Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Man Fakes Death To Not Pay Child Support!

This is a funny one! The world of social media has people permanently idiotic! This dude was asked a simple question and then acted like he was in a press conference.

All they wanted to know was why didn’t he pay the damn money for his kids’ support.

Well that’s simple: HE DIED.

How you here now bruh????


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  • brotha_man

    that child supp is a mother and I only have 1 damn child

  • Twonpass

    Man up and take care of your responsibilities, its not that dam hard..
    So many punk ass wanna be men out in the world faking the funk.
    Man up. cant stress that enough , too many lil boys running around making excuses for not doing what they are supposed to.

    • alliswell

      Really so you agree with a system that says if you give money to your son or daughter personally it’s a gift but giving your money to the child support agency is actually support? You support a system that takes money with out your permission and tell you how much you are going to pay for your child. You support a system that 90 percent men are being driving in the dirt not able to support him self YOU MUST BE A BITCH! and yeah I currently suffer in this system where I could not attend a BURIAL CAUSE IF I MISS ONE DAY IM FUCKED! And yes at times when I’m at work I can’t afford a 99 cent cheese burger but 743 dollars to child support is guaranteed to get their money KILL YOUR SELF BITCH!

      • ducap202

        Excellent point…gifts, are considered when you spending quality time buying something the child may want while on an outing together. If you’re even allowed to see the child. They (C.S.E) say it’s not support but actual support when the man (child support enforcement) could get his percentage. Trust, no one will put such a system in place and not profit off of such a system (slaves make baby and master will capitalize off the situation) . For instance, if they used their brain to install a system more in tuned to assisting family during dispute over child rearing funding and promoted marriage to help build communities while affording the mothers the same penalties, prison, credit reporting, driving privileges suspended, etc. You’ll have your deadbeats which such a system is for…but not guys that’s actually trying to work and amend their split, divorce or poor choice for a mate. Women would be less incline to use a system if they were awarded the child and faced the same guidelines as the men and vice verse. Peopled be more willing to work it out than called on others to intervene, it something to really think about. Point is what is considered a gift from a female or male perspective if the child is in the home primary parent? For argument purposes let’s be fair it’s a shared responsibilities caring for a child. Which requires teamwork from the father and mother no one else unless that’s scrum you’re dealing with.

  • Jared

    What in the actual fu(k!!?? lmao

    • Jared

      I can not believe I just heard that

  • GP


    • ZUBU

      LMAO… funny pic…….



    • Mec-One

      I hate you! LMAO

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Boy our people smh and we wonder why we are stereotyped!

  • He died I a car accident? This dude has just changed the definition of stupidity.

  • Killuminati

    Figures he was black….

    • ZUBU

      It was awful if true, but not nearly as bad as the white boy who killed his son in the hot car for insurance money. While he was inside sex-texting underage girls…..
      Figures he was white, why did your brotha kill his kid.

      • Killuminati

        Not my bro….

      • ZUBU

        Oh, yes its your brotha! I’m grouping all of you whites together, make generalizations about your entire race. You know much like you come on here and do everyday. So like it or not he is representing your entire race. Whats your other brotha going to do go shoot up a school, theatre, church, mall, airport. You know how “you people” are.

      • Lmao fk that fag I already made him change his profile name, i been on his azz eyday…I’m ignoring him from here on out.

  • LMFAO.. leave him alone he dead… serious!!! ahahahahaha

  • he should pof said i cant give any details in the interest of national security.

  • EniggaMA


  • king

    Typical ni$$er $#!+ go through all this just to not support his children only if he used brains for working and not scamming so much he could accomplish.

  • T-Mac

    The mom’s probably a power thot

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    • Hell yea they can by selling azz on the net….

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      b ullshit scam

  • Executive


  • Child support system is seriously flawed anyway…not making excuses for dude but some of these broads need to get up off they azz too. Sitting home collecting a check.

  • terrible2s

    in other words he dead serious bout not upping tht chsup

  • Sadat

    He just might be the smartest dummy I know. This nigga said “No further questions” like he’s his own lawyer. lol

  • Mec-One

    We just watched his soul give a interview! GOAT!

  • hoeyuno

    Tim dog tim dog did the same shyt…