Richard Pryor Jr. Alleges His Father's Widow Illegally Obtained Pryor's Rights

(AllHipHop News) Richard Pryor Jr is fine with another man portraying his father in an upcoming biopic, but he is not ok with the film being made. Reports have surfaced that the son of the late great comedian is threatening legal action if his step mother, Jennifer Lee Pryor continues with the Lee Daniels-directed biopic.

Documents obtained my TMZ state that Pryor Jr alleges his stepmother illegally obtained his father’s rights in 2005, months before he died from multiple sclerosis. Pryor Jr threatens to attempt to have the film stopped if his stepmother proceeds with its production.

Jennifer Lee Pryor informed IFC last year that she plans to release Pryor’s diaries. The diaries reportedly delve into his formative years living in a brothel ran by his grandmother in Peoria, Illinois.

  • Markus

    Richard Pryor is still one of the funniest comedians black or white that ever lived. Hope this gets worked out so a proper biopic of this icon can be made.

    • Immortal

      Still not sure how good it’ll be with Pryor already making JoJo Dancer. And that was good.

      • Markus

        JoJo Dancer was a good film. Damon Wayans once was supposed to play him in a biopic. Don’t know who could really capture him now in a movie.

      • ZUBU

        I forgot about JoJo Dancer, yeah Richard had quite the life. The brotha had his highs and lows he pretty much did a bit of everything.

      • Immortal

        And dude starred in his own biopic making fun of his life, while still making fun of how it was still going. How many cats these days have the balls to do that? Dude could make you cry laughing just by sayin n*gga. Great artist, great comedian

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  • 7yoyo7

    I dont care about his estate I’m just here to say RIP Richard Pryor. I’m still laughing non-stop when I watch The Richard Pryor Show Roast.
    He discovered some talented comedians back then and they are stillwell known to this day!