Lil Wayne: You Don't See Me Diss, I Don't Know How To Battle Rap (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne used his weekly vlog series “Weezy Wednesdays” to discuss Saturday night’s Total Slaughter battle rap event.

During the video, Wayne admits he is not capable of performing at the level of the top-tier battlers, and that’s why he rarely records diss tracks toward other rappers.

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“I don’t know how to battle rap. For instance, you don’t see me diss. I don’t diss people,” said Wayne. “I don’t really now how to do that. I don’t know how to battle rap – talk about what you got on. I don’t know how to do that s**t.”

Wayne praises the battle rappers’ talents. He points out one star of the sport that he is not trying to face head-to-head in the battle arena.

“I’m letting you now. [Murda] Mook don’t come at me dog. Don’t swing at me neck. I bow down,” said Wayne. “I’m letting y’all fans know now, I ain’t f**king with Mook… My arms too short to box with you God.”

The Young Money boss says he is not into the back-and-forth with other rappers, but he has dissed some emcees in the past. Two of the more high-profile being his verbal spats with Pusha T and Jay Z. Wayne released the track “Ghoulish” as a response to Pusha’s “Exodus: 23:1.” He also threw a few shots at Jay on his “It’s Good” after Hov’s “baby money” line on “H.A.M.”

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Watch Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesdays – Ep. 21” below.

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19 Responses to “Lil Wayne: You Don't See Me Diss, I Don't Know How To Battle Rap (VIDEO)”

  1. Rap City The Basement

    Yeah right he was dissing a lot of ppl on the squad up CDs back in the gap…he just can’t compete at that level of hip hop…he’s on some other shit

  2. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    he should know the difference of battling on wax VS free style battling. any good lyrical writer can win a battle on wax but that same rapper can sound Corny as hell trying to free style off the dome at a radio station. Many of the free style MCs can’t write a hit single to save their own life because it takes focusing on one subject for too long………..

    • barbaracbell

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      • Ryan Cole

        That battle rap shit is overrated to me anyway. I’m not checking for dudes rhyming to no beat. It’s basically spoken word poetry at that point.

      • Ryan Cole

        You obviously don’t know the difference between writing a song and making a hit. Nas writes song. Pitbull makes hits. Can Pitbull write a song, you dumb bastard?

  3. LaurynHernandex

    This nigga lying.All them gun shits he says would be crazy in battle rap. If he said I’d finger fuvk my nina make that bitch have kids.

  4. EDOGZ818

    He can’t freestyle.

    He has no rebuttal game….he doesn’t need it though, he has industry support!

    He gets props for knowing his limitations.

    KRS started off battling, infact, the only knock against him, was that all he could do was battle, and couldn’t write a song.

    I’m pretty sure battle rappers would do fine as commercial rappers once they learned how to structure a song. ( Intro, outro, chorus, etc. )

    • Ryan Cole

      I remember when they said all KRS could do was battle. He couldn’t write a song, and his career wouldn’t last long.

      Haha @ quoting “Outta Here”.

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