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Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Is Quietly Pissed At The Game!

The Game has moved into OG status as a crop of young rappers has moved into the mix of things. Well, not to be outdone, Game is here to say, “Y’all can’t f**k with me!” I am sure you heard his newest song “Bigger Than Me.” Well on the song, he goes in on new rappers, particularly the ones on the Freshman cover of XXL mag. You know those dues. But, on the song, he doesn’t name a lot of names as to who he is dissing. But, Frank Ocean pops up. He says, “A-yo Frank Ocean – go ‘head and f**k these f**k ni**as!” I am hearing that Frank Ocean, who is bi-sexual or gay, was not pleased to be included in the song is such a way. If he were a rapper, I bet he would come out dissing or something. But, a source told me Frank is just annoyed at it all and feels disrespected. I think Frankie should let it be known, if this is true facts! Bust a move!


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  • HNIC

    Slow news day…smh!

    • Havoc Wreaka III

      Slow news day? When has this site ever had a fast news day

      • illseed

        shut up, lame lamb.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


      • Realist4200

        About 5-10 years ago when it was still good.

    • illseed


  • Psyclonus

    If you can take a dick, you can take a joke. Stop being so sensitive. Frank Ocean should have known cats were gonna make fun of him for being queer.

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I just feel like Frank isn’t really gay. For some reason I feel like it was to promote his album.

    • Immortal

      I was thinking the same thing…. Nikki was doing some of that “I’m Bi” ish when she first came out and went gold

    • Sadat

      I was thinking the same shit but he had a couple suspect songs on the album. Thats talking it a little to far to be faking imo.

  • Tre C

    …… what a rumor

  • When you live that lifestyle expect scrutiny & jokes to come. He’ll be alright…

  • game213

    Frank ocean aint gay, that nigga played the whole world

    • Jonathan Bacher

      i wouldnt be surprised if that was the truth

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Illseed suspect ass writing about gay stuff yet again

    • illseed

      Havoc Wreaka III suspect ass reading and commenting on gay stuff again. FOH.

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        The suspect in you is angry i see, stop writing gay stories phagg

  • You had to use a “source” for this ? Lol you know Ocean ain’t butt hurt (no pun) about Game dropping his name. I bet he’s wondering where he got that Polaroid of him though.

  • warcoming

    Guess who quietly doesn’t give a shit about this article.

    • Joe L. Garcia


    • Screwface

      Can’t be you because you decided to comment.

  • skee

    This shit lame cuz

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  • Pernell Whitaker

    Can’t lie tho, it made me LOL when I heard it on the track.. Game be using Frank Ocean as a threat now shit

  • Jonathan Bacher

    that bar was very disrespectful in various ways. loved it

  • antonioabrown

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    All the shit Game raps about but illseed picks the gay stuff to talk about…. Stop hiding in closet like Game and Frank

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  • D_Ably

    Doesn’t the ‘G’ in OG mean Gangsta? And doesn’t the ‘O’ mean Original? Two things i wouldn’t relate to Game. Not by a long shot.

    • Joseph Thomas

      agreed……he hasn’t put in the work….is even ten years in the game?!? not saying that ten years automatically plugs you as an og, just curious

      • 5% Hov

        No rapper can be called an OG ust for rapping…
        nothing gangster about that

    • Mr.CPT

      In L.A. that turn has changed a whole lot. but I’m pretty sure your not from L.A. so you wouldn’t know that.

      • Celz

        I be in Compton my nig.. I don’t see how anyone could claim Game is an OG from anywhere. Where did he put work in at? When? He is definitely a street dude niccas knew who he was before the fame but he did the OG Blood act to sell records out of state and overseas to niccas that don’t know any better.. Can’t knock his hustle tho, he gettin it and he can rap his ass off.. Him an G Count had the best battle tracks in recent memory

    • Max Dembo

      OG = Older Guys

  • The type of Booty YOU like

    Who cares?

  • GP

    whoever wrote this is very disrespectful. how you call game and OG when this dude tatted a butterfly on his face! smh

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      The butterfly is not even the point, it’s the cover-up

    • Glasscut

      Butterflies need love too

  • hoeyuno

    “A-yo Frank Ocean-go’head and f**k these f**k ni**as”…hahahaha that shyt hilarious….what type of world do we live in where rappers cant clown gay celebrities! !?? Cmon son!! The whole world is ass backwards right now..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      for real bro that shit is funny as hell! Game stupid for that one lmao

  • B.U.

    Frank “came out” to promote his album and garner attention. Unfortunately, all the attention ain’t gon be good.

  • EDDY Esezobor

    Game is a fool

  • urtelling

    A-yo Frank Ocean – go ‘head and f**k game!”

  • brollya

    damn at least have some sources or somethin on the rumor….

  • daquiv

    Game one of them brotha’s who’ll bust ya teeth down ya throat and then fart in ya dinner!! So I don’t think Frank Ocean want none of the Game!! Just look at 40 Glocc, and they embarrassing video of that fool running from the Game after talking Raspy Sh*!

  • DesignatedH8R

    Niggas know I’m classic, I ain’t even gotta say shit
    Frank Ocean more of a man than you niggas, get up off that gay shit.

  • mma slappy

    I think Frank ocean is more gangster and straight then the gayme

    • plsDontreply

      haha truuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • plsDontreply

    nigga lips pink? haha

  • IROC

    Man the game got lipstick eyeliner on looking real suspect and sweet

  • He also mentioned him on the Jesus Piece album. “Frank Ocean’s more of a man than you niggas, get off that gay shit.”

  • Jon

    not a good move from game