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Jay Z's Barber Explains How He Would Have "Preserved" Lebron James' Hairline (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lebron James has advanced sports further than any athlete in the last 15 years, but his hairline has went in the opposite direction. In an interview with VFiles, Jay Z’s personal barber explains how he would have preserved Lebron James’ receding hairline.

Celebrity barber Johnny Cakes has cut the hair of a number of high-profile Hip Hop artists such as Joe Budden, Fabolous and most notably, Jay Z. While Cakes admits to not having the chance to cut Lebron James’ hair, he does explain that his assistance early on would have helped James preserve his hairline:

Lebron at this point, he might be a little too far gone. But, if I was cutting it earlier I wouldve been preserving his hair. Fading around what he got going on now. Where I feel they’re not doing that now. That’s my thing, I’m like anti-pushing hair lines back.

James has not shied away from addressing his hairline. In a 2012 interview with NBA on TNT James stated he would not cut off all of his hair due to his receding hairline as former NBA players Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith suggested.

Check out Johnny Cakez discuss working with Jay Z, Dame Dash and more as their personal barber below:

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  • Executive

    Nothing worse than sitting in a barber chair for 20 minutes only to look in the mirror after and your shits fucked up.

    • 5% Hov

      I wouldn’t know.
      My cuts take 32-37 mins and I always be looking fresh

  • terrible2s

    And he wouldve went down as the greatest barber

  • The barber hairline aint that much better than Lebrons tho

    • chevy_weight_champ

      Homeboy u hating cuzz shit is not fading bacc, my shit is like that and mine grow strong so u must’ve lost yo shit completely!

      • Ya panties in a bunch, over an internet comment because you and another man have similar hairlines. You a simple ass negro

  • Twonpass

    Dammit Lebron , cut that shit man…..you holding on to ghost titties….lol
    Jordan had to come to the same conclusion….your hairline is fucked up, let it go..
    Your still gonna be Lebron James…….

    my 3 cents…

  • Twonpass

    hahahaha side note, he look like Curren$y in that flick…..lol

  • cee773

    all that money nigga can buy A hairline with that bosley shit bitches buyin asses and tits lebron buy you some hair my nigga

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  • Markus

    News day must be slow if receding hairlines of the stars is the topic.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah – important topic

  • brotha_man

    dope hairline = side pieces fall from the skys into your lap

  • brotha_man

    shout to my barber boney black for keeping a brother dapper

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  • 5% Hov

    SHout out to my day 1 barber Gold Teeth.

  • shoon1

    Hit that line wit a razor have yo shape up feeling fresh

  • Dope

    Yea.. his hairline is the most important aspect of his whole career. As it recedes we will see his career fall off as well and everyone will realize he should have done something about that hair… to hell with that superficial bull..
    Dude’s one of the greatest athletes in the world, earning so much he needs to print extra big checks as he can’t put all them numbers on a regular check, and he’s supposed to be phased by this? He can just laugh it off, like he did all those who hated on him for moving to Miami to get them trophies.

  • Guest

    Lebron shud get laser hair removal for his beard instead of shaving because laser is not a razor, and a razor is bad of our skin and laser is excellent for it, I been getting laser hair removal for my face bout the last few years and love the results compared to razors

    • GQ

      Tell us more BitchCraig.

      • That Ninja Butchcraig / Truth Teller = gay as Fugg!

  • Jon

    i dont take the hairline back, its good to take it off when u got short hair, but when it grows, look better wit the frontline

    • Guest

      yes, shouldn’t cut into recedin’ hair, just shave the top length, but don’t bother the line

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  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    It’s not that serious. Ain’t no beitch gonna see Lebron and not f with him because his hairline a lil pushed back.

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  • hoeyuno

    This is why jadakiss been rockin hair lately to prove to the haters that he still has a full head….

  • hoeyuno

    Flo Rida!!!!