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New Actress Playing Aaliyah In Upcoming Biopic Revealed

(AllHipHop News) Aaliyah was One In A Million and finding an actress to play her may have the same odds. Today (July 18th) the lead actress for Aaliyah:Princess of R&B has been replaced and the new actress was recently revealed.

Last month, Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman dropped out as playing the late R&B legend for undisclosed reasons. Nickelodeon star Alexandra Shipp has been tapped as her replacement according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shipp has acted in Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis and is slated to appear in the upcoming Drumline 2A New Beat.

Coleman faced criticism when she was announced as acting as Aaliyah in the upcoming film due to her skin complexion. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Debra Martin Chase, exec producer of the biopic, addressed the controversy:

I’m African-American. What does that mean? She’s biracial, but she identifies as black. She has a very strong black father. It’s very narrow and short-sighted. It’s not the world we live in today. And she, like you, like all of us, encompasses all her cultural experiences and heritage. And most importantly, she physically resembles her.

Check out a picture of Alexandra Shipp below:


  • wickedjones

    who gives a sh!t

  • Killuminati

    They might as well get iggy azalea at this point lol. The movie is gonna tank…it’s a lifetime movie and Aaliyah was short lived,,,,make a movie about r Kelly and put her story in that….makes more sense

    • Dan_Tebasco

      Who’d wanna see a movie about R Kelly? The guy who’s most known for peeing on underaged girls?

      • Killuminati

        Who wants to see a movie about Aaliyah ? You could sum it up as a movie bout a plane crash….I’d rather watch La Bamba, there is more of a story…..then a plane crash

  • Brindle

    i still don’t get the big deal with Aaliyah, death was a tragic moment for her, her friends and family… but she was never as talented (singing) as what they (Drake & everyone over the last 5-0 years) try to make her seem. She just had a couple of hits, along with Destiny Child, SWV, etc. and was statutorily raped by R Kelly… But a movie?

    • andone

      I disagree… She was special in her own way and its only fair to pay credit where its due IMO… lets not downplay her allure/intrigue either, she had a better presence/aura than most r&b acts of her time and now… and way more than a couple of hits dude, rock the boat, resolution, 4 page letter, more than a woman, one in a million, back and forth, age nothin but # ect… not to mention her acting career mixed in wit other media coverage as well… throw in the kelly scandal, linking up wit timbo, working wit missy and genuwine, DMX then topping it off wit such a sad ending cutting her story short… interesting perspective to leave the audience wit wouldn’t u say?

      • Brindle

        Rock the Boat is my sh!t, other than that though, there was never anything special about her and everybody was making hits when she came out… she was more of a gimmick when most the women at the time could actually sing… he acting career wasn’t good… I’m not gonna knock her though, I just think they did a better marketing job to the masses after her death than before…

      • andone

        Never said she was the best ,damn thats kinda harsh man hahahaaa… Personally tho, bottom line I still think its a better story than the T.L.C and should be made… Such a shame had to be lifetime that does it… either way got my fingers crossed for AALIYAH’s, PAC’s and NWA’s!

      • Brindle

        me too… we go too young

      • U forgot that at your best song….let me know or whatever it was called, I used to be in luh with that girl man…I think u said it all.

      • andone

        thats the only thing i didn’t feel the need to speak on, how attractive she was… straight dime!!!



    • John Q. Public

      I kinda thought all her songs sound the same but that’s just me… My girl thinks she was great but yea, not me.
      Death always gives an artist a big bump tho

      • Brindle

        this is true, I’m glad for her family though… I once said the same thing about Selena, my girl is 1/2 black 1/2 mexican and deeply in touch with both sides, can out cook both her grandmothers soul food and mexican… anyway, I won’t make that mistake again, she let me have it for saying that, proved me wrong for days.

      • John Q. Public

        word my girl is the same race as yours but she was never close with her Mexican side. We both wish she was only for the fact we see pics on facebook of that side makin some fire lookin tamales lol

      • Brindle


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  • AHH you guys are weak the real story here is that Wendy and Wendy Williams Productions have announced that they are joining Debra Martin Chase as executive producers on the Aaliyah Lifetime movie!——This is huge, who knew Wendy Williams even had a production company, that’s the real story here.

    • John Q. Public

      f*ck Wendy Williams tho

      • The hate is real….What Wendy Williams does is no different from what is happening here on AHH.


        How do you feel about Wendy Williams Aaliyah movie ?

      • Wendy seem as if she told a story about Aaliyah that she wanted people to know and not about the Aaliyah that we all know and loved. The selection of actors were horrible, I had to watch it a bunch of times to figure out who played who. Wendy Williams need to sick to doing “Hot Topics”.

    • Brindle

      ?………. somehow you not on the same page as those around you

      • Well first Drake tired to do it and he was shot down, so you would think that people would want to know who is producing the movie…I bet you tomorrow when it’s posted on AHH you will be the first to comment.

  • MassConglom

    I can’t name 1 R&B album in 2014 that is better then Aaliyah’s “One In a Million” album. I would love to see a dope film about her. Unfortunately these Lifetime channel niggas keep casting these Nickelodeon/Disney channel acting, priviledged a–, innocent looking prom queen types to play Aaliyah. Look at Aaliyah’s pic and look at Alexandra’s pic. Aaliyah expression screams flava(yall youngins call it “Swag”), Alexandra’s expression looks like she owns a flower garden or some sh–. Stop casting girls based on if they can perform Aaliyah’s most famous dance moves and cast somebody that can do that… AND embody that swag Aaliyah always showed off in her music and her wo-mannerism.

    • ArleneDGargano

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  • Leona Lee Taylor

    this is just terrible!! they have no right to produce this movie without the involvement of her family, missy elliott, timbaland, or anybody else who really knew the real her! Lifetime is just the worst anyway, baby girl deserves better. peacve. mahoganymindverse.

    • Dreday410

      Well if you sale the rights …..Then they have the right to do what ever they want…Trust some one who has power in that family SOLD those rights and Lifetime pick it up…..Just like 50 Cent bought the rights to do the BMF movie and he don’t have to talk to Big Meech because Meech sold the rights to his bio pic to a film company which 50 cent bought from them so he can do the movie without Big Meech approval or not

      • Officer Ricky’s case proved that Meech has no rights off of criminality.

        Technically speeking, you can become a rapper, name yourself Big Meech, your label BMF & pretend to be Meech in your raps, 100% legally.

    • They are free to produce their own.

  • Jester Edward

    Bianca Lawson anyone…

    • CelesteFGarcia

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  • I guess Aaliyah just was not Black huh? smmfh

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