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ESPN Suspends Stephen A Smith For A Week Over Domestic Violence Comments

(AllHipHop News) ESPN does not tolerate cornball brother accusations or domestic violence sympathizing on their network.

In a statement released on ESPN’s Front Row website, host Stephen A. Smith was suspended from ESPN after his comments about Ray Rice’s physical altercation with his wife on ESPN First Take last Friday (July 25th) The statement explains the duration of his suspension:

ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week. He will return to ESPN next Wednesday.

AllHipHop will update the story as more details emerge.

  • good enough for this crybaby/sellout ass nigga

    • regalpimp

      What makes him a sellout though???

  • Reporters/panel debators/and all alike are accountable for their words, as for him we all know he likes to rant wildly. Now his feet have been put to the flames…

    • BR

      This has nothing to do with a rant. He said women should be accountable for their actions if you put yourself in that situation. Stephen A. Smith got more character than that. Bogus suspension..

      • Dubz

        He basically was talking about females the hit on the guys….the word provoke without being explained further is what got him in trouble. He was speaking the truth and shouldn’t have been suspended.

  • BR

    This has nothing to do with Stephen A. Smith soft cooning…this was a white supremacist move! Michelle Beadle…what a b*tch..

    • Fosho3528

      I’m sorry sir but your American Race Card has exceeded its limit. Please insert another card or call the 1-800 line to increase your credit limit. Thank you.

  • WeakSauce

    Finally! What took ESPN so long!? Oh yeah, it’s ESPN! One week without this fuckface?! I’m good! Happy Early Xmas!

    • regalpimp

      Personal opinions aside, he had a point…

      • WeakSauce

        Which was?

    • well holy shit lmao

  • The Legendary Troll

    but he told the truth doe?

  • Brindle

    what’s wrong with the truth?

  • dbfromdc


  • oliguti

    aT one point ppl are just going to excuse themselves from any important conversation bc if you/they don’t agree with the majority or minority you are going to be punished for your personal view on the topic. Some views are frowned upon but they are your views, I don’t agree with fascist, sexist, chauvinist, nor nationalist but its good to hear them out so your not surprised by their actions, I think its good to know where you stand and they stand in society. You don’t have to accept it but you know what you are working with. I think I know what he said but at the end of the day nobody should put there hands on another person but when they do you have to look at both sides, but pretty much that topic is a lose lose situation.

    • regalpimp

      “At one point ppl are just going to excuse themselves from any important conversation bc if you/they don’t agree with the majority or minority you are going to be punished for your personal view on the topic.”
      That’s the entire point of this happening..We are being forced into having one ideology when it comes to all controversial subjects..Exactly what they want, makes us easier to control…Happening right before your very eyes…And I’m no conspiracy theorist, but Stevie Wonder could see what’s going on in front of us…

  • BR

    Hidden Colors 3: Rules of Racism ….it’s a look at how white supremacy operates within America from past to present.

  • Immortal

    More important news for this site would be the fact that Sir Charles is paying for the funerals for those kids who were killed in a car jacking collision. This is late, but more significant than anything that was posted today. That would’ve been a good discussion.

    • John Q. Public

      that was a fucked up story. class move by Chuck tho

  • Clondyke Classic

    So if you blacc people can take your comments completely out of context and ignore your point and you still get suspended? Gotcha 😕

    • Fosho3528

      I’m sorry sir but your American Race Card has exceeded its limit. Please insert another card or call the 1-800 number to increase your credit limit. Thank you.

  • Markus

    Let’s be clear. He merely told the truth as it pertains to women who are with cowards who hit women. If you think that Ray Rice has hit his wife just once in his life, you’re crazy. Without question women who frequently stay in abusive relationships every day know their boyfriend’s or husband’s tolerance level. For whatever reason they stay and if they stick with that kind of relationship then of course they have to know what’s going to trigger an altercation. Not explaining men being cowards but I think if you’re going to deal with cowards especially rich ones, then who’s to blame if you don’t know when enough’s enough? Dude did whatever in that elevator. Woman later on doesn’t press charges and marries him. What’s the message here? Bottom line if you deal with a coward and you know what sets him off, then try to avoid doing that. Stephen A. Smith should’ve known that with Mickey Mouse money on the line, they won’t pay you to be that real.

    • MJ

      nigga just because you hit a female dont make you a coward it just mean you hit a female. whatever the defintion of a coward is , that is a coward and i seriously doubt it say anybody who hits a female. Plus you have to realise every situation is different so you cant just state your opinion with such confidence like you was there, so basicly what im saying is until you hear it from the horses mouth your ass is in neutral ground just like everybody else

      • Fosho3528

        If you hit a women, you’re a COWARD. You are clearly physically more powerful than a women. As a MAN, we are taught to never hit women. We are taught as a MAN that sometimes b*thches act ridiculous. If a women attacks you, we are taught as MEN to remove ourselves from the situation. That takes way more courage than to haul off and hit a women. Hitting a women is the cowardly way out. Women create our babies. That’s the respect they get. Simple as that. Everything you just wrote I blame entirely on your parents or lack thereof. From the subject matter to the grammar, you need to educate yourself young MAN.

      • Markus

        Well said and I completely agree with you.

      • Myleage

        again, is there a difference from a 200lbs man beating on a 90lbs woman and a 200lbs woman beating up a 90lbs man?

        are you a coward if you are a 200lbs man and beat up a 90lbs man? or vice cersa?

      • focus on you

        I don’t know any man who would let a 200 lb woman or man just sit there and beat on them, maybe a coward would.

        Hell I wouldn’t let a 90 lb man or woman sit there and beat on me, but a coward would.

      • focus on you

        First off, Ray Rice’s wife admitted to assaulting Ray first, which is why she was also charged with domestic violence. Ray had every right to defend himself.

        So if a woman hits me and I don’t hit back and she ends up killing me like Jodi Aries did Travis Alexander, that makes me a STUPID COWARD. You may not be able to remove yourself like Travis Alexander did and end up dead, because you are too COWARD to defend yourself. A woman attacking a man is the cowardly way out because she knows the man will get in more trouble for defending himself. Everything you just wrote I blame entirely on you being a coward, probably like your father or lack thereof.

      • Fosho3528

        Did I not say remove yourself from the situation. Who said anything about sitting there and taking a beating? You young kids have so much to learn and yet never run out of excuses.

      • focus on you

        Did Travis Alexander have a chance to remove himself from Jodi Aries? If what Ray Rice did was so bad, why did he not get found guilty, and the girl he defended himself from admitted her guilt and married him?

        I’m a grown 38 yr old man, and have experienced women attacking me because they were upset, and I defended myself, like a man should. You lames have so much to learn about the real world and always have excuses for catching beatdowns.

        I wonder why no one got mad at Tiger Woods’s wife for assaulting him with golf clubs before he ran into a tree? Or why no one made a big deal when Rhianna attacked Chris Brown before catching that beat down? I guess lames like yourself would rather a woman to beat them to death before defending themselves.

      • Markus

        You don’t know that if a man, physically superior to a woman, beats on her that he’s a coward? In self defense or in a life threatening situation, then it’s justified to do what’s necessary to survive. But if it’s an issue where you can remove yourself from a situation and you don’t because you’re prepared to lay hands on a female and it’s none of those particular issues going on to consider, then sorry you’re a coward. Dudes must be smarter than to be prepared to scrap with females. There are females dumb enough to want to fight. Seen it more than a few times. Doesn’t mean the man should accommodate her.

      • Myleage

        is there a difference from a 200lbs man beating on a 90lbs woman and a 200lbs woman beating up a 90lbs man?

        are you a coward if you are a 200lbs man and beat up a 90lbs man? or vice cersa?

      • Markus

        In the world we live in no matter the tale of the tape, man vs. woman is not cool. In the case of men the difference in weight is just looked at as a potential advantage. Many a dude that had his opponent in weight have gone down.

  • John Q. Public

    5 day vacation. No biggie

  • Frank

    This some bullshit. I can’t believe people are condemning this guy. And I don’t even like him!

    But what he said was on point. Basically people need to be responsible for their actions and words. Yes you can provoke your own ass whooping.

    • southside4lyfe

      I totally agree with you these women today know will walk behind you slapping you all in yo head calling you all kinds of names and as a man your suppose to walk off so if i slap that bitch up side her she should be walking off too lmao jp

    • >>Scrolls back to watch the video of melissa Ford recalling provoking a man to hit her.

    • yes but what he saod had nothing to do with the situation, no one was asking steve hey steve when is ok to hit a women and can please grand stand and glout about it? like theres some real need to have this discussion of when its ok to smack a bitch.. ya dig? lmfao..and steve just kept talking and talking and talking… and then he was tweeting to the espn chick, and just further dug the hole

      • Universe Sal

        What about those chicks that “WANT” to get slapped?

      • you dick slap them.

  • W.$.G.T.$

    so, this is HipHop news?

    • Kinda, he does represent on ESPN.

  • John Q. Public

    It was a dumb thing to say on TV even if there was truth in it.

    And the “punishment” was light.

    Everyone on here trying to say its because he is a black man and talking “white supremacy” are being dumb. Save that race card for when its worth playing, don’t use it up.

    • Frank

      word. It’s not a race thing, it’s a bleeding heart bitchassness thing.

  • pauleyPee

    Steven A. is taking a 5-day paid vacay… He’ll be back doin’ his thang real soon. Smh.

  • I wonder what sponsor threaten to leave if they didn’t suspend him,I bet that’s the main reason why they suspended him.

    • chicagostyl

      doubt that….it was just a bad look for ESPN. thats why its only for a week and he still getting paid.

  • Domestic violence! He gAve up all that doe for domestic violence! I hate seein brothers do this. domestic violence! C’mon son! Domestic violence!

  • TD

    I knew this was coming. He had a point but a point doesn’t make you right in today’s world. if your opinion is different then the masses you are fucked. I don’t condone men hitting on women but i don’t condone them hitting on us either. Disney owns ESPN so there you go

    • he had a point that really had no need to be discusssed.. steven created his own example of a situation so he could say that there is a point where u can hit a women, instead of reporting on ray rice. lol… and steve just kept talking and he thinks he sounds smart when he talks but the louder he talks the dumber he sounds. he starts thinking he is from the hood and has this hood pass… lmfao….

  • wickedjones

    Thats what happens when you have women who think they can raise children without fathers in their lives. Women be thinking they’re men and try to confront men on a man level, till they get slapped up.

    • is that what happened doe?

    • MrsOno

      How about father’s not being there to raise there children. The only woman who chooses to be a single mother is a woman who goes to the sperm bank. No man should let any woman keep his child away from him. I don’t care how much of a (insert disrespectful word here) she is.

      • wickedjones

        what if its a woman u dont want to be with? and she thought she can get you, and since she cant have you, she does everything she can to keep you from yo child. And thats someone with a job, we not talking abt somebody whose a d dealer.

  • if a women is hitting you you hit back. point blank. no need to even have this discusion. and thats why steve a smith is a jackass.. lol… he went off like its a epidemic across the nation of women beating on men and women getting knocked out.. lmfao…

    Yo me n my boys got in a huge fight at some random party, it was all them vs me n my 2 friends.. yo i had chicks with butcher knifes swinging at me… and TBH i didnt hit any of them.. why? because i wasnt scared of them and i was blocking thier slice attempts WWHILE at the same time throwing punches at thier guy friends… lol.. ish was crazy yo

    • El Dogga

      Than you took the fade!!!! LOL!

  • jon dubock

    Where was the outrage from Michelle Beadle when Jason Kidd got beat up by his wife???….oh, how about when Tiger’s wife took golf clubs to him???….

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yeah, tiger’s wife served his as+ LOL, then took a lot more than half his money, she beat him badly 2 ways

  • kpman80

    They couldn’t get ray so they settled for steven

  • Burny Blaze

    Never hit a woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s chasing you with a machete, pouring gasoline on you, jabbing at your face with an aids infected needle or aiming a fully automatic assault rifle at your nutsack. Go to court and the judge will tell ya you shouldn’t have been standing there

    • chicagostyl

      spoken like a man thats never been attacked by a woman….either that or you were being sarcastic.

    • golder1

      Thats dumb and not realistic at all.

  • His comment was truth, So guys the best advice I can give u as a man……When a women start getting crazy and throwing things or hitting u, run away and call the police.
    Why do I say call the police? Because gentleman u don’t know how to cry when u want too #Truth

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      his comment not true – unless he can magically know whats going on in every person’s relationship

      • He said sometimes, not all the time, I’ve dated girl who asked me to hit them, I didn’t because I don’t get down like that, but she told me its the only way that she would know I had feelings for her!!! Different strokes for different folks

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        ok, def sometimes, if not more, I’ve had a few relationships like that too, where chick like that fuc+ n’ fight shi+ – lol that Is crazy man

  • If u read the Chris Brown/ Rhianna police report, She open fist punched him 7 times in the head and when that didn’t work she grabbed the wheel of the car and tried to kill them both before she caught that ass whoopin! #ReadIt

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      could not be true – because then that would be self-defense, and he would not have been found guilty

      • What world u live in?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        c’mon man if what Dmac said is true, then legality of law is on chris side, he’d have to show wounds tho – or he got some fuc++d up lawyers

      • I dig what u saying but the law never really represents for the dude in domestic violence situations. I’ll give u an example, one day me and my wife were arguing, neither of us called the police but the neighbors did, I didn’t hit her I merely defended myself from getn scratched and sht, on my bear hug thang. It just so happened that my neck did get scratched. I was real pissed so when I opened the door it was the ol boys in blue so I asked what the hell they were doing here because our argument was well over with by then. At this time my wife had ran in the bathroom and locked herself in because she knew it was the police and she started all this sht. I asked them did they hear arguing and they said no, they asked where my wife was so I told them she was in the bathroom. They proceeded to try and cuff me in my own house without getting the facts first. Here I was with a nice fresh scratches on my neck but I get cuffed? I understand that they didn’t know what was going on and they were doing their jobs but they preceeded to the bathroom door and kept asking her if I hit her. I repeatedly told them I didn’t touch her but they kept asking her after she and I had already said no. I became irate and proceeded to cuss them out because we had both said no and she had no signs of a fight, mind u I’m cuffed and bleeding from the neck tho. They asked me how I got the scratches and sht and me being me I said from shaving. I wasn’t charged and neither was she but they came thru the door assuming I was the aggressor and perpetrator of the argument, but it was all my crazy bitch of a wife’s fault. Needless to say I got away from that broad for fear of going to jail for possibly one day hurtn or killing her azz. Lmao I never beat on a woman man because once u get that jacket it stays with u..but these chicks will push u to the edge and hope u take the bait…I’ve had my steering wheel jerked before too, i slapped fire from the broads face for that one tho because we could have died. I made a note to quit fukn wit Certain TYpEs of chicks cuz some will have u cased the fck up.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        ai’ight homie – glad you survived – we gotta watch for baits, provocations, and traps from most err’body 24-7 to be around fo our children

      • The females where already trying to get domestic violence more light before in the media, so Chris had bad timing and also the picture of RiRi leaked with her face messed up, Done Deal, but that’s why he got probation instead of time, like I said call the police before U go to jail

      • golder1

        You are wrong. If she hit him 7 times in the face and tried to wreck the car, and Chris pulled the car over, put in park and commenced to beating her ass, the law doesnt consider that self defense. But Rihanna did provoke the situation by not keeping her hands to herself

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  • I been in more than a few situations where I’ve had a chick that thought she was tough and tried to lay hands on me. I would basically block all her attempts or I would physically restrain them in order to make an exit. There have been times though when that exit wasn’t available and I had to slam a bitch or slap a hoe for tryna draw blood. I don’t consider myself a coward or a guy that just beats on a woman, but I have been in situations that a slap or slam was warranted. If a chick coming at u with weaponry what are you supposed to do if you’re cornered? Are u supposed to stand there and get stabbed or shot? Hell no is my answer, I’m just being real about that sht Imma slap fire or ddt her azz.

    • majesticking


  • Executive

    If he was white it would of been a “mistake” and swept under the rug.

    • Burny Blaze

      You’re exactly right. White people are NEVER held accountable for saying stupid things. (Donald Sterling, Don Imus, Mel Gibson, Paula Deen, Michael Richards). And no white person has EVER been suspended by ESPN for stupid comments either (Teddy Atlas, Scott Van Pelt, Lee Corso). Good call !!!

      • Executive

        I remember on mike and Mike show the guy said Martin Luther coon instead of Martin Luther king, I don’t think anything ever happened to him.

      • Burny Blaze

        You should get fired for that, not suspended.

      • whatupdoe

        The guys you mentioned actually went on racist rants. Stephen A’s remarks were questionable, but didn’t come close to the vile that these people expressed. The exception is probably Paula Deen. I think she got a raw deal.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yup just like the donald sterling situation *sarcasm*

  • Bdot

    Michelle Beadle is phuckin with his money.

    • chicagostyl

      they not docking his pay

      • golder1

        He is not getting paid by ESPN for that week. He has multiple streams of income othet than ESPN

  • i also dont believe it was a race thing. it was a look stephen a, we know what you meant, but we gotta shut these feminists up. take a week off, you’ll still get paid. see you next wednesday.

    • B.U.

      Pretty much.

  • xxxlordnikonxxx

    all because he spoke the truth.. to say women dont provoke men is vastly ignorant

    • El Duderino

      being provoked doesn’t mean it’s ok to violently attack a person

      • golder1

        Ray Rice didnt violently attack his wife. She admitted to hitting him in the face and he slapped her back. U get what u give. This era of its ok for a woman to hit a man without consequences is over. Woman should know if you hit someone they might hit u back….common sense

  • majesticking

    Bullshit all because a woman was offended by his statement please they do provoke it not to say its right yet they do provoke it. Either one is blind or just refuses to see.

  • B.U.

    Women: Hit a man and accept the risk of getting hit back harder
    Fellas: Hit a woman and accept the risk of going to jail

    Know the potential consequences ahead of time and make your decision. Pretty simple really.

  • MrsOno

    Everyone needs to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Why is it so hard for people to walk away? Once the disrespect is there, whether it’s verbal or physical, Im walking away and out of your life. No time for it. Who wants to fight with the man or woman they love? Choose better mates people, its not hard.