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Hip Hop Rumors: Tahiry Spotted In China With What NBA Baller?

Tahiry may have decline Joey’s invitation to jump the broom, but from the looks of things she’s moving on just fine.

If these two were thinking they were inconspicuous think again, BallerAlert spotted Tahiry and Houston Rockets player James Harden snapping it up in China throughout the airport and along the Great Wall of China.




Could this be a new plot in the Love and Hip Hop NY or is Tahiry moving in on Basketball Wives territory? I really like Joe and Tahiry together, but as the old saying goes, when a woman’s fed up, well you know the rest…


49 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Tahiry Spotted In China With What NBA Baller?”

      • johnblacksad

        In their shoes, I would instead try to find me some local unknown bad b!tch and turn her into my own personal thot!

        But the problem would remain, because after you made her and put her in the spotlight, the ho-tation begins because mad other ballers is gonna want to taste… smh

      • William Witherz

        Yeah, but you could be on your Ray J – I hit it first- type ish. I’d definitely do it, then I would be known as the THOTmaker.

        I figure these wealthy individuals don’t have time to search thru the hood for them, that is why they pick from them like a Sears catalog. Damn, am I showing my age? I mean they order them like they are on Amazon. For you millenials.

      • Jared

        I heard that but I think it was a rumor started since I haven’t heard of it in months idk

      • El Dogga

        It wouldn’t be something that would just keep popping up I would think….cuz fools still tryna hit it! lol

    • johnblacksad

      exactly… should have just flown her on a domestic flight to a big city… NY or LA… some middle class hotel not even no palace, then you buy her a gucci bag and a pair of Louboutins and that’s it… no need indeed to fly her 1st class all the way to China… b!tch don’t give a fcuk about no Great Wall… she only cares for Great Wallets…

    • johnblacksad

      and then I go to the Great Wall of China, and I see the same b!tch, that was in homeboy Warren G’s video… everywhere I look, everywhere I go, I see the same ho!

      *in my Snoop voice*

  1. ZUBU

    He a trick straight up, brotha be spending to be with chicks = trick! She got a nice body face alright at best. Why is this Hip Hop?

  2. Ygarner

    Brothers in the entertainment world I don’t understand why do y’all lust after the same chicks with all that money you have not to mention all the different arenas us common folk have no access too. I guess??????

    • johnblacksad

      It’s like lusting for porno b!tches when they do exactly the same sh!t every other girl is doin… I can’t explain it my G!

      Something about knockin a nice b!tch that’s putting herself out there like that…

      • William Witherz

        A good friend of mine used to sell hydroponically-grown herbal remedies to a certain turtle-faced former Denver Nugget, and he says that NBA players “order” these women from King magazine and off WorldStarHipHop like take out food. They flaunt their assets to get chosen, and some of them are good at it. It isn’t tricking if you have it – said a bunch of broke, dumbazz rappers.

  3. Markus

    I’m not mad at Harden for falling under ass hypnotism. We’ve all been there. It’s just sad how these talentless females throw themselves at celebrities and act like they’re supposed to be respected for the way they carry themselves.

  4. TD

    All I see is them being in the same place at same time. It china everybody goes to the great wall and I m pretty sure they just landed in same airport no pictures together but if so I m sure joey will try mess it up & she will let him l

    • johnblacksad

      Real sh!t… I had two of them in my hotel room in Beijing once, but they wouldn’t let me hit because they got scared of the dingaling… so I took half of my money back and I let them suck on it for 3 hours.

      Thinking back, I should have penetrated still… it ain’t like chinese b!tches don’t give birth too… or maybe I should have just picked them russian escorts instead. But I wanted to try sweet n sour…

      “…life… I wonder…”

      • Mec-One

        He couldn’t even buy twat that was for sale ……. simp fail LOL

  5. Reazonero

    Ain’t this the same dude that’s known for trickin. I swore I read that somewhere. Oh well, nothing to see here folks. Just some rich mofo trickin his money. I mean if I had that kind of dough, I would probably do the same….”PROBABLY”.

  6. The_Councilman

    When did this happen? Because Harden is currently training for the Basketball World Cup with Team USA right now in Vegas.

    This might be an instance of someone putting two people together in the same place from two different time periods.

  7. KareemSayeed

    Joe Buddens prolly jerking off and using his tears as lubricant.. Harden is just a victim of evolution. Big butts signal good healthy mates.

  8. Dogbackwards

    This braud has smashed the entire industry damn man i say this alll the time. ‘BROTHERS LEAVE THESE LATINA CHICKS ALONE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT WIFE THEM THEY ARE HEARTLESS THEY PERFER SEX OVER LOVE. This braud moves to the next dude faster then big shawn x-girl smh

    • Two_guns_Billy

      These are the new groupies…After groupies started lying accusing niggas of rape they just smashing these hookers..These niggas wont marry her but they will smash her..Its cheaper than paying off some lying bitch screaming rape..ask that Lakers player

  9. Chrisfx50

    Joe vice Tahiry what are u doing ,hold on for one minute my throat is parched.,So ur telling me u didnt kiss dude or sleep with him on that trip to china. No joe I find that extremely hard to believe. F u joe you same n with lipstick stain in our bedsheets that we both sleep in that’s f up. Silence listen listen Tahiry It was yours lipstick. They both on that base

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