Hip-Hop Rumors: Will “Holler If Ya Hear Me” Tour America?

Just because “Holler If Ya Hear Me” didn’t quite smash it on Broadway doesn’t mean it is over. I am hearing some rumors that the musical play, based on the lyrics of Tupac Shakur, may find new life outside of New York City. The word is it MAY continue to tour America as a roving production in other urban areas.

For now, it is ending its relatively brief run on Broadway next week. It is essentially the first “Hip-Hop” production to have a run on Broadway. There is a lot of chatter as to why things didn’t work out, but that all speculation.

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Is the play something you would want to come to your town?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RealAngel7

    2 Pac My Number 1 Artist Of All Artists, I Will Love To See It Shine Up In Pure Beautiful Love, I Will Love To See The Show And I Will See The Movie Next Year, 2 Pac Is The Best And The Truest Of All The Time, 2 Pac Was A Real Life Soldier And A Good Person, Much Love Up For This One, Stay Blessed And Beautiful Blessed Up Day To All And 2 Pac Be In Love, Joy and Peace, You Life Full Up With Love And I Love You Forever. CMN See You At The Next Level. God Bless 2 Pac And God Bless All, Life Is What You Make It To Be, Life And The Holy Love God, Will See You All Shine Up In Pure Beautiful Love And Live Life Up and Follow All Your Dreams In Life, Life And The Holy Love God Will Never Give Up On You, So Never Give Up On Life Or The Holy Love God, Life And Holy Love God Love All In Pure Beautiful Love, I Love You All In Pure Beautiful Love, So Live Your Life In Pure Beautiful Love.

  • GP

    Pac #1 in my book.

  • Immortal

    Not hating at all, might’ve been a good play actually, but can we let the man rest in peace? There were enough leaches on him when he was alive and now that seems to be doubling now that he’s passed.

    • wallace

      Well Pac said “When I die, I wanna be a livin legend”
      Besides, Guys like Shakespeare have been dead for a while and we still fux with their work like crazy. So we shouldn’t let Pac’s artistic work fade away into the forgotten.

  • That’s a good look!

  • BulldogCG

    I would definitely check it out. Not sure about the “speculation” as to why the show ended, no one came, it didn’t make money, thats it. Still I hope they take it around to a few cities.

  • jeezuz_walkz


  • Killuminati

    Whoever thought people would come to see this has lost their mind lol. Let me see, if I were black would I rather spend 100 to 150 on a 2pac musical or a real concert? Hmmmmmm….everyone knows most 2pac fans are between the age of 27 to 37 and black…what black person between the ages of 27 to 37 do u know who is gonna go to a musical ? NONE

    • AlizaECooper

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      • Killuminati


    • Mac Ness

      damn $150 for concert tickets they lucky if i pay $40 thats a eighth of some fire!

      in Tacoma i get an OZ for $150…fuck a concert! i rather get a pack of swishes and light it up hahahahaaaa

      • Killuminati

        Lmao truuuuuuuu