Hip-Hop Rumors: Eminem Wants To Battle Hollow Da Don?


Is Hollow Da Don trolling the internet? I saw the battle and he took some shots at Paul Rosenberg and I think Jimmy Iovine as he went on to defeat Joe Budden in their highly publicized rap battle. Well the battle may have turned into a beef, because Hollow claims that Eminem is pissy mad at him for calling out his compadres. Now, on the flip, he did big up Eminem. Hollow seems to be inferring – on social media – that Eminem wants to jump back into the battle arena? I doubt it. I’m thinking we’ll probably see something else at the next Total Slaughter, but I’m wondering if Hollow gets invited back.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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78 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Eminem Wants To Battle Hollow Da Don?”

  1. Jonathan Cephas

    If Joe Budden aint pull that lightskin sh*t and put the mic down he had a good chance of winning. Even with that slow old man flow like he was rappin to a beat in his head. Lol

  2. NachoMan

    Yeah Joe would have won if he had just completed his final round. I think Hollow is on the next card and Em is in on this. It is just a way to promote the card. Beef in the battle arena is just like wrestling promos… they are there to sell tickets.

  3. Jack

    battlerap is more than bars, even joe’s bars weren’t that crazy.

    Aggression, wordplay, flips, schemes, personals, flow, freestyle etc on top of bars are all taken into account, and on that level of judgement hollow wins it.

    A top tier battler doesn’t get fazed by the crowd, he powers on.

    • 5% Hov

      tru talk. See Hollow vs Lu round 3 — Hollow is getting booed – ends up winning the battle by bringing out Calicoe’s Pops aka “lost nigga”…. Crowd ends the battle chanting Hollows name

  4. Dope

    Eminem at his home thinking: ”Hm.. there’s this sold out stadium show I gotta do.. hell I could easily sell it out twice, that’s 80 thousand people a night.. 160 thousand people.. oh wait, I could go do this battle rap thing I haven’t really done since my careers took off, risking my legacy for a cheap show where mics don’t work.. hm.. it gives me goosebumps.. hell, Paul cancel that stadium concert, I’m gonna battle this Halo.. Holley.. Hola.. whatever his name is.”

    This shit took 2 minutes and is more real than your article.

  5. STFUUIgnants

    He wont do it, plus Hollow gave him a pass but called out everyone else…which made him seem like he’s scared of Em or on his nutz a lil bit.

  6. Papi Peligro

    I mean google hangout can handle 20 web viewers. But EM gets on then it will be epic. But Joe Budden come on man he not no battle rapper.

    • hoeyuno

      Nah but think of all the on wax beefs hes had….he didnt do to bad either. .. those first two rounds were debatable.

      • LD51

        The first two rounds with old man flow? Obama’s speechwriters could write much better poison, if someone got a hold of the transcript and read it at a rap battle that doesn’t make them a good battle rapper. They can read well. You lose when you lose the crowd. Budden was acting like he has through his whole career, a punk. Even before the battle started listening to him hedge himself I already knew the outcome. Hollow can study me all day, this is all he has; me on the other hand, I have movies, Im working on blah blah blah. Then immediately brags about the cake he made for his “favor”. All this and you can’t handle boos? How long you been rapping nigga? You make us listen to you cry your entire career about not getting the respect you deserve. Then when its show and prove time…I’ve seen niggas with NO bars, NO talent, NO crew, stand SOLO throughout their massacre, and walk away with respect if only for surviving. Cowardice doesn’t transform, whether recognized as such or not, it always is what it is.

  7. Guest

    Would be a good look for Hollow Da Don if he battles Eminem. He’s going to have the whole industry tuned in to watch, have a bigger buzz and possibly might a get few record deals.

  8. Hai Howru

    Eminem is a legend but hes on tracks with Rihanna now, he better come prepared because Hollow is going to find it too easy to clown him.

    • hoeyuno

      Joe said he got $200,000 for that battle….think he was just trying to piss hollow off or did he really get paid like that??

      • EDOGZ818

        I believe it, think Em wouldn’t?

        Joe is a STAR ( for the wrong reasons, but a star none the less ) so he brings more to the table than Hollow or Lux.

        Joe had more to lose than anyone that night.

      • hoeyuno

        I dont even think Em had anything to do with it. I think Slaughter House and Paul Rosenberg got the ok from Em to use his name to bring more attention to it. I could be wrong but Em didn’t show up at the house to say whats up to the spitters and he had a huge show booked for the same night as the event. .the London show woulda been booked at least 6 months ago so im sure they coulda picked the next Saturday to do the battles….I do think Em is probably more than generous with his artists though and if his dough was behind it all im sure he woulda paid joe the 200..

      • hoeyuno

        Paul (not petr) been eminems manager since em was trying to get signed and flipping french fries..hes also co founder of shady.

      • hoeyuno

        From the shady LP who tells Em he’s gotta tone it down or some shyt..

      • EDOGZ818

        Yep, exactly!

        So Peter & Paul are 2 different people, yet both connected to hot 97? Brothers?

      • hoeyuno

        Is paul connected to hot 97? Pauls from Detroit..Petrs from D.C…I think the name Rosenberg is like Smith to Jewish peoples…but im sure them two get mistaken for each other daily

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        EDO you serious??…. besides business he been on dam near all of em’s cd’s

      • EDOGZ818

        Gotcha, hoeyuno cleared it up.

        I never put it together ( *been a while ) but with the Hot 97 Ebro / Chuck D issue, I was confused, there are 2 Rosenbergs who have the game in a chokehold or is it the same one?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        ok cool, thats whats i figured cuz you usually on point with most subjects at hand bro lol. Peter is the hot 97 dude, who started in Maryland and DC area. He was better when he was still living out there. i hate his hot97 persona

      • EDOGZ818

        Eli Pinella filled in the gaps for me. I thought I saw Ebro @ TS1, so that threw me off.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        yeah fam you did see that embarrassment at TS1 next to Royce and he doesnt even like battle rap. Man i cant stand Ebro

      • EDOGZ818

        Ok, that ‘chet made me like :

        >> Throws steaming hot AM coffee at center of monitor like it was Ebro’s face.

        His whole presence kind of made the ‘chet wack.
        Maybe I’m biased over the Chuck D thing, but Ebro has got to go!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        im right there with you… rosenberg and Ebro should have gotten the beatdown on site for that!!!!

      • Dope

        I seriously doubt anyone would give him all that money for a rap battle. He’s not THAT big in the rap world, so I’m rather inclined to believe he was making up a number to piss others off for not being paid as much.

      • EDOGZ818

        He was the biggest name on the card & think about it….did you watch Budden’s battle?

        Damn near everyone did.

      • Sean Peterson

        Joe had nothing to lose ,and nothing to gain..he still part of slaughterhouse one of the illest groups to come out in a while signed to a major…so yeah joe still winning ..

      • EDOGZ818

        I mean, taking another L is business as usual for Joe, but getting served by Hollow couldn’t be a good look. he lost, but he didn’t really LOSE.

  9. Markus

    Even if by some miracle a rap giant like Eminem actually does consider battling this dude, if I was Hollow I’d be doubtful that I could get a fair shot at winning anyway.

  10. RayStantz

    Shiiiid besides a few catchy bars and half the third rd Buddens beat him hands down and I’m not even a fan

    • Sean Peterson

      without doubt first round joe murked the Don Diva shit was like a 10 -8 round in boxing,,second round was closer but joe won that shit,only reason he lost was because of the 3rd round dropping the mic….

    • ganymede3010

      GTFO what that shit. Joe Budden was spitting easy as 123 nursery rhymes. If he went to any real venue like S.M.A.C.K he would get booed off the stage faster than he did at Total Slaughter. Thank God they had real judges and not delusional people like you.

      • Joey9FR

        Yo, you my nigga! lol You one of the few people I’ve seen with some gotdamn sense!
        Most of these cats are rap fans, and not battle rap fans. Big fuckin difference!

    • Boss

      I think it was 1-1 going into the 3rd round and joe just gave up I hate the New York crowds I hope he move it outta that hating ass city u can get ya shit off because they hate the most outta any state in the country next time have it in Detroit owe I forgot New York battle rapper scared to leave New York lol

  11. hoeyuno

    If anything Em should go at Lux for basically saying he wouldn’t perform if he didn’t get more money at the last minute. .fukkin sucker move..if that shyts true i wouldn’t even include lux in the next one..

  12. cromthelaughinggod7

    I don’t know how many real I mean real hiphop heads know battle history. Eminem lost to an mc from chicago who goes by the name of Juice destroyed em badly in scribble jam. Back in the day. Em wasn’t the greatest battler. He would spit the fast acid trip your moms diss raps. He is a better writer today. Way better. His freestyles though no but he can write his ass off. Hollow would come with rebuttals though hollows word play lacks to me.

      • melo

        you guys dumbasses or dumbasses?em killed him but judges chose juice and the PEOPLE chose em as the winner plus em was amazing back in the day again not the greatest but phenomenal yall reallly need to watch and pay attention to his shit ya bee blabbing and not knowing how shit really went down

      • Sean Peterson

        same way them wack ass judges gave it to hollow the don diva over Joe….

      • The truth

        bro he put the mic downnn be real he would have kept rapping joey had it but he did the light skin bitch thing and let the crowd beat him

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        bruh you the dumbass…. i didnt even mention the eminem battle, i said juice destroyed alot of people. do you see the words eminem anywhere in my statement. Miss me with the bullshit bruh and direct that elsewhere. i didnt say anything about Em!

      • Phatt Killah

        No Juice won that battle but it was by a slim margin. No pun intended. NONE AND I MEAN NONE of these cats is seeing Supernatural. Half of these cats can’t freestyle anyway

    • Joey9FR

      Sure did….em was garbage at that point. But he’s gotten better since then. I think it would be a hell of a match.

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