French Montana: All Lyrical Rappers I Know Are Broke (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few years, French Montana has been one of the few New York City based rappers to break out nationally with hit songs. Montana’s use of “non-NYC” sounds for his music has been a point of criticism for some Hip Hop fans, but The Bronx representative recently defended his brand of rap while speaking with Angie Martinez.

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“I was one of the last people to come out and go big out of New York. Everybody’s like, ‘Is it real Hip Hop?… this, this, and that.’ I feel like the hottest new kid that just came out – [Bobby] Shmurda – he sounds like he’s from down south. That’s because we’re doing different things,” said French. “All lyrical rappers I know are broke… the ones that make it an issue. Jay can hop on either/or. Just like I can do either/or. I just feel like you gotta make people enjoy the music.”

The Bad Boy signee goes on to point out that not many New York emcees get play in the South or on the West Coast. He also states Shumurda’s YouTube smash “Hot N***a” was originally a Lloyd Banks track, but it took the young Brooklyn rapper adding a southern flow and dance for it to pop.

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Watch French Montana’s interview below.

  • Executive

    Typical lame ass comeback, fuckin deadbeat.

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Is he really hot though b? I’m sure he’s making money, BUT didn’t he sell half a copy of his album?

  • Jonathan Bacher

    frenchie youre a fraud

    • God Body

      Every time I see this dude, it like he invokes the feeling of fraud fraud fraud. Like you can see he himself doesn’t believe he’s been given the time of day by any media outlet. He’s playing a character and waiting for the gravy train to stop so he can get off. The people who he makes money from probably don’t even know who he is either. LOL.

      They just show up at tours and wonder to themselves who this support act when comes out with a llama foot on his head and they (clueless EDM fans) think yeah, he looks like he’s ’bout that life. step off to the bar during his set and come back when he’s just finishing up still not clued up as to what his new song is about or who he actually is.

      They’ll give him a pity cheer just to ensue his inevitable disappearance from the stage ready for the main act. And French gets paid and moves onto the next fraud appearance. He knows all this. He’s just waiting for someone to start booing, then he’ll know the booking agent won’t be calling again. I don’t know anyone who knows any of his songs. Not one person.

  • bigdoe6

    2pac was broke while he was on Death Row. Then again 2pac was one of the beast to ever do it. French Montana will be a milk carton soon. Bobby Shmurda did three things: He stole another region swag and style. He rhyming on a beat already used by another artist. Lastly he’s doing the same dance Freeky Zeeky was doing in 2005. There’s nothing original about him. Yea he’s trending but what’s original about him as a artist????? French sounds stupid right now.

    • soyhiphop

      Word french is stupid..and boby skirtoff what ever is his name stole lloydbanks jack pot beat..In which lloyd banks made a dope lyrical song

  • Starr soprano

    This nigga acting like he got bread from rappingnlol….nigga Moroccan. And come from family with money….he was making bread with akon years ago from shut OUTSIDE this country so y he actin like he sold millions of records from his wack ass flow….ny don’t support ny that it and all….sou th and west established artists help up and comers that’s y the south and west thrive….ny dudes make it and say fuxk ny….

  • Dointer

    Broke? Holding that as a factor against a person shows how shallow this dude really is…. I like lyrical rappers because they are intelligent, thought provoking and creative, how much money they have is not a thought that enters my head ever.

    When you listen to Nas,Jada or Hova rip a beat to pieces do you EVER think “this guy has money” ?..Probably not…. So now he is saying, If a rapper is wack, you should think ” Its ok he is wack……. he has money” ………

    Being rich with knowledge, creativity, and your own thoughts and dreams is FAR more beneficial as a human than compared to how much money you have in your pocket….SMH…..

    • John Doe

      He never held being broke against any of the lyrical rappers. He merely stated a fact, lyrical rappers are broke.

      • Dointer

        ? Are you for real? He put it directly against them. And even more contradictory to his statement is that a large majority of lyrical rappers are not in fact “broke” . Its just a personal defence he put up to make himself not feel like a kindergarten rhymer.

  • soyhiphop

    Dudes a lame and a shame to the bronx hes from my neighborhood mott haven too which makes me cringe..lyrical rappers go down in history as the greats all those party rappers are forgotten even todays most successful comercial candy rappers use lyricism weather is drake weezy or kanye or notable lyricist like kendrick lamar. Nobody will get touched by a french montana song or deeply relate to it..hes a party rapper those who have litle to no longevity and bobby smur off is another talentless artist I prefer lloyd banks jackpot which is the original song…hiphop shouldnt be all about lyricism but when you from the mecca of this shit and you think is alright to copy the south? You headed to what drill rap rap did to the chicago rap scene..whent from lyrical to special ed nursery rhymes

  • Saiyan Prince

    That Sour has soured his mind.

  • Executive

    I ain’t never see a brinx truck follow a hurse.

  • Executive

    Lyrical rap vs the flavor of the month ass rappers.

  • ChiVa02

    Typical answer from a guy with no bars whatsoever..

  • Eminem is broke huh French?

  • Wtfcity

    Where does this clown get money from. Nobody buys his records. Nobody is checking for this lame. Selling double wood on Badboy is the kiss of death. Puff got this clown on the back burner for real. one and done lame!!!

    • I_AM_Houston

      He owned the whole cocaine dvd series…and he stay on tour, if you on a hip hop site i know you stay seeing him in features and on tour doing shows with other rappers

  • Brindle

    This the most ignorant answer I’ve heard… Can’t wait for his career to be over and him eat his words…

  • jd

    Its truth in what he’s saying. Sadly.

    • Brindle

      Jay Z, Nas, Kendrick, etc… he’s wrong… don’t let them dumb you down… Sadly

      • jd

        No there is truth in it. All of it is clearly not true, but there are several lyrical cats that are struggling financially. Thats true.

  • Chris

    I remember when this dude was Max B’s weed plate holder. Now, that guy had talent.

  • Rico

    This dude is just another tool of the industry, used to dumb down the culture. Its like slap in the face that’s he’s from the birthplace of the Hip Hop. This is the typical argument when a rapper gets criticized for being wack. Then they wanna start talking about their money. The industry didnt want anymore lyrical artist possibly educating minorities on their history and culture. Therefore they started propping up lesser talented artist and pushing them to success. Its all a plan…..

    When you add this to lesser educated listeners from poor communities, who’ve never had anything, you get the current generation of hip hop fans. Also mixed in with people who are simply casual fans of the music and dont truly care for the culture. Unfortunately, too many of our people cant spot the ohkeedoke. Sad.

  • tra mo

    So fabolous the game ace hood meek mill Nicki Minaj Drake ti outkast is broke hmmmm I never new that

    • I_AM_Houston

      he meant the ones thats complaining are broke

  • Tyfromthechi

    So jay nas fabolous juelz santana lloyd banks 50 cent the roots wale j cole Kendrick lamar emeniem kanye west Twista drake common andre 3000 are broke

    Excuse me but where did french Montana get money from

    • Eny Daboss

      yup they broke

      • Hamze Ahmed

        Did you just call eminem Drake and Kendrick broke???? They ten times more richer than that slob

    • 5% Hov


  • MadRespect06

    So basically you don’t have to be talented now a-days right?? This is the state of hip hop for the youngins. Say reckless shit and make a jingle. smh…I vibe with some of this shit cuz im apart of the culture but c’mon son!!! TI got bars; Nas; Emineem; Jayz; J-Cole; I can go on….he aint even got a album.

    • I_AM_Houston

      talent….no…young thug is getting rich. it takes a nice beat and catchy hooks now and thats all.

  • Slaughtr

    Such a Suka ass dude, he is the reason why hip hop has supplied trash rappers as himself. to come from the Bronx you fcked up royally.

  • His potnas on them coke boys mixtapes better than him….French can’t be serious he shouldn’t even be allowed to say the word lyric….wit that haaaaa sht he be saying…wide 4head azz nagga

    • I_AM_Houston

      That newest Chinx mixtape has a southern feel but hes more lyrical. I can rock with that

      • That’s who I was talking bout but u can take any one of them dudes over french lyrics wise

  • Markus

    On a New York City radio station, a New York City native tells the audience that skills and sounding like your natural self isn’t good enough for music. This should be a problem but the fans are responsible for turning on their own music and creating an atmosphere where a dude like this can basically say he changed because being from New York and being skilled lyrically isn’t enough while having a Kardashian by his side. That comment makes him sound like a culture vulture.

    • Mass Alonge

      Well said. I’m not even gonna bother watch the whole interview but I bet Angie Martinez doesn’t grill him over such backward statements even though she’s a NY native. The whole of NY hip-hop has to take a hard look at itself. I’m all for rap artists using different styles from all corners of the world to create great music, but to basically disrespect the most essential element of being an MC is not on.

      • Markus

        Yeah I didn’t expect Angie to go in on him for that either. She’s not confrontational like that. What’s more interesting is if like you said hip hop fans in New York look at where they are at this point. And more importantly if they’re cool with French Montana basically admitting that he’s not a real MC.

    • Immortal

      It’s not just his fault. Those above him make him what he is. I’m going to partly blame Puff and his label. He knew the mess he personally was putting out wasn’t going to see any real money, so he hit the bandwagon down south probably on the same train as Busta. Khaled is proof of that. If Puff really was into the “historical” aspect of hip hop then he could’ve kept him as a NY rapper not MC. And if Puff (Bad Boy) didn’t want to see just $$$$, then he would be lyrical (I doubt it) and make less change. I’m not going to hate on the south in this case because they’re experiencing a northern “migration” down there with Legends, wacks, crabs, and wanna be’s. And why should they complain? They’re making money….AT HOME. What I would like to see is when rap moves back up north to NYC where are all these ex-pats going to be then? Alienated by those from their “home base”, not wanted anymore by those they left down south. And ANY rapper having a Kardashian by their side is akin to going to the club getting drunk and getting the fat chick. In this case yes they might look good, but isn’t going to score you any more points with the fellas in the know.

      • Markus

        Totally in agreement with everything you said. I just feel that it’s messed up that a native New York dude would beat on his own town while they’re not the trendsetters at this moment. And even more foul is the fans out there supporting a dude who basically chose to follow instead of lead.

    • 5% Hov

      I gotta disagree.

      Plenty of epic artists sound like they from another place or state – but that’s what made them original…. not saying French is original – but sound like u from somewhere else is not neo-classically bad thing.

      What’s a bad thing is cats like Sean Price and Action Bronson don’t get play outside NY….

      • Markus

        He basically made a decision to adopt a popular style and cash in on it. Then bashes MC’s who don’t compromise their skills to make a profit. That’s not a dude I would consider supporting.

  • never heard so much bullshit in my life…least he 100 about doing anything for a check tho

  • God Body

    So he basically admitted to not really being into hip hop. Being lyrical stops your money. It’s just money? So we can happily continue to ignore his boring ass and leave him to the gay/edm/teeniebopper community. That’s his target audience after-all. Anyone with brains or music integrity need not listen, he thinks you’re not worth the effort, whereas music saying nothing about nothing to vacuous and shallow people is worth putting an effort into. Probably didn’t have anything else in him anyways so good luck to him, no seriously.

    • I_AM_Houston

      Labels aint trying to put out the new nas who cant sell records cause this generation is all about the “turn up”. Thats just what it is now bro. Youll never go to any bar in the country and hear a super lyrical song playing, and youll rarely ride past anyones car and hear it either. The goal is to make money. It cost a arm and a leg to get radio quality music and promotion and that wont happen unless the money is rolling in. If I was in the industy Id make my music thats going to catch but Id also want to drop mixtapes now and then that was purely lyrical. It would be a series to showcase that I can really rap. I think artists should do that.

      • God Body

        I disagree. The era of selling actual good music is past. Due to technology anypbevwirh talent can make decent record in their bedroom. I can listen to new good music all day without ever turnintg on the radio. Those of us who rely on radio to tell us what is hot are not really music fans or even hiphop. These people are bandwagon jumping fools who will follow anyone promoted as a celebrity. That’s what french Montana represents. Culture and positivity means nothing to these people if they can obtain it for free. They’d rather pay to hear bullsheeeeeet.



    • 5% Hov

      U reaching a little. He was disgushing between concouis rap and pop music rap.
      Plus French been grinding in hiphop for 20 plus years. I can’t knock his hustle. I was raised off them Smack DVD’s/

  • hoeyuno

    If khloe k didnt have a mean ass bank account nobody would be bragging about that. ..shes average on her best days.

    • Dubz

      A lot of them are.

  • MIC


  • majesticking

    I guess Em and Jay are broke huh, even Ross is type lyrical hell Meek and Wale decent to. He just knows his wack ass is a gimmick.

    • 5% Hov

      To be fair to French he mean “lyrical conciousness” type lyrically.
      A talib or a mos

  • terrible2s

    Maybe its time to test ya pen then but on another note french makin moves

  • oliguti

    lol, funny guy

  • oliguti

    Mase was on that same bullshit, but then he gets tight when ppl don’t remember him with the ELITES!!!!!

    • Ryan Cole

      Mase was lyrical, though. Just had the flow of someone recovering from a brain aneurysm.

      • oliguti

        YES, he was once part of children of the corn, but at the end of the day, the shit he was known for his his shinny suits, not having hip hop quotables. The only song I though he was cool in was is dmx niggas done started something.

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  • KC The American Pimp

    This nigga French definitely ain’t got the answers!!

  • Eric Stewart

    This nigga so wack. What the hell being broke have to do with you having zero lyrical skills. We gotta remember dude is a rapper, not an MC, and he does not do hip hop. Only people thats feeling this dude are people who wouldnt know a real song or lyrics if if slapped them in the face. I remember New York dudes used to call us country and slow, now half of them wanna bite the same style that they laughed at

  • Ryan Cole

    Money is such a sucka excuse. If you do this for the money, you’re in the wrong profession. His reasoning is the cop-out for all garbage ass rappers who can’t put together a decent rhyme.

    • Word, because he definitely can’t “do it” either/Or as he claim.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    I mean….hey. If he has no problem sacrificing his musical integrity for some money then so be it. Who really needs talent and authenticity anymore…

  • Ike’s Mood

    this fukin guy…1st off, french was the little arab maufuka in the hood, whose family had the store on the corner that everybody ran they singles of to, bought .5 bags & dorms from…he got cool wit the same niggas that was runnin the shit through they store! most of the niggas from his area are locked up or dead so they can’t expose his ass & thats where he is at today

  • ladynamor

    In other words You can’t get rich with a conscience in todays environment. You have to sell out your people or hurt someone to get money. What Frenchie should be wondering is, why is that?

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  • Judah Nazayar


    • 5% Hov

      Morrocco is not in the UAE
      and French calls himself African all the time.

  • Dante Rapper

    french can’t do either/or…

  • Who are the two dudes in the video? And why is one dressed in drag?

  • 5% Hov

    I hate these fake ass Muslims. If you gona claim a religion at least adhere to its fundamental principles…

    Smoking herb ehhh. debatable.
    But alcohol is Haram (forbidden) Under Islam bruh.

    French doing Ramadan but drinking alchol for the other 11 months in year is a one way ticket to Muslim hell…. (if it existed)

  • Celz

    I don’t rock wit French he’s a lame nicca to me.. But I did hear him on that Curren$y and Smoke Dza track and he low key spit.. He’s still a cancer tho.. Hope all these lame niccas careers end

  • conniemhooper

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