Los Angeles Clippers' Head Coach Says It's Hard To Recruit Players Because of Donald Sterling

(AllHipHop News) Uncertainty in basketball is purgatory on Earth for some coaches. In a recent interview, Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers explains how Donald Sterling’s current ownership battle has hurt Clippers’ recruitment.

NBA free agency began on July 1st and Clippers have been able to sign a few players including free agents Jordan Farmar, Spencer Hayes and their draft pick CJ Wilcox. Two months before the start of free agency, NBA Commissioner banned Donald Sterling from participating in any basketball operations for the Clippers. With Sterling currently fighting the forced sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Rivers informed reporters on Monday (July 14th) that  the uncertainty of whom the Clippers’ owner is has hurt the team in recruiting players:

It has hurt us some this summer. You go in to talk to a free agent and most guys, teams will bring their owner. I go in, looking like this, by myself. I don’t know what effect that has had but that’s not been great for us

While meetings with Ballmer are not allowed, Rivers admits that two have had accidental “bump-ins” with his soon-to-be new boss. Los Angeles Clippers’ Head Coach Says It’s Hard To Recruit Players Because of Donald Sterling

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  • Bullsh!t what black guy from the streets is going to refuse an NBA contract because of Donald Sterling…Get over it there are tons of people in this world who are racists the show must go on.

    • Nyga07

      yeah i agree dude knock it off, nobody gives a fug about that anymore… major reaching going on here

      • That’s what I’m saying—Donald Sterling is not going to be around forever…The scandal is what brought this all to light, this time next year no one will even remember what happened…The world shouldn’t stop because of one racist guy, play the game and move on.

      • I know one thing I ain’t the type to forget sht like this…I ain’t forgetting trayvon, nor that racist Sterling. ..hell I used to like the movies lethal weapon and braveheart but I can’t watch anything associated with Mel Gibson. ..I’m sorry but I ain’t forgetting or forgiving sht….

    • John Q. Public

      well a black man who is already a millionaire and can sign with other teams for similar money might factor Sterling into his decision. Im surprised Paul Pierce signed with the Wizards over Clippers… wonder if sterling had anything to do with his decision.

      • I_AM_Houston

        i would think so

      • PeoplePlease7

        The current Black players of professional athletes aren’t cut from that type of cloth that Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown,Tommie Smith & John Carlos (68 Olympics) were and for them to take anything beyond a token safe stance on a racial or political issue is wishful thinking. The level of interracial relationships in that group is telling, plus, they are discouraged to remain apolitical and willfully comply.

      • Sounds great, but if I have kids to feed and basketball skills, and a once in a lifetime offer I would sign with the clippers, play the game the best I can and keep it moving…Donald Sterling will be fine no matter what, I just want to make sure that when sh!t hits the fan I can be walk away financially stable as well.

      • PeoplePlease7

        Why sacrifice your dignity. If a man disrespected you, your mother, your offspring, would you still work for him when you had the ability to do other things? Create your own once in a lifetime opportunities. Playing for a dollar is not characteristic of self respect….

      • scullyson

        Right..If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

      • What world do you live in…There is ALWAYS another black dude waiting in the sidelines to take what the next black man had refused. Get real

      • That’s true but the point is make sure it isn’t YOUR black ass…let them coons do what they do but u ain’t gotta keep up wit the joneses.

      • I already tried to tell her money ain’t everything, the way I feel about myself I know I couldn’t look in the mirror and feel like a man…uh thanks for the meeting Mr. Sterling…..thanks but no thanks, and on my way out the door I’m saying fck u too Mr. Sterling …

      • Because you are weak–Only a strong black man would look in Sterling’s face and say yeah I know what you think of me and my people, but this right here is business, you don’t like me cool, I don’t like your a$$ either, but you need to sign that check so I can be on my way.

      • Whatever….. you want to get these millions or you want to be broke and homeless walking around with a cup in your hand asking for change? Keep your dignity dude I got bills to pay…Dignity will have your a$$ on the street then your own brothers and sisters will look at you like you are sh!t…It’s all in the mind and if you are weak enough to let someone distract you from your goals then you have given them all your power.

      • John Q. Public

        95% of the players in the NBA are not right off the streets and have an opportunity to play for different teams. Its not like Donald Sterling is walking around LA looking for Wesley Snipes from “White Men Cant Jump”.
        These players are scouted from as early as middle school and recruited and don’t even do their own schoolwork when they get into college. If they turn down a Clipper contract offer, another team throws out another offer. They aint sellin crack or flippin burgers.

      • Brindle

        see, you & John Q get it, you’re bringing something with a lil more thought… DiscoverDior is in a sad state of mind and doesn’t see it… unfortunately we are getting more and more young people with this money over ____ (place anything in the blank spot) mentality… its never worked for us before, some how we forgot

      • Look all I am saying is that–Donald Sterling never said that to the public, he was talking directly to one person…And this one person tried to use it to get more money from him bye leaking it to us, now the world is mad because of something that was said to her.

      • U basically saying it’s cool to be a bigot behind closed doors?

      • Yes, keep it to yourself, everyone has a right to their own feelings, and I am sure you feel some kind of way towards a certain group of people too..Stop fronting

      • I’m sorry babe I served in Iraq with all races….I have an interracial child, I don’t hate a certain group of people. I hate an individual for what they have personally done to me. I don’t have a racist bone in my body but if ur racist i can play that card wit u….

      • John Q. Public

        whats your beef with an interacial relationship?
        …sounds like something Donald Sterling would say

      • PeoplePlease7

        No beef with interracial relationships at all, but if one gender feels the other’s ethnicity is inherently superior, that’s a problem. When you have such a high number among Black professional athletes, contrary to the Black population, at what point do you acknowledge there is something going on beyond good old fashioned true love?

      • John Q. Public

        you are talking some real psychological “inside the brain of a black man” type stuff with that. I cannot comment on that I guess.
        Im in a interracial relationship. Im Native American and my woman is half Black half Mexican so I was curious about the comment.

    • Brindle

      so basically, money is the key to all things and blacks who take a stand should shut up and are over emotional?… as long as you getten paid, go along with it? That is your point, right?

      • Money has always been the key—If that tranny looking chick didn’t try to embezzle money from Sterling we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now and the game would go on.

      • Brindle

        so had nothing to do with his thought process, just the tranny looking chicks process that brought his thinking to light? Ok, that’s all i needed to know, from you….

      • Yes…He told her not to take pictures with other black men because he was sleeping with her and it made him feel less than a man…He said that to her and not to the world…Now she leaked it to the world and we think that he was talking to us…It’s not our battle.

      • Funny that crakkka had all the money in the world and got beat out by a big black dik….lmao money ain’t everything homegirl. U sounding real house niggerish in ur posts…

      • Money ain’t everything? so why is he being fined and forced to sell…Those two elements have everything to do with money.If some random bum trailer trash white guy says that he hates black people you would walk right bye him and ignore…But Sterling has millions so that’s why it’s such a big deal, and once again it all goes back to money.

  • John Q. Public

    If Stering is still owner at beginning of the next season the players should boycott as a whole. but that would never happen.

    My Bulls takin it all next year tho btw

    • I_AM_Houston

      Im a rockets fan so let me start this by saying…FUCK BOSH. but yea im anxious to see how D Rose will look. Its really be 2 years since hes really played

      • John Q. Public

        Ariza is a good pickup, wish the Bulls coulda got him.
        but other than Rose we finally brought over our foreign guy Mirotic who we drafted years ago, hes been playin in euroleage and was their MVP couple months ago.
        im not biig on Pau Gasol signing but ok. and our rookie draft pick is killing summer league. Rose is the icing on the cake. im ready

      • SBRon

        My dude, if Kevin love goes to the Cavs, I think your Bulls can cancel Xmas!!

      • I’m wit u on that one….

      • John Q. Public

        The Cavs right now without Love are a worse team then Miami was last year.
        If they get love they will def be nasty but as long as Rose comes back strong the Bulls are the team to beat.
        They won almost 50 games last year without Rose. And playoff experience counts for a lot in the NBA. That’s something the Cavs have none of right now (except for Lebron, Varajo, & Mike Miller)

      • Andy

        You guys were already the 4th seed without Rose last year. Add him back in (assuming he is still an all-star caliber player), replace Boozer with Gasol, AND add some nice outside shooting (which was the Bulls weakness) in Mirotic and McDermott, and I think the Bulls will win the East next year. Cavs are still a year or two away, Heat will be fighting just to get a playoff spot now, and the Pacers may take a step back without Lance. The Bulls have a window in the next 2 years or so to really make a run for the title.

      • John Q. Public

        My thoughts exactly. Just hope DRose has some good luck for once in his career.

      • Andy

        Agreed. Same goes for Kobe as a Laker fan lol. I still have hope that if he can stay healthy he might have a chance, albeit a small one, at surpassing Kareem for the most points in NBA history.

      • John Q. Public

        I don’t kno about that. he would need to average like 30pts a game for the next 3 seasons and play almost every game. I can see him getting in that 2 spot tho.
        Lakers might actually have a good offensive squad nxt season with Kobe, Lin, Boozer, & Hill… def a lot better than last season for sure.
        Im surprised nobody went to LA in free agency, Lakers usually land the free agents every year and they had the money.

    • U know I fuk wit ya bruh but ain’t no team out the east even touching the west….them spurs still coming back hard, okc, clipps…I think either of the teams I mentioned would have gave the Heat the business this year. I like the bulls too, hopefully yall can get Mr. Fragile out there this yr.

  • Markus

    If they don’t walk out if Sterling isn’t gone, it says that there’s a price for an African American man’s integrity and self respect. The idea of black men being bought in the 21st century is the wrong message to put out.

  • Guest

    It must be hard to start a new organization from the ground up, but it would sure be great if people from the Clippers could unite and form a new team, essentially make Sterling’s company obsolete.

  • TruthSerum

    People talk like it’s a foregone conclusion that Sterling will lose in court. You have to take into account that Sterling didn’t intentionally go out to embarrass the NBA, he was secretly taped by somebody close to him. If they can’t find a pattern of behavior in his business dealings that suggests racism or some other form of inappropriate conduct, he might win the case. In the same way that evidence gets thrown out of court when the cops don’t have proper cause and signed search warrants, they could say the conversation was of a private nature, never intended for the public and not in any way related to his handling of the Clippers franchise.

    They have a better chance saying his adultery in and of itself is the embarrassment then they do a phone conversation secretly taped by a jaded ex-lover.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope he loses, it’s a mockery to see a guy with his views in charge of a sports franchise that employs so many blacks, but a court of law could realistically rule otherwise, it could happen, and don’t be amazed if it does.

    • Great, and that’s why I kinda don’t hate him all that much, because we all say things in the privacy of our homes and if leaked we all would be in deep sh!t based on the things we said as well…The real problem here is that whore, tranny chick that leaked the conversation, now she is somewhere doing the same thing to some other rich white man.

      • TruthSerum

        Right, If any of the people who post on this site about how much they hate white people or homosexuals or whatever, had their internet transcripts sent to their employers with a complaint attached, they’d probably all lose their jobs as well……… and then they would be screaming the same thing as Donald Sterling “That’s private, just me bloggin, it doesn’t relate to how I do my job”, etc etc etc……. and they’d take it to court and fight it, just like he is doing.

        People get blinded by emotion and let their logic lay by the wayside.

      • Yup….She exposed him because she didn’t get what she wanted and threatened to make him loose his business, and it seem like it’s happening, because people are so quick to jump on the one with the fattest pockets and blame them for all the problems in the world.

      • Who they going to Blame, the one with the thinnest pockets?

      • Yes, Blame that Tranny chick who created this mess because she was looking for a come up…Ask yourself this, where is she now, how come she is not pushing the issue in an effort to promote unity and togetherness? All of a sudden she is out of the picture and has nothing to say? Because all she wanted was his money and to destroy his life if she didn’t have it her way.

      • When a woman is fed up, she’ll hit the feds up, have them in your crib turning beds up.

        He slipped up & got caught slipping.

      • J. Smith

        Dude, I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said on this post, that I’ve read so far, but this right here “People get blinded by emotion and let their logic lay by the wayside”, should be the reason you stop answering everyone who replies to your comments. They are being ignorant, based on their emotions. This dude just said “Man fk that crakkka and eybody like him…I ain’t giving no passes, i hope his shriveled ass dies like Joe Pa at Penn state….” Why is it ok for him to be racist, but not Donald Sterling. Why do we even care about his personal feelings. Black people are key to his income as an owner of an NBA team. Even if he doesn’t like us, he has to grin and bear us, the same way we should him. Why are we ok with black players giving up millions, because this jerk is racist?

      • I saw your sneak diss….homeboi I’m far from racist…I have an interracial child and we don’t speak of other races in a derogatory manner in my house. Anyone that’s racist in my eyes deserves that same treatment they dish out…I’m far from ignorant but I ain’t gonna hold my tongue and try and play holier than thou especially when u tryna sht on me and mine. I’m not justifying my choice of calling him a crakkka, it’s just what he is…sorry I offended u sugar.


        str8 up!

      • You don’t speak about other races in a derogatory manner in your house but once you step outside it’s okay….It’s okay for you to speak like that on the internet but not your own home?

        You are reinforcing the stereotype…We all don’t have to like each other but we should make it our duty to be able to live in a world where we can all live together and still survive and make money regardless how we feel about one another…And that’s why I don’t care about what Sterling says because even though he has his feelings he can still conduct business with people that he might not like and everyone benefits….You are not human if you are going to sit there and say that there isn’t a particular kind of person that you don’t like…It’s human nature we all just have to put our feelings aside and work together, which is what Sterling did by owning an NBA team that provided income to the same people that he might not like.

      • U didn’t read what I said, I said I called him a crakkka because thats what he is. I don’t talk that way around my children because they haven’t been in the world yet, I’m trying to keep them as innocent as possible for as long as possible. Once they come of age we can have that talk. Lady I’m sorry but I’m not working for no bigot if I know about it, there is plenty work out here

      • We have exhausted this topic, let’s move on.

      • I can do that agree to disagree

      • Grin and bear it? So I can come to your house and call u every name in the book and u just gon grin and bear it? U sound like a sucka my dude, how long u been grinning and bearing? It’s over for that sht…that’s the real problem, fk that turning the cheek sht. In life we have choices, you can “grin and bear it” or u can be a man and say “I’m not standing for this sht”. We know the type of dude u are tho, keep grinning house nigga while they laugh at u. Additionally, if you’re worth your asking price u better believe Mr. Sterling won’t be the only person interested in what u have to offer, get up off the plantation bruh.

      • You sound like you want to force people to like you…That’s not fair, you can’t force someone to like you…Based on bad experiences it’s an individuals choice if they like someone or not..For example, you may not like Police officers because of the bad experiences that you had with them, but that doesn’t mean you are out to kill police officers, it mean you just don’t like them..Martin Luther King fought for peace and equality but he didn’t fight for white people to just love black people all he fought for was for peace. You don’t have to like everyone, you just have to be peaceful to everyone…Donald Sterling has a right to his own feelings, until he fix himself to physically harm us then that’s a different story.

      • So u don’t hate him that much even tho he spoke Ill of your kind? Man fk that crakkka and eybody like him…I ain’t giving no passes, i hope his shriveled ass dies like Joe Pa at Penn state….

    • Good point!

    • ezthere

      exactly, being an A-hole isn’t exactly a criminal offense.

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  • TSA_TTG_Airmarshal_Cole_Brown

    when did making money stop mafuckers…if kkk grandmaster owned company i worked at and payed me in millions im turn up everyday smiling

    • Me 2.

    • Alpha Male

      Money aint everything when you get pulled over and killed on some bull, one of these pigs kill you or your kids, or you stripped of your wealth by some type of design because you not suppose to come up. We been living in the now too long. The now even becoming uncertain.

  • Sean Power

    good, I hope sterling hold to the team for another year just to see how many of the player will stand by there word and leave them team are seat out,

  • king

    Black people scared to fight for anything these day.. The civil rights era blacks wouldn’t have stood for this they really would have sit out ..And not sold out for money like this era does scared to stand up for anything. .

    • King u ain’t lying, muhammad ali faced jail time and was stripped of his titles because he wouldn’t bow down to the white man….These cats nowadays can be bought. ..muhammad was one of the highest profile boxers in the world at the time but he said fuk it and stood for sumn. Our people were strong back then man.

      • king

        Change has got to come immediately.

      • Cats too busy dancing and jiggin…..

      • king


      • First off, your arguing with a white dude about what we do
        Second: Brother we ready, its happening now

      • I actually didn’t say anything to that dude until just now…I let that crakkka be…he doesn’t affect me in any form bruh.

      • Killuminati

        Because he wouldn’t bow down to the white man? It was because he refused to be inducted into the armed forces to go to war for his country. It’s called evading the draft. In my opinion I think he felt he was either too good to go to war side by side with common folk, or was scared too go to war. The draft is for men 25 and under, if not mistaken he was 25 at that point in time and what made him any different from any other person who went to war? You mooks crack me up

      • JohnDoe19

        No. its called standing up for what you believe in. if you knew anything about the nation you would know that we should not participate in wars which take the lives of humans. We do not
        believe this nation should force us to take part in such wars, for we
        have nothing to gain from it unless America agrees to give us the
        necessary territory wherein we may have something to fight for.

      • Killuminati

        Right cuz you would rather kill each other than fight for a real cause lol. That makes so much more sense what was I Fukin thinking lol

      • Lmao he didn’t have a problem with Asians was his excuse and I don’t blame him…since the beginning of time u crakkkaz haven’t gotten along with any race on the planet…that should tell u sumn about ur kind…honky once u start talkn derogatory them gloves coming off…I saw ur comments in another thread about u being a kickboxer…back away from the keyboard and come let me put u in a box…lmao

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  • Killuminati

    He’s just saying that for publicity,,,,oh and cuz he’s black

  • king

    Black people scared to stand up for anything these days

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