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Hip Hop Rumors: Are Ciara And Future Still Walking Down The Aisle?

Since the birth of their baby, Cici and Future haven’t been spotted out together, and she also hasnt been rockin’ her engagement ring.

A few days back Ciara posted a message via Instagram, hinting that there may be trouble brewing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.05.59 PM

Seems as though the body party may be coming to an end.

27 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Are Ciara And Future Still Walking Down The Aisle?”

  1. i'mreloaded!

    Hey Cici, maybe you wasn’t listening to his other baby mama when she said da nigga ain’t $hit. I’ll marry yo azz though if he gonna make them payments.

    • ZUBU

      I saw Ciara in concert once ok show, don’t really know dude. Only I thing really know about him is that he has a trail of baby mamas…. Did she think she was gonna be special? SMH…….

  2. soyhiphop

    Heres my issue with bitches like ciarra trina monica and cristina milian..their music ain’t relevant if they were dating an ordinary joe they would be irrelevant. .the only way they get on headlines now is if they’re f*cking somebody whos relevant. .almost similar to the kardashian thots

      • Twonpass


      • ILL Will

        Whip the yam flipn and whipn the yam…..lmao yea that boi a joke to me I can never understand what he saying…few of the homes be playn his sht, i cant stand dude music but I guess it’s not just me….lmao

  3. $18916246

    Black woman wake up. There is no such thing as a “GOOD NIGGA” or a “REAL NIGGA”. If you as a black woman directly of in a subconscious latent fashion define black males as “NIGGAZ” including your father, brother, uncle, nephew, black male friends and associates and sadly your own male children and yourself as a niggaz b*tch then as people we are doomed, lost, and preparing our race for extinction. Black man wake up. Black people we need each other. Our kids deserve the best of “parents”, home environment, and academic education. We cannot have our own anything if we as men and woman don’t love and respect one another and continuously refuse to live under the same roof and raise our children as families. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  4. King Cold

    Idk y she thought things was gonna be different when hes already been put on blast for being a deadbeat. So Ciara needs to take that L if she thought she was special.

    • johnblacksad

      B!tches think Future is the cutest guy ever.
      and you know how superficial b!tches can get… Cece couldn’t help it… smh

      • King Cold

        Lol the modern day female sadly. Straight up desperate for the wrong dudes. I callem desperados

  5. Jay

    I don’t know any one that like Future’s music. I also don’t know anything about his personal life. However, if it’s true that he has a bunch a baby mothers and she knew about them, then she reap what she has sown. It boggles my mind how woman (Black woman) fall for guys with a bunch of kids by different woman but think thier situation will be diferent. Smh. But to each is own.

  6. ebonyhud

    Hopefully she wasn’t talking about her own situation, but if she is that caption is right. Heal up and move on

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