Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Peep who said, “F**k Kanye! Nobody Likes Him!”

Kanye West is truly the most polarizing figure of our Hip-Hop time. The dude just pissed damn Dame Dash all the way off and called him out. But, this latest one comes out of nowhere from an unlikely candidate. She won a freakin’ Grammy with Yeezy! Singer La Roux collaborated with the Polo Master on “All Of The Lights,” “Lost in the world” from Watch the Throne. Yeezy even hopped on a remix of La Roux’s smash single “In For The Kill.” But, she is not playing with Kanye right now. She didn’t elaborate but, in an interview, they asked what it was like to collaborate with him and if she wanted to comment on it. She said, “No, fuck him! Nobody likes him” and that was it.
What did he do to her?

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    ungrateful b*tch

    • brotha_man

      who kanye?

      • LOL~N

      • Mac7504


      • The Legendary Troll

        Lol i saw an email for this. had me lolin

      • johnblacksad


    • tdot

      these girls aint loyal


    fruk kanye!

  • Mac7504

    Fawk dat baby bitch, for real…. I’m down with La Roux! Where’s Major Lazer…:laugh:

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    ‘Lo Master?? He ain’t even no level or rank of Lo-Life bruh!! Brownsville – Double LL’s up! Shit, Ye ain’t holdin even half the classic pieces Thirstin & them got even tho he’s a multi-millionaire…

    • $18592567

      Lo-Lifes still exist?

    • johnblacksad

      Ye was never a true LL!

  • El Dogga

    Ummmm……“All Of The Lights” and “Lost in the world” were “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” IDIOT!

    • 5% Hov


      • pauleyPee

        Say Peace, how this man trying to clown the author and the hacks the MDTF album title? Drink water El. lol

      • 5% Hov


      • El Dogga

        You going to try to clown me and can’t speak ENGLISH???

        “clown the author and the hacks the MDTF” and the hacks??? what is that???

    • anemia716

      family? hahahahaha what?

      • El Dogga

        That’s his next album! ahahahha

  • 5% Hov

    La Roux is cold out here.
    Guess she fort shitting on Ye would get her fans.

    BTW – going in for the kill. is not her song – it’s a cover of a UK house song

    • Fooly

      “In For The Kill” was their second single. It’s their song. What are you on about?

      • 5% Hov


  • Starr soprano

    This nigga articles be Hella inaccurate…..k illseed

  • Judah Nazayar

    (looks at ISK)… Coonye makes CAPO tee? lol.. Oh, its going down.

  • MrNoName2K

    Some broads be lookin to boost they rep up

  • Stay Phokus

    He prolly smashed n dashed

  • $18592567

    that’s a hilarious quote

  • Kim K has a lot of money as do Kanye, but Kim is bad for his brand and his music career, why is Kanye the only one not understanding this?

    • Judah Nazayar

      bro.,. so..Yall dont really understand these rappers sold their sphincters?? these niggas are what Malcomlm was talking about. The industry made being a house nigga..COOL. well, that didnt last long. We tried to tell these niggas. But these niggas wanna let the enemy in..and control our shit. these nigggas are losers.

      • Fosho3528

        who is the enemy? Yall are your own worst enemy. smh

  • Well she got a point. lol… kanye is lame.

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    It probably has something to do with a broken promise. $$$

  • t1m3b0mb

    well at least they’re in a mutual situation nobody likes kanye and nobody likes this bitch music either

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      • D_Ably

        Google this D baby.

      • InTheNightKitchen


  • remy730

    sounds like she’s in her feelings about something petty. Doesn’t even sound like something an adult would say.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    well damn…

  • ZUBU

    I don’t mess with Kanye his music, his style, or the slut he married. So nothing is a surprise.
    Dame clowned him in regard to Biggs, disloyal assss sissy………..

  • Damon Tarklin

    She’s just piling on. Kanye needs to start putting out diss records for people like this like Jay did back in the day. Let people know it’s repercussions to just saying anything like that.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Shawty right there, that’s my bitch.

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      Who tf is Thelma stop makin shit up BITCH getta real job

      • DesignatedH8R

        Thelma and Louise faked their death when they drove that car off the cliff and got a big money scheme.

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  • daquiv

    Kanye is nothing! I couldn’t stand him even when he first came out!! After that Yeesus bullsh*!, truly hated him after that! It’s cool, he got the money, power and everything else, can’t say I’m hating, Cause I never like him period!!! If he never made another album, HOORAY!!!!! Nobody would really care!!