So don’t come up with that bullshit u ignorant ass donkey

  1. Dope

    The word hurts so much that you used it about 2-3 dozen times in this article.. yeah sure. Not to mention all the rappers who use it 24/7. There is no defense that can save that, the word itself obviously means nothing to them, only who said it.

  2. Cory Evans

    It took an article for this??….I can tell who was born after Roots came out…this has been the rule of thumb for decades. We took the word and dared white people to use it. They knew it would be a fight if they did. Then Kramer and Don Imus made comments and Black people dumb asses actually responded like it was a debatable subject. We took the word and you can’t have it back period. You wanna remix a word do your own. But the ones who think It shouldn’t be used are jittybugs and old people …my era knew what the purpose of the word being used was…power and taking it back. It wasn’t derrogatory when we used it but I can say it became over used. However with all this being said….this article gets a big “no sh*t” from me

    • Brindle

      think the point they’re saying is that the younger generation is cool with whites using it, so the article is somewhat relative to the masses… many blacks, especially in major cities, under the age of 30 see nothing wrong with whites using the n word but think its wrong to say faggot

      • Cory Evans

        True that…I feel where you are coming from….you said what I was thinking

  3. RealAngel7

    What Did All Hip Hop Smoke, I Know Why You Bring It Up, But Hey All Hip Hop, It Don’t Work Your Way Or For No One, I Will Tell You What I Mean, But If I Tell You So All Can See, They Will Not Understand What I’m Talking About. It Is No Difference Between Black Or White, You Are All Human Being Of God And God Is Love And You All Is Love. All Hip Hop, Stop This Black And White Ignored Stuff You Do, I Ask Nicely Now. It Is No Black Or White, You All Humans. You Holy Loves God’s Children And I Will See You All In Love and Happiness and God Bless You All and Beautiful Blessed Up Day To All And All Hip Hop Much Love, But One Wrong, The One Person You Did Talk About, Is Here.

      • RealAngel7

        Hey Diogie Brindle, I Can Say A Lot, I Speak My Heart, I Speak The Truth And I Can Say Much More, I Can Tell A Lot About You To, But I Will Never Shut Up, You Or No One Will Shut Me Up, For You And This ….. Will Never Have The Power To Do That and Why Reply, I Think You Know Better, But You Don’t Know, So We Let It Stay With That. God Bless You And All, Beautiful Blessed Up Day To All.

    • Eddee Williams

      I get what your trying to say, but there is a significant difference between black and white. Being black is more than the color of an individual skin. It is an experience that is entrenched in abuse, misogyny, degradation etc. It is an experience or self-love and self-hate. Being black means you have experienced something different than vritually every other culture, race and ethnicity in the world has not. The loss of our history, the denial that we have made any significant contribution to history and a complete miseducation of ourselves and our children from mainstream society. Being black means being strong and fighting through all the mistreatment to stand up and be counted regardless of the bullshit that is posted all over the TV about how violent and ignorant we are as a people. So to use a word that has been at the forefront of the black experience when you yourself are outside of the black race is disrespectful and shows a complete ignorance of the true black experience.
      By the way im 23 so this is coming from someone that is part of the younger generation!

      • RealAngel7

        Hey Eddee Williams, Much Love Up To You, You Did Write A Lot, I Will Answer You On Some Of What You Wrote. 1. It Is No Black Or White, It Is Humans, People Are Love Of God, You And All Is Love. What You Are Talking About Is Almost Only In America, I Have Been Many Places And Never Heard Of Anyone Talking About Black And White As They Do In America, There Are A Few Other Places As Africa, It Was Just An Example. But I Can Tell You What They Do They Try To Brainwash You, With All Nonsense, Like Alex Jones, He Will Never Help Anyone In America, He Is A Slave To The System And I Can Tell A Lot More About Him And A Lot Of Other People There And Other Places And I Will, But Not Now, When The Time Is Right. The New Black Panthers Is Just A New Way To Keep You As Slave, Just Like The KKK and The Old Black Panther Was There To Help You and Yes I Know How The System In America Works. It All Will End, For The Truth Will Be Told and People Will Wake Up, It Called A Spiritual Wake. But Nothing Needs To Happen For People Can And Have The Right To Fight It, The Devil Will Never Win and Evil People Will Never Win. Holy Love God Love You All and You All Is Beautiful.

  4. Markus

    The day is here where white people thanks to ignorant African Americans feel that the n word has become as “innocent” as the fools who consider the term endearing. It’s all over social media where black people utter that term around white people. The word unfortunately is here to stay and black pioneers who died fighting to abolish that slur are spinning in their graves in disgust and shame.

  5. ZUBU

    Word… Don’t use the word around me period, or as the brotha said expect the expected. Any Brotha co-signing any non-black using that word is an ignorant asss brotha without knowledge of self, no love for self. Call me old but I swear young brothas giving the rest of “these” people the right to use it……SMH

    • DeniseRTuttle

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  6. influencehiphop

    I mean you have valid points but alot of what you said is foolish as hell! The holocaust was much more of a tragedy than american slavery, not to say ones more right then the other but c’mon you talk about ignorance but your blog was full of it. If the word offends someone in any mannor it shouldn’t be said by anyone period but if people are gonna throw it around loosely its hard not to expect people to adopt and use the slang for themselves that’s just society but if you feel that strongly instead of bitching like a fucking cry baby start a movement, insted of coming of as a racist in your own way, these white kids are just following trends doing whats promoted as cool now a days, maybe what they need is for the African-Americans they find themselves around to start taking the word more seriously and making sure its not thrown around for anyone to use.

  7. ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

    My only question is “why do whites want to say it?” I mean they say it any gotdamn way, just not to our faces. I guess they wanna come all the way out the closet with it huh?

    • privers68

      Here’s the thing. Whether we all want to accept it or not. Hip Hop is a very influential thing. In our music we use the word Nigga and it is such a cool thing.So when white kids (and Latinos too) listen to a cool ass song, they want to sing along. My Nigga, my Nigga. That’s some catchy, cool ass shit. I guess we will say that white kids can’t say this. Don’t we all want to use the newest slang. White kids do too. If we think it’s cool for us to use the word, and not for there to, it’s understandable. But how can we blame someone else for trying to be cool. I know the racial implications of the word and I fell angry when I hear white or Latino kids call each other Nigga. But can I actually expect that they’re not going to sing along and ply along in order to be hip. We want rap to be universally accepted and cool, but if we don’t want others to use the word, we must stop letting them think that the word is cool. To stop using the N word is a hard thing to do, but we must hold ourselves accountable. Can white dudes use the word? In my opinion “Hell no!”. But we have to make the word uncool!.

      • Dointer

        You make a good point, however it lives solely on the basis of people being uneducated to the word and its use through history………I myself, a 28 year old Caucasian male was fortunate enough to be taught by my teacher in primary school about slavery and all the negative repercussions that came from it.. I have listened to Hip HOp religiously for over 15 years now, and from that education my teacher gave me. I NEVER use the word.

        Most of my friends are part of the ” new hip hop ” movement and use the term very loosely. I used to get mad at them, but it wouldnt get anywhere. They would look at me like I was the idiot…..Its all about education, not specifically through the schooling system, but of human history.

        My suggestion is that if a someone takes offence to a person of any ethnicity using the term. Either………1.Enlighten them about the history of the word…………or ….2.Slap them upside the temple and then resume step 1.

  8. Dale Warner

    Our organization, Resisting Defamation, takes care of all these slurs and stereotypes for white Americans by recognizing that only members of any given demographic affinity group have the right to name, label, define, and describe their own demographic affinity group.

    Terms like the one you are denouncing are off limits to everyone but African-Americans who may want to use it themselves for the simple reason that only African-Americans may decide what name, label, definition, and description they wish to use for themselves. It’s none of anyone else’s business.

    The problem with naming another demographic affinity group than one’s own is that it is the first step down the road to claiming supremacy over that other group. There is no clearer evidence of a supremacy inclination that when someone takes the power to name the other.

    We had to think deeply about Ross Perot’s “you people” back when he was running for president, but “you people” is clearly a kind of label and was wrong on that level, as well as because of its divisive elements.

    Anyway, we preach this guideline to the diverse white American peoples and the concept is growing in acceptance. We don’t offer this as satisfying every issue, but only to white people to refrain from naming, labeling, defining, and describing the other.

  9. Twonpass


    young people are so stupid these days its not even funny…

    Its cool for your oppressor to continue what they been doing to you, all they did was change the face and kept the act the same..

    Ya’ll so caught up in the bullshit to even notice …

    SMH… you wont get it , until its way to late……

    and its already way past that ….

  10. chippc

    I’m confused. Does Eminem get a pass or is he saying the recording was fake? Why bring this topic up and then say: (and please don’t bring up Benzino’s supposed outing of Em!)?

    • hoeyuno

      If anybody but benzino found that tape the whole shyt coulda been bad. But nobody liked zino at the time and en just signed 50 cent.

  11. Juul van Pinxteren

    rappers are the one’s , especially the new generation who use nigga in every sentence
    who are responsible that white people around the world think it is cool to use it. Can you blame a 14 year old Belgium white kid who hears nigga all the time that he’s gonna say nigga. When i grew up you had Ice Cube, PE , NWA , Ice T who used the word, but dropped knowledge aside. Nowadays rap has gone to a level to be ashamed of.

  12. KingChandler

    Action Bronson dropped 2 or 3 N bombs on one of his first mixtapes but he stopped that shit immediately after he got some notoriety. I’m sure at least some of the artists he works with would have a problem with it if they knew that shit.

  13. KingChandler

    For the record, the tracks that I was talking bout where Action Bronson drops N bombs are Swiss Alps ft. Mayhem Lauren and another track called Growing Up.

  14. Burny Blaze

    I don’t use the word out of respect because I know the history. But as far as “knocking me out” if I did… good luck with that bruh.

  15. EDOGZ818

    It depends on the venom in the word.

    White person : “He’s a REAL Ni99a!” or “That’s my MuddaChuckin Ni99a even if he don’t get any bi99er!”


    “I hate buying crack from a bunch of ni99ers!”

    While both can get a white person fugged up, the 1st is accidental.

    I knew a white boy, cool as ‘chet, would give the shirt off his back, install stereos, etc., a cool homie…that couldn’t fight a lick. Anyway, he friend never checked him on his N word usage, and the 1st time I met the whiteboy, I was feeling a certain type of way, even called his people, that was also my people, to the side & addressed the issue.

    My people’s assured me he didn’t mean it like that, etc., and was really cool, etc., which he was / is. Through circumstances, the whiteboy met my other people, and openly welcomed them as a true friend, instantly:

    ” Yo! Whaddup My Ni99AAAaaaaaahhhHHHH!” in his usual warm greeting.

    My people instantly grabbed him by the throat in a Darth vader type chokehold:

    “WTF did you just say?”

    ( Whiteboy all in tears now, in fear of beating released from choked hold & getting beat to death, etc. )

    So I rush over & explain to my peeps, like my peeps explained to me, how homey didn’t mean it like that, etc…and calmly but firmly getting the whiteboys throat out of the death grip, etc.

    The whiteboy is still cool, but he stopped using the N word. ( IJS )

  16. tony battie

    yes, i can use the word and then if some monkey does anything, they can be put in a cage where they belong, deal with it 🙂

  17. Physical Evidence

    It’s sad really to think about it’s 2015 and we are still having this discussion. If the white dude had any respect for his black friend he wouldn’t used it plan and simple, cause he would understand the meaning behind it. And as far as I listen to “Hip-Hop” you disrespecting that culture as well too!

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