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Hip Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Caught Flashing Fake Money

Welp. Once again Soulja Boy makes a fool of himself.

Social media can make or break a person, Soulja Boy learned the hard way via Vine, when he posted a video of himself flashing fake stacks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.48.19 PM



  • Jared

    That doesn’t even look close to real though. I hope he was joking lol

  • yooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu done fucked up Soulja Wack!!!

  • i’mreloaded!

    Well Diamond, how Scrappy lookin to you right now?

  • Mark Lamount Burns

    *GASP…Say it ain’t so!! How could this be?! One of the greatest emcees of our times was flashing fake money? What is this world coming to? How will we live…man, I need to wash my hands! Just typing anything about Souja Garbage makes me feel dirty! Guess I’ll stand outside with a sign that reads “UNCLEAN!”

    • LoverOfHipHop

      I may be wrong but I sense a little sarcasm here

  • Brindle

    he could’ve at least dirty’d them up a lil bit. all these kats now a days is…. I can’t even finish. fools is dumb

  • The Notorious GUNS

    If you look at the first stack you can clearly see the first bill is $100, and underneath is a blank piece of paper.

    While I wasn’t concerned with “how much money Soulja Boy has”, I’m just commenting because I’ve seen this picture tweeted, & reported on enough in 1 day. I did the knowledge to this cat a long while ago to know all this shit is a facade. He had 1 hit 7 years ago. Everything else he’s done is triple wood. But we’re expected to believe & CARE that his life is easy, he lives in a mansion, he got 7 lambos & 5 bentley coupes, draped in jewelry, & don’t forget Superhead on his arm, etc. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO WAKE UP AS A PEOPLE & A CULTURE!!

  • Get ya’ Paper SoulJah Boi!

    Side Note : Lend a brother some of that paper so I can print out this comment!

    • Screwface

      Remember this is the same dude bow wow exposed for having a fake pink slip for his car.

      • Bow Wow broke too!

        Ninjaz claim to have went through millions, but haven’t built us a supermarket.

      • ZUBU

        Exactly, very few dudes give back to the hood once they get paid. Just to name a few who I know give back, not saying I know what everyone does. These brothas invest in he community, give back to the kids, etc.
        MASTER P
        WILL SMITH

      • lol at you th9inking niggas gotta give back to the community. yall gotta better yourselves and not rely on another nigga giving you money.

        Now thats real shit.

      • For you, for Black people, a sense of community is more important in some instances.

      • ZUBU

        Who said I and others are not bettering ourselves, as well giving back to the community? One of the negatives of 1960’s segregation we lost some of our unity as a black community.
        You feel however you choose, sounds self centered…..
        HANK AARON
        JIM BROWN
        All thought it was essential to give back, and many more elite blacks. James Brown employed so many people at the radio stations around the country. It was important for many, now I guess people just say I got mine and keep it moving….

      • Ain’t about money, its about OPPORTUNITY and a lot of people don’t have that

      • Definitely Shaq with the Walmart kicks.

      • EniggaMA

        I mean giving back is great. In all honesty people don’t owe anyone anything

      • ZUBU

        Nobody said anyone owes, but charitable individuals should help the community they come from or the one you currently live and make your money in.
        Example when Chris Paul hit the NBA he bought his High School coach a new truck, CP surprised him with it. CP was appreciate of the man helping him to the NBA; I read C. Webb use to pass out 20 dollar bills to homeless dudes in Sac Town. Of course they didn’t owe its just about uplifting the community. Also helping those who helped you reach your goals/status….
        EDOGZ made a point about putting a super market in the hood, that is not asking for anything that is creating jobs in the hood, and the athlete/rapper/business person will profit. So they are not giving anything to anyone but an opportunity.
        I think some people may not understand that concept, when you create jobs you empower people. When you give a person a fish you feed him for a day, when you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime…..

      • Plus it helps break the coon mentality of betting 10 Mil? on the superbowl.

        Maybe a school that specializes in entertainment law, solar power, agriculture ( Weed growing 🙂 & ‘chet we need to be free.

      • ZUBU

        For certain bro, one or two brothas doing what you describe can uplift a neighborhood, and make some money for him/herself while empowering others.
        And recycle that money amongst ourselves, like you use to do. Because we are huge consumers as a group.

      • Ninjaz get rich…then live off the principal, instead of the interest…like a dumb, rich white kid that’s soon to be poor.

      • ZUBU

        Exactly that is how people with old money keep it, living off the interest/capital gains.
        Mike Jordan’s kids should be good for many, many generations, Magic’s, Dre’s. A few other folks should never have a money concern…

      • Until they make it rain, but we need our own, as a whole.

      • RevrendIke3x

        Ice Cube’s Us. Bought to go listen to Death Certificate right now.

      • “So we can spend our money with the Blacks…too busy buying Gold & Cadillacs. That’s what you’re doing with the money that you’re raising, exploiting us like the caucassion did, for 400yrs, I got 400 peers, that died last year in gang related crime “……Str8 Classic!

      • Thats why I got gang related rhymes…but when I do a show lets kick some facts, US BLACKS, don’t know how to act! Some time I believe the hype man….

        My favorite CD of ALL TIME.

      • Definitely a West Coast GOAT, and East Coast / All around Hip Hop Classic!

        That ‘chet was an INSTANT classic…literally!

        “Say, look at this…I’ve been cleaning out my nest & ” Berm Bump Been Bump … ( << Bird In Hand beat )

      • Twonpass

        DAMMIT MAN, preach

      • JimJames29

        And the guy who got called out for having an audemars that always says its 10:25

      • jdubba

        The Fake Watch dude shits all over SB constantly, its great

    • jdubba

      hilarious, good stuff.

  • Probably some prince from an oil rich country scammed him via email. LOL

  • Killuminati

    Lmao that is hilarious…

  • ZUBU

    First stack looks like there is a 100 on top then a blank sheet, not certain if his stacks are real or if someone else created the pic to play him again.
    Kritter Stacks did post the fake hotel pics on him that she staged.
    Also years ago didn’t the goons run up on him in his boys? He better be safe trying to flash.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    epic lols

  • TruthTalk

    He probably was shooting a video I Hope

    • either way… that shit is wack. (im talking about using fake money, not his entire catalog of music, although thats is wack as well)

  • how does this lil turd even get money anyways? he ant selling no albums… i ant never heard of a soulja boy concert going dopwn anywhere.. and he ant dealing drugz because hed be the biggest mark of all time.. lmfao.. he sucking off famous rich people in LA ahahahahahaha thats how!! now yall kno !!

    • EniggaMA

      Well can’t u see he’s not getting any

      • yeah.. but how does he have money… to get fake money.. u kno he didnt draw all that up himself.. ahahahaha

      • or maybe he did….. maybe soul ja is alone in a hotel drawing some c-notes with some crayola markers…. lmfao….

  • EniggaMA

    Lol that’s too funny

  • RayStantz


  • AlbertoRipRon

    LOL damn man, no stack is that bright white. Why floss if you don’t got it? Dude is going to be 27 and still be a 15 year old boy.

  • GQ

    Those who really got it don’t need to show it like that. Nothing wrong with having a nice car or house, but to constantly flash stacks of cash show insecurity.

    Youuuuuuuuuu got exposed tho.

    Dior, you hang out wit dude right?

    • That ain’t nothing but first generation money problems. MOST people who don’t show it, don’t show it because they’re use to having it. Our generation are just the ones to get the not-use-to-having-it irresponsibleness out of their systems… Hopefully

      • El Dogga

        Right! You gotta get us to having money! The first time I held a stack in all 20’s best believe I was posing with it! lol! I just ain’t put it out there for the world to see though!

  • GQ

    This is a lesson to all y’all out here thinking these rappers really balling like that. I’m in LA and I used to be around a lot of cats y’all see on tv. Ace hood aint the only one wearing fake jewels, Soulja aint the only one flashing fake money, etc.

    These dudes rent cars, whips, clothes, etc. and once that camera goes off, they gotta give the shyt back. Very few entertainers really got it like that, the ones who don’t flash like they got it. I know a rapper personally who use to order most of his “designer” clothes off of ioffer. I wouldn’t try to expose him, live and let live, but don’t get caught up in this smoke screen of balling.


    • ZUBU

      I’ve known quite few NFL players over the years in the city I live in and some not all but where wearing huge pieces of costume jewlery, shades, etc. Some didn’t make that much paper and they figured because of their status everyone would assume it was real… I’ve been in dice games with them dudes and I had more paper then some of them dudes….

    • sakiru oresanwo

      I just looked up ioffer and felt dirty after seeing the prices. S/O to the ppl who aren’t as blessed as me cos lord knows I try to humble myself

  • Them bills whiter than fresh snow……and whitey Bulger put together…

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  • jdubba

    SB might be the brokest rapper pretending he’s rich. He’s a young ignorant dummy who had one hit years ago, which wouldn’t even make him that much money. now, 7 or so years later, he’s still acting like he’s got it like that. not too say he didnt have stacks at one point, but one hit wonder money is short, and he’s been spending it like he’s had hit after hit over the years. We’ll probably see him on an infomercial like Juelz.

    • You must don’t know how much money can be made from one hit. I ain’t in dudes pockets to know what he personally does and doesn’t have, but let me tell you, one hit can set you up financially for life. Lets not forget to mention he was one of youtube’s first to be able to take advantage of their ad monetization feature. He set the bar for how people get paid for having ads on their youtube videos and probably made a couple million off that alone. Lets also not forget he was once close with 50, maybe 50’s business sense rubbed off on him and maybe he has some money invested. Cant tell you but he might not be that “ignorant dummy” you think he is

      • jdubba

        Then whys he flashing fake stacks? There’s a lot of maybes in your post, I think it’s more likely a youngster w/ little supervision and too many friends got rich quick and blew his money on cars and chains. Now the money might not have completely stopped flowing in, but you can’t tell me he’s making the same bread offa YouTube views that he was 6-7 years ago, and if his spending habits haven’t changed, he’s in trouble.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        it was on set for a vid or movie…. i hate Soulja Boy but dam man come on!!!!!!

      • You’re right I cant tell you he’s making the same bread as 6-7 years ago. Made it clear that I’m not in any mans pockets like that but to put it in perspective, if he went from making $10mil in a year to $1m a year he still doing alright.

      • jdubba

        I don’t really care enough to argue about Soulja boy’s ass any more. rich or poor, he’s the mfer who big upped slave masters. I’ma go look at that picture of Nikki’s ass.

    • El Dogga

      The thing people don’t realize about SB is that he made alot of the beats he rapped on so he got paid both ways.

      Last time he flashed real money and was blowing his nose with 100 bills some G’s ran up in his house and robbed him and his boys. I don’t blame him! You shouldn’t have that much cash on deck anyway!

    • He’s a trap star that has money from the dope game.

  • jdubba

    SODMG = Short On Dollars, My G?

    • GQ

      try again

      • jdubba

        Give it a try, Soulja’s boy


    Whitest green I ever seen

  • Fosho3528

    He’s holding a whopping 600 bucks with plain white paper sheets underneath! You’d think by now these ignant rappers would be prepared for the fall off.

  • You all need to stop, he was on set of a movie and between takes he was just using the props(money) and taking pictures with it….He was just joking if you all are going to tell the story, it’s better to get the facts right.

    • GQ

      I knew you would be here soon to defend yo boy lol

      • But the story is not true….They failed to tell the truth and everyone is running with this story like it is the truth.

      • A RAB MONEY

        it is the truth though, he’s flashing fake money…whats not true about it?

      • It’s not true because there was a reason for it, and no one cares to hear why?….Yall so quick to hear negative stuff about people that you all run with the story pass it on and look like fools the next day when a source with better credentials delivers the real story….Had they told the real story then you would have thought about it in a different way….Now it looks like he is printing fake money which could get him arrested.

      • AnTy

        I’m sorry. He put himself in a bad situation. He didn’t advertise it as a joke thats why he took the pics down. Then he comes clean and tries to bring EVERY video in it. “They always have prop money.” Then he tries to use sympathy. ”

        Soulja Boy @souljaboy · 14h

        Y’all keep it real with me tho if you seen 100k in prop money at a photo/videoshoot would u take a picture with it? Lol

      • sakiru oresanwo

        100k in prop money is 0 money lol

      • But you all know for a fact that Soulja Boy made himself into a millionaire at the age of 16, so you all are fools to believe that he doesn’t have 100k of his own…..Y’all love the drama, you all feed into everything.

      • AnTy

        For the record, I never said he was broke. He’s still worth between $20 – $30mil but doesn’t negate the fact that he was fronting with fake money. As much as people feed in to “the drama” fans try to over look the facts. Ya boy SB makes bad decisions and since he’s famous all the negative stuff gets blasted. None of the charity work he does just the negative. Not how much he’s worth, the negative. In this case it’s simple. The title is “Soulja Boy Caught Flashing Fake Money” is that true???? YES. He admits that it was fake. His intentions were left for the reader / fan / hater to interpret.

      • And the intentions were for the reader/ fan/ hater to interpret into one thing, that “Soulja Boy is broke”, because it’s gone viral and that’s what everyone is now saying. It doesn’t effect the sources credibility but hurts the artist….At the end of the day no one took him seriously before, so when he jokes around then you all want to act serious. That’s my point.

      • AnTy

        That’s part of the game. People in the spotlight get the positive and negative double standards. It’s come with the territory. The voice of negativity and a hater is typically louder than supporters. Now Beyonce and Rihanna fans be defending the shit out of them. I give you credit coming to SBs aide but this will pass and he still is paid. Viral or not he’s probably taking this as publicity. His name is out there. People are watching and listening so whatever he does next it’s gonna get noticed. Haters are going to watch the video to find more reasons to tease him about that prop money. He’s getting views is all he cares about.

      • Soulja Boy gets views regardless….But I hear you…And for the record yes “KingSoulja3” is about to drop any day now…

      • chevy_weight_champ

        What movie is he starring in then smart guy 2 be flashing fake ends

  • atle fjeldstad

    Basically everybody flashing paper dollars is flashing fake money.. IJS..

    • DLOUPO

      No they don’t

      • atle fjeldstad

        Yes they are.. Educate yoself fool..

  • King Cold

    Smh guess he has to fake it to make it

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  • The money is fake, but he’s rich in real life. Story over.

    • TimeWillTellu1

      He was Rich until the money stopped coming in like it once did. You can dwindle down millions easily if you spend more than what you have coming in. I’m not saying he’s broke but I’m sure it’s hitting him now that this joog is up bruh.

      • But if the headline told the truth that he was taking pics of prop money from a movie or video shoot, then you would have received it differently…The story is being told to make it seem like he is broke down, living on the streets and printing fake money to say he has it..He could face charges if he was really caught using fake money, that’s against the law.

      • Breeze

        Dead ass right. . . That would be very foolish. And of course he is rich. Nigga collecting all types of royalties for the hits he had.

      • Black Avatars

        Forbes estimated Soulja Boy worth at 18-19million. I wouldn’t call that broke by a long shot.

      • TimeWillTellu1

        Forbes also reported at one time that MC Hammer had 33 million with Hammer having spent much of his money on staff and personal luxuries… Just saying I hope he invested in something because spending more than what you have coming in is not sustainable at all in the Longevity LONG RUN.

      • KareemSayeed

        Hodge twins get me on your stack bruh, whats your usual test + winstral cycle look like?

  • GP

    I would have took that fake money and went in the strip club and let them thirsty buckets give me free lap dances.

  • 313 Intelligence

    There are only a handful of rappers that actually have the money they rap about so you cant knock soulja boy.

  • Mac7504

    Who give’s a muthafawkin rats asss? Let the lil nuka flaws with the fake stacks..hahaha

  • Slaughtr

    I don’t give a fck how much money he has he is a whack ass nigga end of convo.the nigga aint giving none of you niggaz money but you biting his dick of his riches……woman shyt.

  • kvl

    You can’t knock him??? Fake Rolex & Fake money??!! Too much fukk shit

  • ebonyhud

    But why?
    He had a couple of hits and everybody knows it. (terrible songs or not) That’s more than a lot of artists can say they have done. Why taint that by embarrassing yourself every couple of months.

  • black god

    Doesn’t matter what forbes says depending on his investments,taxes, and spending habits he could be broke or he could be worth 100 mill only he and his accountant knows.

  • R.E Dykes

    if you think he is broke ,you really sick

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