Lil Wayne Signs Cristiano Ronaldo To His Sports Management Company

(AllHipHop News) Weezy F. The F stands for “fútbol.  According to reports, Lil Wayne has not only started a sports management company but he has signed Real Madrid’s soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

TMZ  revealed earlier today that Ronaldo will be the first client in Lil Wayne’s sports management company, which will work in partnership with sports agency PolarisSports. PolarisSports is affiliated with sports agency CAA Sports through its 2008 partnership with Gestifute. PolarisSports handles the image rights of their clients and Wayne’s sports management company will reportedly handle Ronaldo’s endorsements, marketing, branding and more. CAA has also handled the contract negotiations for Jay Z’s Roc Nation since its April 2013 beginning.

No word on if Lil Wayne’s sports management company will be in connection to the Visionaire Sports Group he and Birdman applied for a trademark for back in December 2013. According to Forbes, Ronaldo accumulated $77 million last year with $22 million deriving from endorsements, making him the highest paid soccer player of 2013.

While Ronaldo did not confirm his singing, he did release a picture of him, the Prime Minister of Japan and other Japanese politicians throwing up the YMCB hand sign:

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  • Sean Power

    bad move by Ronaldo

    • Whodi

      Stop hating nigga, I’m sure Ronaldo did his research and talk it over with his folk, ya niggas never wanna see the next nigga making moves.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        Don’t know if its hate or people really believe the myth that cash money don’t pay their artist like they should. If that is the case why would they treat their athletes any different. This would be one reason why colored folks wouldn’t want to see another achieve when making moves.

      • JeanOAndrews

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    • Celz

      No such things as bad moves at that level. Only oppurtunity, setbacks, and risk. He obviously has something huge to gain from this. He isn’t exactly Shade Moss.. I mean Lil Bow Wow…

  • AlbertoRipRon

    What? Ronaldo must be a fan. Obviously he doesn’t know how CM/YM handle their affairs.

  • But if Slim is running the show, Ronaldo will be fine.

    • Whodi

      Some nigga just gonna hate no matter what. Cashmoney making moves

  • Immortal

    Next year he’ll be makin $5.00 and the rest will go into baby’s pockets. This isn’t a power move by him.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Dude wants to be Jay-Z so bad

    • Whodi

      Don’t act like jayz was the first rapper to do that
      Master p ring a bell

      • TheAfroRican

        Master P was the ultimate hustler.

  • Judah Nazayar

    u know japans prime ministerabe is a gotdamn retard dont u??
    japan used to not be acceptable of wack ass niggas.
    Then i saw a TYGA here..and a bunch of ppl standing outside waiting for his autograph… japan straight failing

    • GQ

      Bruh, you need a blunt. You been on a crazy rampage. It’s not that serious, get summ ass and a blunt of OG and relax.

  • Dope

    Not really sure how or why would Ronaldo change his current situation as it obviously worked great so far in his career. But then again, I never really gave a crap who handles these players’ business, only where and how good they play.

    Definitely a good move by YMCM as much as I hate the music that come from them, this is a great marketing move if nothing else.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    W.T.F??? That is random… I guess the only reason is to build his profile in America…

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Ronaldo is the Lebron James of soccer. Huge move

    • Sean Power

      it clear you don’t watch soccer,

      • Jonathan Bacher

        it clear you don’t know he top 3 the world

      • Sean Power

        to be the lebron he would have be the best in world and of his generation and his not, his biggest choker of his generation but not the best player

    • Joe L. Garcia

      its clear that Weezy singned about 75 Japs along with Ronaldo

    • lil wayne is the jay-z of skateboarding..

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  • I guess this is the new Hip Hop Mogul Hustle? Good for him.