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Rick Ross: I Talked To Both Wale and Meek Mill As Soon As The Twitter Beef Started

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross is a label owner, but to him he’s also a mentor, a friend and now a beef mediator. During a recent interview on the day Meek Mill and Wale engaged in a Twitter feud, Ross explains how he nipped that disagreement in the bud.

On July 8th, Meek Mill went on his personal Twitter account to accuse his Maybach Music Group artist Wale of hating Meek for years after he alleges Wale did not tweet out the Dreams Worth More Than Money release date. In an interview with Bullet Media hours after the Twitter back-and-forth began, Ross explained that he squashed it long before it grew into a bigger media frenzy:

It’s a misunderstanding. As soon as the tweets went out, I spoke to both of them on the phone. Those two guys, they’re brothers. At the end of the day, they’re brothers and it’s time to turn up right now. It’s time for all of us to turn up and stay turned up, you know what I mean? But it’s all love between those two and everybody knows that.

Back in 2010, Rick Ross announced he would be releasing a Spliff-TV directed Teflon Don: The Movie that summer, the first film to be released through his production company Maybach Films. After a trailer was released the movie never saw the light of day. In an April interview with DJ Skee, Ross explained that a new film from Maybach Films had its script completed and would be released “early next year.” While Ross still contends that the movie will be released, the release date has changed:

We just finished writing our first film. We’re still in the final works. We haven’t released the title or nothing like that, but I want to begin production and filming before the year’s out, so maybe as early as next summer we can do something.

Check out the full interview here. Check out the trailer for 2010’s Teflon Don: The Movie below:


  • You mean, just like the time you told us you weren’t a cop? or The time that you said Michael Jackson used your bathroom? (The Goonies movie)

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  • Brindle

    can’t stand rick ross, his whole boss/bawse persona is a fraud… fat greezy nikka got flow though, no lyrics or substance but he got flow

    • IceBergSlim

      You are right about that Partner that is the only props I give that cat is his flow


      Never really read where u diss to many artists, But let rewind back too Ice Cube “True to the game”. Now fast forward to today’s rap . All of them is fraud, crossover artists, Just plain Phoney. So he’s not the only one. Not a fan, but like his hustle, and anytime beef are squash that a good thing.

      • Celz

        Ice Cube, Jay Z, Snoop, Nas, Dre, etc etc may all exaggerate their street ties. But they are EXAGGERATED not FABRICATED. All them dudes have songs speaking on the consequences of gang/ street life. All of them have positive songs as well. Ross raps about a fairytale where the kingpin never gets caught slippin, balls out, and fuccs random hoes until he’s 100 years old.. He’s a joke..

      • Brindle

        WELL SAID


        Well I can’t comment on that cause i don’t really listen too him like that. Exaggerated/frabricated, still that a thin line between lying and telling the truth. Which I never really expected. But the hate for a man is so Disturbing, but i guess that the price of fame.

      • Celz

        It’s because he stole another man’s name remade his life and sells it to kids as the truth. He fuccin rapped about date rate like it’s all good. He’s faker than Lady Gaga.. Literally.. He’s a terrible influence with no integrity. He’s like Hulk Hogan claiming he’s on Muhammad Ali’s level. It’s not hate at all he has some hot songs it’s just not standing for the perversion of hip hop and this clown selling negative influences to kids so he can give the money back to rich white people to buy fancy things he doesn’t need..


        So, ummm I guess u don’t like him. It’s all entertainment, But I understand your opinion about him. But that last sentence could qualify for 75% of all Rappers.

      • Celz

        It’s not all entertainment. In Carlito’s Way and Training Day the criminal dies. Nas and Jay Z go straight. Maybe Jay cheats on Bey, but he sure as hell doesn’t rap about it in the public. Rick Ross purports a fictitious lifestyle that is impossible to lead. He tells kids that material things are all you need to be happy. He rarely speaks on his kids. Jay and Nas have countless songs addressing their true emotion and deep family issues. It’s entertainment for YOU, it’s a lifestyle for our young brothas and sistas that are lost.


        No Problems with what you’re saying, but he’s not the only one doing it. And he won’t be the last.

      • The sentence before he is a joke is Goat status…Lmao

    • Jitter

      yea ross fake but as an Artist his music hot no question bout it …. Wale is trash i agree but lets be real Meek is not much better his hottest singles came out 4 years ago and they are were collabo’s with Ross nobodies gives too shit about his albums his songs are weak thats why they call this nigga Weak millz like how U got more bars then French and his songs hotter then yo shit ??? n U with Ross u can put out better songs then levels, amen, dream n nightmares ?? u in the studio all day and thats what u come up with shit is weak bitches is not get naked to that shit and niggaz MAJORITY not tryin to hear it but Hands down Meek is the only nigga other then ross who belong in that group I feel what he sayin MMG is gettin no help far as promotion and success from Wale he needs to get dropped and take that bullshit to good music

      • Brindle


      • JondoE303

        I like weak skillz better…

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  • WeakSauce

    Twitter beef lmao fuckking schmuck! Roos and his crew arguing on twitter lol

  • El Dogga

    Maybach Films????? 2010??? He straight stole that concept from 50 with Cheetah Films!

    • andone

      not movie 1 out either… rozay may wanna hurry that up!


    The FAKEST FRAUD in Hip Hop history is DONE, ‘meek rappers’ & ‘hothead artists threatening journalists on who THEY should pick for their own Top Lists’ are a DISGRACE to Hip Hop! MAYCOCK ‘music’ needs to GO AWAY! Real music fans REJECT ‘Officer Ricky’ & his band of Bullsh*t! A JOKE that’s no longer ‘funny’!

    • IceBergSlim

      lol..Officer ricky..Too funny ..That bamma is a former C/O.. I just can not get pass that

      • I_AM_Houston

        CO’s dont lock niggas up. Yall do know a lot of COs actually are the reason drugs are in jail…everything from OZ to Orange is the New Black shows that. Idk what that man really did but I do know of Doctors that sold dope etc, so Im sure he could work in corrections and also sell drugs…yall take that CO shit a lil 2 far.

      • HaterOfTheYear

        he a fraud cuz of the fact thast he lied about his past..he denied the CO rumors till actual proof surfaced.. so he a fake 4 that..he shoulda owned up to his past and he woulda had way more respect..he fake bruh.. sellin dope dont make u real..being real makes u real

      • Celz

        The nicca shoulda said.. Hell yea I had a legit job. It paid better than any illegal shyt I could do at the time so I did it. And it helped me reach my dreams. Illegal shyt and hustling most likely will come with a price that is to high so I would recommend all you kids get a legit job while you can like I did. That is still hustlin if you’re working hard at bettering yourself.

        He’s a fake fucc I hope he ends up like Scott Storch.. But he won’t he’s smart.. He will stay wealthy, his artists will end up flat broke tho..

      • andone

        he might stay rich… wealthy is another story.

      • MrsOno

        You can say some do, but majority don’t. Please do not use television shows as your references, seems less plausible.

      • I_AM_Houston

        what i meant more was some of the methods they showed on those shows were really used by COs, they arent all just made up. Kind of like the Wire…a lot of that was based on real things that happened just like Law and Order.

      • Boss

        You BUGGIN he lied about being a CO so What else he lied about can’t be honest about getting money for your family he screams Miami so much but he never mentions a block or corner he hung out or sold drugs and got money in Miami #facto

      • I_AM_Houston

        I feel what you sayin though. I got a guy from Miami and he says that Ross was actually from somewhere else outside the area but came to Miami a lot and hung with family according to his older bros that are Ross age. Ross had oz’s but was never the “boss” he liked to say he was. He spent more time training for football (he was a pretty good player out there)

      • Boss

        He really from Mississippi moved to Miami on a football scholarship And it didn’t work out so he seen a nigga face on Don diva magazine and became Rick Ross

  • cynthiawallen

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      • Boss



    Can some one please deport wales bi*ch ass back to nigeria please and can he take that pork chop with him. thank you.

    • kennyoshin@rocketmail.com

      you are fool, ignorant ass o….you don’t even know where you came from…go ask your slave master

  • Meek got female tendencies, I never understood what social bickering accomplishes

  • Obi Won

    Ross did his job as their boss and got in between the bull ish, but for sure them dudes aint brothers. Label mates nothing more.

  • Reazonero

    Ross doin some serious cleaning up right now. If I was in Wale’s position, ain’t no goin back to how things were. We still labelmates and everything, but ain’t no frontin like we cool on tracks and all that other bull. It’s a label, not an office space where Wale gotta see Meek everyday.
    follow me on twitter@reazonero

  • Yeah its time for Wale to move on from this circle, niggas just don’t wake up feeling fucked up towards they bro/homie, thats some shit Meek had lingering inside him towards that nigga. And no C O’s don’t lock niggas up but they make sure they don’t get out. If Fraud Ross was a real dude he wouldn’t have lied about it in the 1st place, if he would’ve kept it 100 I don’t think it would’ve been that bad or lingered this long, the fact that he lied and kept lying and kept lying and then dissed Trick Daddy along with using a nigga’s GOVERNMENT name and not giving it up makes dudes not like him only the misguided blind folded young niggas be on here defending that fraud!!

  • King Cold

    Smh Dick Floss aint in control of a damn thang. Just like he had no control over Gunplay gettin his ass beat

  • Poseidon

    He probably pepper sprayed them and threw them both in solitary until they calmed down.

    • Killuminati


  • Killuminati

    Fuk Ross and meek….wale needs to jump ship now!! He could go indie and do well for hisself now…but knowing him he would sign another contract……

  • His fake azs can rhyme but he over does that sht. I got a potna who is a CO at one of our worst county jails and you gotta have a certain pedigree to even work there, with that being said I don know y ross couldn’t admit to being a CO. My potna is a str8 up G outside that jail house so I don’t see y he couldn’t admit it. I been plenty places where my boy was confronted by a nigga he knew in the jailhouse and he would always tell them I will fuk u up in jail or out of jail. That sht used to have me dying of laughter cuz he meant every word of it….

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