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Busta Rhymes Explains Why He Parted Ways With Cash Money Records (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Many Hip Hop fans were surprised when New York rap legend Busta Rhymes announced he had joined the roster at Cash Money Records. And now, after several years, the partnership between Busta and YMCMB has come to an end.

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Busta recently appeared on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning and revealed that he is no longer with the label. Creative differences were the main reason his upcoming E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2) will not be released on Baby and Slim’s imprint.

For me, with this particular project and all of the sacrifice that went into it – recording the album for five years. I ain’t put out an album since ’09, so I’ve been working on this album for a long time. I lose Chris Lighty making this album. I lose my father making this album. The s**t I was putting into this album, I’m not compromising my vision for it.

So if I feel like, in the slightest way, we ain’t facilitating everything necessary for the vision to be seen through and executed in the way that I’ve been envisioning this s**t for the last five years, let me live and die in my own inequity. That’s really all it came down to.

The Conglomerate general also explains the split was not viewed with any negativity by either party, and he is willing to do business with Cash Money in the future.

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Watch Busta Rhymes’ interview below.

  • cincytown

    Smart move I feel what this dude is saying I wonder if this is why a lot of the vets that sign their career away to YMCMB or CM this is what happens bow wow bizzy bone mystikal fred durst etc jae millz completely underground busta is a artist been in the game since the end of the 80s I wouldnt compromise my work to sound like everyone else on the label

    • El Dogga

      Bizzy Bone is on YM/CM???? LOL!

      Free my man mystikal! He signed and vanished off the earth after that “That’s That BS” video which was……..WEAK!


        Yeah been waiting on mystikal for awhile. CM holding brothers hostage.

      • cincytown

        Exactly he is one of my favorites he has his own lane with style they holding a lot of people hostage

      • El Dogga

        They have held him hostage to the point if he drops now he’s going to go double wood! I hate CM for that! Soon as he signed there I was like why??

        It’s funny cuz on this site a few years back when he signed they had some day in the life of birdman or some garbage about him and he walked in the studio and Mystikal was recording. He listened to it, made a face and left! I knew than it was a wrap!

      • Myleage

        lmao Mystikal did kill that T.I. song tho but idk what happened to him. is he in jail? i bet you they gonna get lil Boosie next

      • El Dogga

        “Here I go” he did kill that joint….I forgot all about that. Young Dro went HAM I may download that tonight.

        you are right I think he did get locked up for probation violation for his BM but I think he’s out….


        I think the street would still f*ck wit him, now for as for mass appeal, u probably right. But u got to let him be Mystikal, and don’t try to change him.

      • El Dogga

        Your right! Best believe I would be first in to cop the new album……now will he have another “shake it fast” run? Probably not….


        Yeah, He’ll never top that, but if Pharrell would hook up with him (probably to big for that now) I think he could pull it off.

      • El Dogga

        IDK…..Pharrell is pretty cool. He usually works with the same folks…..but I don’t him and the Neptunes would do another SWV album though! LOL


        I could be wrong, but I think Chad was behind a lotta those funky beats, they did as the Neptune. His solo beats seems Soft to me (JMO). Him and Mystikal click so good together, just seem he would have reach out to him. Don’t wanna say he sold his soul, Buttttttttttt! LOL!

      • El Dogga

        Chad had to be doing something because on those NERD albums all he ever says is “yeahhhh!!! come on!!! whoa!!!”



        Yeah, he’s not much on words, LOL!

      • Guest

        If you don’t have a buzz like Wayne, Drake, Nicki or Tyga then you’re just another tax-write off to them lol


        Seems that way don’t it?

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Good for Busta to keep his integrity, Cash Money and Busta sounds like a bad mix anyways, look at Mack 10 and Cash Money for instance, the Bang Or Ball album wasn’t much of a Mack 10 album it was more Cash Money featuring Mack 10

    • SBRon

      Mack 10…fuxx that?!? Oh, you mean that garbage ass rapper from the Westside?

      • Dan_Tebasco

        Mack might not be competing for the goat-title but he got some classics, solo and with Westside Connect Gang

      • Mack 10 used to be str8 in my opinion….4 life bailing thru the hood wit stripes…but u wouldn’t know nutn bout that

  • Busta been in the game for too long to not realize that signing to YMCMB was a bad choice…..At the end of the day most of these old rappers look like fools running from one label to the next, while the question still stands, why aren’t you running things on your own?

  • The Legendary Troll

    AKA they wanted to make too much money off of it

  • bigdoe6

    I never understood why he joined in the first place. He had Flipmode. Rah Digga, Sham, Boyscout, Spliff. He had a nice crew. All he had to really do was keep his show on the road so people can stay in touch with his artists. When he signed with Cash Money it kinda seemed like a selfish thing to me. I’m a huge Busta fan but i always looked at it as stupid move. Just the mix of FlipmodexCash Money….. Nahhhh it doesn’t sound right. I wish him the best though.

    • Cash Money = Hot Dumpster Juice

    • The Aftermath move was already not that smart.
      There was no need to sign with Dre> He didn’t
      need a cosign like he was new to the game.

      I’m a big Busta fan, but I somehow believe his
      confidence is just an acting job.He is not a very
      strong individual who is in charge of his business.

      • Myleage

        i concur. he is a great MC but he is probably bad at capitalizing when he is hot. when he did that “Look at me now” verse he was buzzing but didnt do anything major after it. he was even on Carter 4 but still didnt put out anything. its all politics and in the music business you gotta do the music AND the business.

    • chippc

      Rah Digga been dipped on Flipmode, Sham too i believe. Lord Have Mercy been gone. Ramage is Bustas kinfolk and he dipped before any of them. Flipmode is now The Conglomerate. The only artist I know of is Reek the Villian and I kid you not, he just dipped too.

  • Joseph Thomas

    needs to be on an aftermath type label…..even though we know it probably wont….which means, this album wont be out for a while….he’s gotta shop labels….then sign with them……put the touches on the album…probably add new tracks….sad….i was looking forward to this dropping soon

    • he was on Aftermath before…nothing popped so he had to leave.

      • Joseph Thomas

        hence the reason i said, “even though we know it probably wont”….
        my point was it needs to be dropped on one of the biggest labels so they can hype it….have a good budget to back it…sadly, cash money/dumb money is considered the best label right now…so if he left them, who’s next…..aftermath……..i wouldnt be sure about def jam anymore with their recent signings….don’t trust puff…..mmg shouldnt even be thought of…not sure if he’ll consider Roc Nation

      • Guest

        Or maybe G.O.O.D. music with Kanye

    • Celz

      Its over.. He needs to be independent. He is not a major artist anymore. He needs to go see what E 40 and Too Short been on.. Busta needs to be in they lane..



    • NJNATL

      u wack with that lame profile name u must be sum hating country ass negro smh. buss will eat any down south nigga alive

      • Da_Boss

        no it not a typo. he is just a kid who is not willing to listen to the foundation of the game. he just wanna hear current music.

      • Celz

        Busta Buss is a legend but 3 Stacks will murder him..



      • NJNATL

        y u mad thou ny dude take your girl beat you up. hell I dnt need buss ill eat most of these non rapping ass dudes down here.. I know u a cornball ass dude just for gonig threw trouble of putting that name in your profile yall knowy all south dudes stay hating



      • NJNATL

        nope I cant that’s my point and neither can these niggas down here. I know u all tend nt to be the sharpest knife in the draw down here but im sure u get/understand what im typing



      • NJNATL

        French wack too but agin he better then 75% of these lames down here grown ass men callin themselves woka flocka smh

      • Louis Tbyrd Ayrow

        His style wouldn’t have matched the cash money sound just like mack 10 tried bussa is a legend he should have signed to the roc Ithink jigga could’ve resurrected his career again

      • NJNATL

        i think buss and jigga has some type of issues u see niggas never get on songs together

    • tr3sdaddy

      This dude said Busta wack? I’m gonna assume that’s a typo

  • IceBergSlim

    Nothing wack about Buster this cat has longevity has been the game since the early 90’s ..Leaders of the new school ..Playas

  • hoeyuno

    Man fucc cash money!! lux throwing the busta diss was talked about. Theres your headline!!

  • Markus

    I believe Busta’s catalog makes him more valuable than almost any other artist on that label. However something doesn’t sound right in taking 5 years to make an album. I would think for a younger audience especially since most of them only know current music you would want to get out there just to at least be heard and seen. Something tells me that his label probably didn’t value him as much as their other artists and didn’t believe his album would be successful in this era.

  • GP

    busta wack.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s wack, but he’s definitely not the same bust he used to be…Now all his verses are identical like Paul Wall shit was

    • scarlit

      He washed up wack n fat

  • He should’ve never been signed to Cash Money anyway, he doesn’t fit in

    • Myleage

      he wasnt doing anything with Flipmode Squad when he was CEO. idk why he would leave Cash Money. He can make more money opening up for Drake and Wayne than performing by himself. But i guess pride is everything to a legendary MC.

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  • I miss the old bussa bus, abandon ship was my joint.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Hahaha you got had! Ny nigga fell for the cash money dead zone

  • IROC

    Busta style would never work with that Nawlins sound to be honest Busta need Swizzy Beat or Dame Grease Beat

  • elliot rodger

    I knew that shit wasn’t gonna last.

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