Master P

Master P Set To Release Biopic Trilogy, First Movie Set To Film In 2015

(AllHipHop News) The Master P biography will be broken up into three separate movies The Ice Cream Man, TRU and No Limit The Empire. The Ice Cream Man will cover Master P’s early upbringing prior to forming No Limit Records in 1990 with TRU and No Limit The Empire covering the labels formation and commercial dominance in the mid to late 90s, respectively.

CP3 Filmworks is currently casting actors to play the younger Percy Miller.
In the 1990’s Master P set an unprecedented number of record sales as he sold over 75 million albums independently through his self-made, multi-million dollar empire. The Ice Cream Man goes into production in 2015 with TRU and No Limit The Empire going into production 2016 and 2017 respectively.


I). Master P the Ice Cream man is the introduction to the three piece biography of the greatest trilogy since the Godfather. (Production 2015)

II). TRU the second part of the bio pic. A glimpse of how the Miller brothers come together to form one of the most influential groups in hip hop. Their success was unheard of for a southern hip hop group, that escaped the mean streets of New Orleans. (Production 2016)

III). No Limit the Empire The final of the trilogy where Master P and his artists controlled a large share of the music industry, at one time had over 18 records on the top 200 billboard charts at the same time. Making No Limit Records the most powerful and successful Record Company in the industry. (Production 2017)

The Ice Cream Man Trailer



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  • water_ur_seeds

    Will be a good story, P really put that hustle in back in the day…

  • The Legendary Troll

    lmao hope this aint another one of them low budget movies this niggas and romeo always shooting. if so ill pass

  • dbfromdc


  • ZUBU

    Always respect P’s hustle, but to compare it to the Godfather. That very well may be overstating things.

    • water_ur_seeds

      Lol yeah The Godfather w.t.f

      ( i cant believe ahh censors w.t.f, making me put .’s in between)

    • Immortal


  • basikone

    Might be a good story but it better not be filmed with another camcorder like bout it. Haha

  • El Dogga

    Wasn’t “I’m Bout It’ his loosely based autobio movie?

  • vivianrbrown

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  • Mac7504

    Damn P, I use to rock all your shit man…I use to get made fun of by the homies for buying every No Limit flop cd, like Mr. Marcello, Fiend, and all that…Use to be bumping non-stop C-murder, Soulja Slim, and Mac, but all that shit is gone bra; let that shit go…

    Shit, I think I use to have a No limit chain…hahaha

    • pwid presents

      download that master p famous again and tell me whole mixtape sounding you know ain stopping real g’z

      • Mac7504

        I’ll download it, but I don’t know wtf you just said g…lol

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Three movies? You doing too much P… It’s just gonna be a matter of which movie will flop the hardest

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  • JimJames29

    The only place you hear about Master P. the last fifteen years is on sites like these. He’s probably still got people on the payroll for PR. He should consider spending that money somewhere else. Nothing he’s doing is poppin. The closest he came to success in all these years was Fat Trel and hes with MMG now.


  • Iron mike

    The movie “I’m bout it” was a low budget classic,I can’t wait to see what kinda story master p has to tell

  • Markus

    Master P no doubt has made contributions to the hip hop culture. However three films on his life is pushing it. I doubt he has fans committed to go three films deep with him.

  • Im Bout It was a classic movie, low budget or not. Shit it was better than ALOT of big budget movies. I’m interested because P’s come back attempt is on the line so to speak.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    The same people who bought all those cds back then will be the same one’s waiting for these movies to drop!

  • antonioabrown

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  • jdubba

    Comparing your movies to the Godfather trilogy is never a good idea. I just want a biopic on Pen & Pixel, the dudes who used to make those crazy covers. Big Bear ftw.

    • Dee Tzortzis

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!! a biopic on pen & pixel (u stupid) I remember them tho

  • bo da butcha

    p make decent movies bout it was good, i got the hook up and foolish was straight, lockdown was a classic

  • Obi Won

    Looking forward to it, I cant think of anyone else in entertainment doing this. At least not on a Hollywood level.

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  • dub

    I hope he puts in the movie how he copied the Bay Area with the independent come up and how he copied the Ice Cream tag from the Luniz.

    • Ced

      He didn’t copy the Bay Area independent come up. No Limit started in the Bay Area. Silk the Shocker went to El Cerrito High School. I’m sure you know all this. P has always showed love to the Bay Area.

      • Greg

        Exactly. WestCoast Bad Boyz ring a bell?

    • Willie Green

      He was living in Richmond at the same time the bay started poppin so of course there will be similarities

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