Former Gangster Disciples Member Harold "Noonie" Ward Releases New Book

(AllHipHop News) Harold “Noonie” Ward was once a high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, but the Chicago native turned his life around and started putting his energy into stopping the violence in his hometown. Noonie is also taking on the role of author with his new book Gangstanomics.

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Through Gangstanomics, Noonie explores the parallels between the street world and the corporate world and explains how the two segments of society cannot exist without the other. Two of Hip Hop’s most successful moguls contributed to the book as well. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson provides the foreword. Sean “Diddy” Combs wrote the afterward.

Consumers that attend Gangstanomics book signing events will also have the opportunity to purchase the new single “Money In Your Hands” featuring Kanye West, Trey Songz, Twista, and Dwele.

Noonie is also currently running to be a state representative in Illinois as an independent candidate. His campaign is centered around reducing the violence in Chicago.

To purchase Gangstanomics visit Amazon.

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  • I could fuggz with this!

    Good LOOK & GOOD LUCK!


  • Montezuma1

    Black gangsters forever trying to entertain. Nobody gives a fukk about your book or the movie I’m sure you hope to follow. Your legacy has left your community in Chicago in shambles. Ni99as like you are irrelevant. Every positive you involved yourself with was just another hustle to get government funding and produced no results. Kick rocks ni99a or go fix the mess you helped create. Fukk you, Willie Lloyd, Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover. Glorified tools and self-destructive idiots. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Joe L. Garcia

      you mad bro?

      • JoyceFBrigham

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      • Montezuma1

        Not mad but tired of these self-promoting charlatans being nothing more than a distraction. Noonie is a cold bitch. Niggas like him and the real rick ross will do anything for attention. They get it from their mama.

    • Killuminati


    • wickedjones

      U know the conflict I have is I feel like you on one hand, especially considering I’m from the westside of Chicago, and on the other hand I do believe in letting a person redeem themselves. Personally as much as its a hard pill to swallow, I think you should let the brother redeem himself.

      • AverageDon

        What Redemption? Redeem these nutz! He helped kill my people and peddle poison drop dead!

      • wickedjones

        And you never effed nobody over? You sound like a youngster.

      • Montezuma1

        He can redeem himself by working in the community for FREE not using the pain as another gimmick to get paid. This clown is a fame whore.

    • AverageDon


  • scullyson

    Props to Noonie for changing directions and making that attempt at being a part of the solution and not the problem. Its never too late.

  • R.E Dykes


  • John Q. Public

    Anyone out there ever read “Monster” by Kody Scott?
    …crazy read

    • stone

      if u like that . read “MY BLOODY LIFE ” by Reymundo Sanchez