Cristiano Ronaldo Says Reports He Changing Management Are False

(AllHipHop News) It appears all the talk about Cristiano Ronaldo signing with Lil Wayne’s forthcoming sports management firm may have been just that – talk. The soccer star took to Twitter to set the record straight that he was not changing his management.

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TMZ was the first media site to report Ronaldo’s American management would be handled by Wayne’s company. The site is still reporting Weezy’s Young Money will be in business with the Real Madrid forward. A recent post on TMZ Sports reads:

Ronaldo tweeted that there will be NO changes to his current management team — which we’re told is partially true … no one is getting fired. He’s just adding Young Money to handle branding, marketing and other sports management issues in the United States.

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  • Dope

    Is it possible? Could it really be that TMZ made shit up? Could it be that Ronaldo knows better about his management than the trash media?

    I’m not buying it. I’ll stick with the original truth.. these tweets are all lies by Ronaldo who wants to hide his plans for a new world order with young money as the Council and him as the King.

    • chicagostyl

      we’ll all take this as sarcasm on your part

  • ShaStud

    Yeah they still working on something… Deals aren’t final yet.. Hey I hope he do sign to them, doesn’t hurt me no matter the moves they make…Get money..

  • ZUBU

    Ronaldo……. no……

    • 5% Hov

      Who is advising this guy?
      Jay mus be pissed CAA is bringing in Wayne to handle this soccer deal… I cant see Roc Sports not wanting Ronaldo….

      What experience does Wayne have with business let alone sports?

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