Star Threatens To Slap Ebro Darden & Peter Rosenberg (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The rap battles were not the only face-to-face confrontations to take place at Total Slaughter. Radio personality Star confronted special guest Ebro Darden at the event, and Star let Ebro know he wanted to slap him and his morning show co-host Peter Rosenberg.

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The conversation began with Ebro challenging Star to produce paperwork he claimed proved Darden was a snitch. Then Star questioned why Ebro was even a part of the Total Slaughter event when the Hot 97 host had repeatedly stated he was not a fan of the battle rap scene.

The discussion eventually turned to Star reminding Darden he had issues with Rosenberg. Ebro defended his partner, and Star then claimed he may put hands on Ebro too.

“I will slap [Rosenberg] dead in his mouth in front of you,” Star tells Ebro.

“You won’t. I want to see it,” Ebro responded.

“Should I give you this slap?” asked Star.

The exchange ended with Star asking if the slap to Ebro would get him thrown out of the venue. Ebro simply replies, “It depends on what happens after.”

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Watch the interview below.



  • Judah Nazayar


    • Casor_Greener

      LMAO tell it brother Judah

  • 5% Hov

    Ebro is culture vulture fake ass nicca.

    But Star – you were shook to slap him. Dont front.

    • Casor_Greener

      Star is a coward! All that noise and he didn’t do isht! He got clowned. Dude told him he bought him drinks, he had no paperwork, didn’t slap isht. AHAHAHA Chump

  • Jake Zero

    Vlad is a devil that sets black people on each other. Interesting that the only person who spoke out about it was Dizaster… a white guy!
    Black people are still slaves mentally.

    • Ipullcards

      Yassss! Exactly. Let’s talk about that? But these ratchet bloggers on here rather just pick on others for their inclusion in rap but won’t talk about our issues within the game!

  • Jonathan Bacher

    hahaha Star held back a bit there!

  • Black Avatars

    Star acts like a former crack head.

    • Marvlouz

      Thats because he is

  • Reazonero

    I didn’t watch this video, but whenever I see Ebro speak, it always seems like he tries too hard to be cool or something. But Star needs to let that grudge with Hot 97 go though.
    follow me @reazonero:disqus

  • ruthwlandrum

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  • diggdoug

    coon on coon

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