Common Talks Playing Green Lantern With Latino Superman, Asking Serena Williams About Drake + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Common once remarked “I got my SAG card, baby I’m an actor” on his 2007 song “Break My Heart” and has been waving that card around ever since. During a recent interview, Common spoke on talking to Serena Williams about Drake, once playing Green Lantern

Back in 2008, Common revealed he was casted as Green Lantern in a potential movie entitled Justice League of America. The movie was scrapped by Warner Bros due to the Writers Guild of America going on strike, but Common reveals on The Breakfast Club the movie included a Latino Superman:

I was the Green Lantern for a minute ’cause we were doing the movie Justice League. Yeah, I had the gig. We went down to Australia and i had the suit on and everything. [Laughs] I was ready, man. I was geeked, ’cause I was like at that time, this is 2008, I was like ‘there really ain’t Black super heroes out there.” It was a Latino brother too, he was playing Superman. At the time, we were like “man, Black and Latino kids are going to see us and be like I can be a superhero. If you think about it, a lot of the superheroes they seeing are only white.

Two weeks ago, Common spoke on his 2011 beef with Drake stemming over rumors that Drake was in an intimate relationship with Common’s ex-girlfriend Serena Williams. Common admits for the first time that during the beef he spoke directly to Serena about the allegations:

I definitely talked to her about it. [Laughs] I definitely talked to her about it. But you know, at the end of the day, once she ain’t your lady, ain’t too much…you know, what else can I say?

Check out Common’s full interview on The Breakfast Club below:

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  • bisolabliss

    …from a review of Common’s latest opus @ HipHopDX


    “After 10 albums, Common has one of the most compelling discographies in Hip Hop, in part thanks to this type of streamlined tracklist.”


    And I dare say, Common’s discography eclipses Nas’ in terms of all round solidity and consistency and Jay Z is not even in the conversation – too many album fillers.

    ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ is as grimey as they come; it’s literally a depiction of Chicago…with BARS.



    PS: AHH doesn’t even have a review up yet. Are y’all still repping real Hip-Hop? Chuck Creekmur, what’s up?

    • brotha_man

      Nas illmatic is one of my favorite albums all time, but i must agree I actually think common’s discography is better than nas.for myself i always felt Jay z was/is a little overrated when compared to hiphop giants

      • Frank

        BLASPHEMY! The 2 of you!

      • brotha_man

        ikr. nas my favorite artist but common has been consistent with the music. it still goes 1. 2pac 2. nas 3. scarface but common discography is pretty dope. nothing compares to illmatic, lost tapes, and Gods son. but water for chocolate, one day it’ll al make sense, the dreamer, can i borrow a dollar, Resurrection, be are all dope as albums

      • John Q. Public

        sippin some Courvoisier 12year, just got done listening to the new Common on spotify…
        Those my favorite 3 Nas albums as well. Life is Good was dope too.
        Gunna have to check that common “water for chocolate” tho never heard that album.

  • brotha_man

    Hell on wheels is a dope as* show

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    he bugging lol im latino, but if they turn superman puerto rican that would be so corny b……..

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  • Markus

    I respect how this dude carries himself. Not a persona or a character but a grown man with wisdom and insight that today’s youth could definitely benefit from.

  • Markus

    I challenge anyone to find a rapper who had a better list of ladies on their roster. Taraji Henson, Serena Williams AND Kerry Washington? That’s impressive.

    • William Witherz

      Don’t forget Ms. Badu…

      • Markus

        Definitely not.

    • John Q. Public

      Pac had Jada, Madonna, & Rosie Perez… all I can think of to compare

    • Myleage

      Serena is a minus

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