AllHipHop Exclusive: Cormega Talks Growth and Empowerment

A resounding proponent of the Hip-Hop culture, Cormega, continues the journey that he started in Queens, NY. Chronicling everything from his pains to his pleasures, he transforms mere sentences into sincere sixteens.

Having created  a lauded discography from The Realness to the recent release of Mega Philosophy, Mega’s voice  still possesses a classic pitch.

In a recent interview,, posed the questions:

With maturation comes an expanded perspective. As an MC, who is Cormega in 2014?

In an industry known to snatch and deplete souls, how are you using your voice as an MC to empower and uplift?

Cormega’s reply:


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  • ShaStud

    Good Brother!!!


    kids should love him! (i mean this generation) hes not pac, jay,big or even nas or az…cormega is the ultimate under dog! no Illuminati, no puppet for the jews ,not a sell out, or rich and famous, and don’t have any famous white friends either (i don’t think) or have a famous wife and he from NY and don’t jock the south sound, he not on social media alot,or in beefs, smh and or whatever else young niggas can think of, to hate a nigga, but its not him! cormega aint none of that!

    • Burny Blaze

      I agree. If he had any famous white friends he wouldn’t be as much of a hero to me either.


        right! Lol

      • DeniseRTuttle

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  • Real dude right there

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    I met mega when his THE REALNESS LP came out. Down to earth brother. Always be My fav MC

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  • KC The American Pimp

    Shout out to Mega. I got put on to him in the late 90’s when he was doing songs with The Jacka and Mob Figaz.

  • meanygreene

    mega fresh x

  • irmaagregg

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