Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford Recalls Provoking A Man To Punch Her In The Face (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) One in four women will experience domestic violence in their life for a variety of reasons. During a recent interview, Melyssa Ford explains an incident where she used physical force to instigate an assault from a man.

Last Friday (July 24th), ESPN personality Stephen A Smith incited a bit of controversy when commenting on the 2-game suspension the NFL handed down to Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice following Rice’s admission of having a physical altercation with his wife and subsequent video of him dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. Smith intimated that women involved in domestic abuse should learn ways to avoid provoking the attacker.

In a recent interview with Charlamagne The God and Andrew Shultz’s The Brilliant Idiots podcast, Ford explains of a time when she was guilty of provoking a physical assault from a man:

While I was shaking my hand in his face, I smashed him in the face with the CD walkman. He didn’t even blink and punched me right in my face. Lip exploded. It was like *gasp*. Then I wilded out some more and he was like, ‘Oh my God! I gotta get her out of here,’ because we’re in the car in the street.

Stephen A Smith issued an apology on yesterday’s (July 28th) episode of ESPN’s First Take.

Check out Ford’s full explanation of the incident and her thoughts on domestic violence below:

  • STFUUIgnants

    There are women who are innocent victims. And the men should have their azzes beat for putting their hands on them. THEN there are the bitches who will put their hands on a man….and some deserve what they got afterwards.

  • Reazonero

    Mamma told me a long time ago…”boy you better stop teasing that dog behind that fence cause first chance he get he gonna bite you”.

  • Saiyan Prince

    I tried explaining this to a guy at work. He said that there is no reason that a man should EVER put his hands on a female. I disagreed. I feel that a man should never be the first to attack a woman. And if he feels that an argument or disagreement is reaching critical mass then he needs to remove himself from the situation. But every now and then you’ll come across a chick that will straight disrespect the personal bubble and go up top on you. That type of woman may need the paws put on her.

    • El Dogga

      Why????? What is that gonna do? Why fight someone you know you can easily destroy? You are a weak man if you feel it’s necessary to hit a woman! You may need to RESTRAIN them if you are getting attacked! But for you to ball your hands and punch a woman makes you a sucka!!!

      • Saiyan Prince

        While the fact that you are stronger than a woman is true, will that stop you from KO’ing a weaker man? As I tried to explain to my co-worker, you never know someone’s mental state. That slap to the face may open up some inner beast (besides a can of whoop ass) that has been lying dormant. I myself have never had to hit a woman, nor do I truly want to. But in the heat of an argument, when all sorts of things are already being said to hurt, a hit by either party may result in repercussions. Not saying it’s right, I’m saying it happens.

      • majesticking

        Agreed, man should have the power to walk away yet I’m not gonna sit her and tell you it’s ok for a woman to assault you either. I’ve never hit a woman physically I’ve been successful hitting them mentally, physical wounds heal mental mounds last forever.

      • El Dogga

        Word! I guess it’s who you deal with. You can tell in persons attitude who think they would try to fight a man. That’s bad company.

      • That’s tru but there are some that hide their rage quite well…sooner or later it’s coming out and you end up looking crazy for being caught off guard. I feel like I’m a crazy chick expert as I have had my fair if I sense craziness as a possibility I don’t even deal I shut it down and move on quick…it ain’t worth the headache, seem like most of the lunatics have the best head/cooch combo but it’s normally not worth it.

      • You damn sure right about that bruh but them mental wounds are often the catalyst for the chick tryna put hands on u in the 1st place…lmao ask me how I know.

      • majesticking

        Too often we’re on the receiving end of damage previously caused then you end up dealing with it. One thing about the earth (woman in general) is that they all have 21 ciphers following them. One has to be sharp enough to see them for what they are these are worlds that come with them. Trust me all women have them.

      • El Dogga

        I dig what you saying. But you don’t have to hit the woman. A real man has to keep that cool at all times. Unless you are getting jumped by a bunch of woman lol!…..but who gets jumped by woman? lol

      • STFUUIgnants

        In Chicago, Ive seen women jump men Plenty of times…including an elderly man once. Now as soon as someone attempts to break it up, they have the nerve to play the gender card -_-

      • I feel what u saying about being the cooler head but sometimes there ain’t a place to go, let’s say the broad snatches the wheel while your driving or you are in your car and decide to get out the car…some chicks will try and tear up ur vehicle…I done dragged a chick out my car for refusing to get out and I also slapped a chick for snatching my steering wheel and almost killing us. Bottom line sum situations u can be cooler than a cucumber but sum situations ain’t that easy to walk away from no matter how cool u are.

      • El Dogga

        If that man is talking like he is STRONG than we throwing out fades 50% off. lol but he’s a dude……

      • Brindle

        I don’t think he’s talking about fighting a woman, he’s talking responding physically…

      • Saiyan Prince

        Exactly. Any man that WILLING abuses a woman is dead to me. A guy that lashes out after he had the taste slapped out of his mouth by a woman…..I may have to shoot him some bail. And I don’t mean beating the brakes of the chick. That’s a no-no. But if she smacks you, and you return the favor…..well……

      • El Dogga

        LMAO! Man how you look as a man smacking a woman?

      • Saiyan Prince

        Honestly my G, neither man OR woman should be placing hands on each other. That’s my real feeling on this whole thing. My point is that for every action there is a reaction. Sometimes good, sometimes not.

      • El Dogga

        Yeah you right about that……but hitting a woman should never be option A, B or C.

      • I seen a chick come at a dude wit a Butcher knife in the barbershop…he ko’d her ass wit the swiftness…I think it was warranted because lives were on dange…she came at him on sum real deal tryna kill sht. One hitter ended her night. I don’t condone beating a broad like on world star but if I ain’t touching u don’t touch me…u can possibly talk all u want but when it gets physical leave the premises but some of these broads ain’t tryna give u that option…

      • El Dogga

        That was life or death right there…..he must’ve did her real dirty! lol

      • Hell I would say so if she wanted to kill him….I was like 12 at the time so I wasn’t understanding what the beef was about but I did know the difference between saying u gonna do sumn and actually carrying it out…she wanted to cut bruh for real…he glass joe’d that ass…

      • King Dolla

        How you look as a man getting smacked by a women or anybody lmao and not doing nothing about it

      • El Dogga


      • STFUUIgnants

        What if its a Ronda Rousey or Laila Ali type chick? lmao

    • pauleyPee

      I will touch every wall with anybody except a child, an elderly, or a disabled person (my sisters, my mom, etc.)… Outside of that? Anybody can get it if given a level-10 infraction, lol. With that said, I value my reputation, my job, and my public records so of course, violence is a last solution.

    • majesticking

      Well said well spoken great explanation.

  • Brindle

    it all boils down to men shouldn’t put their hands on women, BUT women should never hit a man and not expect to be hit back… I once heard “all i did was scratch his face”, little girl, don’t no man want to walk around with a scratched face… KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF OR DEAL WITH THE CARD YOU DEALT…

  • Bdot

    Anybody that’s been around for a minute knows Stephen A. Smith was only tellin’ the truth when he originally spoke on the Ray Rice thing. But because his white female colleague (one of the overrated darlings at ESPN) blew up the spot, he chose to apologize to the machine in order to keep his job, I presume. But anybody that isn’t totally clueless knows that women provoke men all the time. Of course you should never hit a woman, but women should never take that for granted and use that leverage to berate and belittle a man to the point of him losing his cool. It should work both ways.

    • Tall Shon or T.S

      I totally agree.

    • Celz

      This chick called the ones on my boy and the cops ran up in the spot.. Then they got the full story.. Then they were like sir would like to press charges against this young lady for assualt?.. My boy was like naw I don’t want no one to go to jail.. Apparently homies girl’s roommate didn’t know that after you punch someone in the chest they can restrain you.. The cop told her I would have done the same thing maam.. Smh

    • lando

      Man I agree totally.

  • RapItUp

    She’s a video vixen; but behind closed doors, she’ll do whatever it takes to get to the Grammy awards

  • RapItUp

    Melyssa fine ass can throw some blows at me all day.. I’ll just restrain her.. She try hitting me w/ handheld electronics though, I’m gonna mush her into obscurity

  • lando

    Did Ray Rice hit his wife cause she spit in his face?

  • The Legendary Troll

    if you swing like a man be prepared to take a punch like one

  • Mec-One

    You gotta hit these chicks with a wrist lock ……..

  • Markus

    Women should not be taken back or surprised if every man doesn’t subscribe to the notion that while a man can’t hit you, you can do whatever you want to that man and he will just brush it off. That will get women seriously hurt out here.

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  • $18916246

    Melyssa Ford is saying what the law should understand and what most woman will not tell the truth about. I am in no way suggesting that woman allow themselves to become victims or tolerant of any kind of physical assault from men, but know that willingly engaging ones female self in a physical altercation with a man, this includes in my opinion willingly agitating, taunting, or provoking a physical confrontation is not wise and the outcome could be deadly. Woman sometimes need to know that somethings are better off not said to a man if the end result will bring about a physical fight. Now on to a more intricate perspective as it pertains to black woman and other races of woman raised in conditions where she has been deprived of knowing and loving a man i.e. her male parent. guardian or father.

    These types of failed conditions where a young woman or girl was never made to understand the black male role in the black family and or in society. This can easily perpetuate an ignorance of males and create a false sense of aggression from black females towards her black men. If a black woman obviously or innately does not respect her father, her brother, her uncles, her nephews, her black male friends then she may be mislead to think that her lack of respect may in someway entitle her to push a man, lover, male associate in a taunting or physical manner and in many cases clearly understand that the law will be on her side if things were to get physically out of hand. Woman in no way should look to physical fighting as way of proving ones love for each other, nor should a woman see physical fighting with a man as a option when she does not get her way.

    If a man does not respect a woman and her deserved freedoms and options in life, then the woman should acknowledge this and interact accordingly and perhaps limit her associations and interactions with such a male instead of finding him intriguing or attractive as she sometimes foolishly believes she can change or tame a mans sometime blatant bad habits and conditions.

  • SlayBish

    try not lying, cheating etc…. wrong yes, dayuum she old, walkman, no excuse, so now because of some chicks like her are out there there are no abused women? still trying to understand the debate on this?

    • chippc

      I can tell you heated, huh?

  • TD

    Bdot said it the best- I think these laws need to be looked over b/c the system only thinks about the poor women who just gets hit on b/c their man can they don’t think about the ones who are the aggressor. DON’T HIT WOMEN BUT WOMEN DON’T HIT MEN keep your hands to yourself

  • water_ur_seeds

    At most woman should be pimp slapped not punched…

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  • jgraves58

    If a woman hits me I definitely will hit her back. Period. If you act like a man you’ll be treated like one. Any woman that hits a man is no lady and deserves to be popped.

  • bigdo

    nobody should ever hit ANYONE for anything unless we’re talking about self defense in an attack…

    If you’re chillin around a woman that gets that hype, and provokes you to the point of physical violence, it’s time to not ever be around her ever again. Be a man and get away from her, and the same goes for women dealing with abusive men.