Fredro Starr Explains Fight With 50 Cent, Argues With Charlamagne Da God + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When interviewing Onyx, do not be slick. During a recent interview, Fredro Starr got into an on-air argument with Charlamagne Da God, explained what transpired between him and 50 Cent at the 2003 Vibe Magazine Awards and more.

During the interview, Charlamagne Da God referenced a 2008 interview Starr had with C.O.D. Magazine in which he state that Brandy performed oral sex on him during his time on Moesha. Starr took offense to that stating “You bringing up the past. Lets move to the future.” When Starr referenced Charlamagne running from five men attempting to assault back in June 2012, Charlamagne countered with “50 [Cent] hit you too, right”, referencing 50 Cent and Starr’s physical altercation at the 2003 Vibe Awards’ rehearsals.

[Charlamagne- You talking about the Brandy thing?] Yeah, I’m talking about with that. [Charlamagne- What do you want me to do? You said it] I don’t want you to do anything. You going to do what you do. Y’all n*ggas ain’t play my record up here. [Charlamagne- “I ain’t heard a record.”] You dont need to, n*gga.

Back in 2003, during rehearsals for the Vibe Magazine Awards, 50 Cent had a physical altercation. According to Starr, the beef started over 50 Cent not approving of Fredro Starr helping former rival Domination from securing a deal with Koch Records:

Jam Master Jay put both of us on from New York. Boom. Him and Domination had a problem. I got Domination some money at Koch Records. [50 Cent] had a problem with that. So, when I seen the n*gga, I ain’t even know it was a problem. N*gga swung on me, n*gga missed. Straight up. He can say what he want to say.

Check out Onyx’s full interview on The Breakfast Club below:


123 Responses to “Fredro Starr Explains Fight With 50 Cent, Argues With Charlamagne Da God + MORE (VIDEO)”

    • Pope Chuck Paul

      too funny! it’s like they came to be dick heads. yes old folks like me (231 respectively) know onyx but the younger generation doesnt. so they have to talk about the past, present and future lol. aawww man that shit was hilarious.

  1. GQ

    I get that Fredro was mad, but he could’ve came at that question another way. You can tell somebody to STFU and move on without actually saying ” STFU and move on, p*ssy” Shyt was funny tho.


        WTF who’s counting upvotes?!?!?…YOU! LOL, that’s why yo young ass need to STFU! i see what kinda nigga you is LMAO

      • Guest

        If you spent more time raising your kids, then online arguing, they might’ve grew up something more than pieces of shit. JS


        you mad bro.. LOL guest account ?..GQ is that you, did you just upvote yourself, foh…LMAO!

      • GQ

        Nobody says that shit no more, thats how I know you old and lame lol.

      • GQ

        Guest up votes every minute you post something huh? Nigga up voting his own shyt from a phone LOL Im done with this old man. You lame as hell.


        give it time LIL GUY, somebody will give you a upvote too…don’t cry or get upset, just give it time, hell do you want me to give you one, i will, its nothing! SMMFH…LMAO!

    • water_ur_seeds

      The Kirk Jones album is a classic, great album… I love albums that follow a theme, it was on some Masta Ace schitt…

      Charlamange handled the altercation well… Funny ass interview though haha

  2. LegatronDaDon

    Lost mad respect for F. Star!! My dude bugging out niggas always POP shit on camera….When they not bout that Life. I Bet 1 on 1 He wouldnt pop off on C. Da God like that

  3. Clondyke Classic

    Boy that shit was fake as fucc lol. Nigga did all that yell’n n shit know’n damn well he wasn’t gon do shit. He thought charlamagne bitch ass was gon bacc down and didn’t have a plan once that shit didn’t happen lol

  4. kasshu

    Fredo is lying. He did a interview about the altercation with 50 in which, he admitts to being punched in the face. smh Sticky acts lik DMX think he on drugs!!


        Lol that man reppin queens and you (say) you from Texas…hey man its just entertainment, let that dude live man…LMAO! ijs

  5. Montezuma1

    Grown men talking about “punching in the face.” SMH. Fredro looks to be 50yrs old. These guys are all too old for this and Charlemagne said he was in the “streets” of SC. I’m done with this foolishness. Charlemagne is a smart guy but let’s be honest he doesn’t sound like he’s from SC. The NY influence on him is so strong. He got on as Wendy Williams assistant. Before him was the fag Skeletor. Can we just say Charlemagne’s pedigree is somewhat suspect to be talking all the shyt he talks. His tough guy antics annoy me but his perspective is usually on point. Let’s all grow up.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Charlamagne really doesnt act tough he just says shit that other people wouldnt but i have yet to seem him acting Hard or Tough.

    • therealjjohnson

      I cant say his pedigree is suspect. Not for nothing, he had a short period of down time for selling crack.

    • Myleage

      there is a difference between acting tough and just being a grown man. he wasnt acting tough, he just wasnt scared of Fredo because he is a grown ass man. you aint gotta be from the streets to beat a nigga’s ass. there are plenty of MMA cats from the hills who are scared of no nigga. Fredo isnt a threat to him. C is like 40 years old and probably lived in NY at this point longer than SC. its like Living in Nigeria until you are 17 but then you move to NY and lived there for 23 years. eventually your accent and mannerisms are gonna match where you live. Doesnt mean your pedigree is suspect. many rappers now have been rich longer than they were poor. does that change where they come from? nah

  6. Markus

    This is complete ignorance at its finest. It’s not 20 years ago. You would think middle aged men would have a little more maturity and perspective at this point. I know in Onyx mode they have to be wild to a certain extent in order to sell whatever they’re on the radio to promote but what the interview became was a joke. Onyx was the past. They’re done.

  7. therealwayno

    LOL. Hilarious. Charlamagne is cool and all but he picks and chooses who he goes in on. You can’t play with everybody especially if y’all not people.

  8. hectik4lyfe@gmail.com

    C the god oh you mean marvel nigga. Lol nigga got wolverine on his arm…smh he bout that lifd alright

  9. 313 Intelligence

    Gotta respect C tha god cuz he didn’t back down or bittch up. I wish the cameras wasn’t rollin cuz they would’ve been a fight.

  10. JerZeBoy

    not for nothing I like Sticky, always have, his energy, lyrics, etc, but he got #$%%ed up in that fight, no if & or buts watch the video. every dog has his day

  11. AK

    charlmagne was like you aint the only one that ever came from the hood sit your wwe ass down before 50 comes back and smacks you and dmx takes your bitch again go do some voice overs for some cartoons you aint scaring anyone gramps

  12. Mr. Starr Vision

    i think Fredro would look back at the interview and say damn i was tripping for real…C tha God wasn’t saying it with Malice or nothing he just threw it out there he could’ve just brushed it off vs bring it back up like 5 mins after it was mentioned …and sticky was on one…sounded like he was ready to jump on C for Fredro on some i’m my brother’s keeper shit even though he knows Fredro was trippin

  13. The_Good_Life

    Ahh this isht funny AF… Didn’t think anything could’ve been funnier than Loc checking lil waynes maybach dust…

  14. i'mreloaded!

    I can’t stop laughin! But like dey say, the loudest one is normally the one who ain’t gonna do $hit. Charlemagne is a funny dude.

  15. PorchBoySlim

    Fredro Star is lying…I remember he did an interview a hot min ago and he said 50 punched him and they stomped his homeboy out.

  16. bigdo

    I never been a big Onyx fan, but honestly this whole fiasco just makes Hip-Hop look raggedy….

    what we just saw was the dullest, most daft display (antagonistic, childish and out of place) that people try and label entertainment…. man, fu*kin none of what they was talkin about was hip-hop related, it’s just a big ass janky gossip show now man.

    This Charlemagne idiot is the worst as well…. he is literally talent-less… he is precisely the same kind of dumbfu*k you find out on the corner just talkin sh*t about any and everything for no reason and gettin beat down for it every six months… and this is who Hot 97 is runnin’ behind now as one of their premier personalities? He’s not even a fu*king DJ and neither is that annoying ass broad, who also isn’t a DJ and is really just there to throw out stupid commentary.

    it’s a fu*king joke what the culture has become…. completely…


      in some people eyes, its always been a joke and always will be….its not the “culture” that’s weak its the mainstream fans and bloggers (outsiders) and (dickriders) that’s weak….ijs..but yeah i feel you on that D.J shit..LOL

    • brollya

      u must be born in the 90s cuz charlamagne aint the first person to be at a radio station and talk bout people and hurt peoples feelings…. u forgot wendy williams, she the one said that tupac got rapped in jail…. star, he got fired from hot 97 cuz he did a reenactment of aaliyah plane crashing….all radio stations go in on artist way before the breakfast club did it…. we talkin bout from the 80s….. so yo whole explainatory story u wrote was for nothin

      • bigdo

        Born in the 90s…lol!!! You fuckin wish….

        And as far as Wendy Williams and Star and Buc, back in the day they were definitely considered NOVELTY and secondary to the music… And a lot of heads back then hated them because they all were precisely what I said b4–talentless assholes who only peddle gossip. No one really fuckin tuned into Hot 97 or Power 105 to hear them… Back then we actually had a plethora of great artists who made great music that ppl demanded to hear. Not idiots going back n forth over bullshit, and hosts goading their guests.

      • Masta_mind

        Music wasn’t any better than it is now. In the 90’s you had to wait on the cassette tape or cd to drop. Even good songs today are nearly impossible of becoming classics, why, because whenever you want hear it just to Youtube.

      • DaManDL

        the quality of music in the 90s WAS better. The availability of the music on the internet didn’t affect quality – it only affected sales. Sales and good music are not related. What made the quality of the music worse today is the technology, any savage can buy Fruity Loops and an MPC from Guitar Center and make 100 beats a day from his bedroom and call himself a producer. He comes in the game on the cheap, undercutting established producers and floods the market with these 500 beats he has in the stash and all sound the same (a la Mike Will Made It and DJ Mustard) before he starts getting paid for real.

      • brollya

        jus take yo l…. dont try to explain yo self at another direction wen u didn say that in the first statement… and charlamagne aint even wit hot 97 dude so u take 2 l;s….

  17. Judah Nazayar

    smh… these two niggas stay catching Ls.. but we already seen and heard of these niggas getting they ass beat. these niggas aint fooling nobody

  18. Immortal

    Damn forgot about Boss….”Deeper” was the ish back in the say. The most intelligent thing in this video was when they said what I think doesn’t matter…it’s what the streets want. Unfortunately that is the truth.

    • ILL Will

      I was telling yall bout boss in that thread where we was talkn bout the dope gangsta rap chicks back in the day…lil momma was thugging…lmao and she was cute..

      • Immortal

        True on Boss. Shame that she was just a point to prove how the industry was taking over Hip Hop at the time. And to make it worse, I remember in the first track it’s her moms telling her that this wasn’t her, and that she had raised a different woman. Little did I know she was right. Lil momma was cute, but for some reason after G-slide, that cuteness was on the way out. Lil momma was turning into Big Stripes from gremlins

  19. jon dubock

    Is it just me or does 50 only check the people who work with people he has problems with…and not ever actually the people he has problems with???….

      • Hector G

        you have nothing to say but ………. if you knew about 50’s beefs you wouldn’t be online on a thread standing up for fredro starrs lyin ass. 50 hit fredro jus like he hit gunplay lmfao fredro even admitted it before

      • 5% Hov

        I do and clearly you dont/ “50 hit Fredro just like he hit Gunplay “… wtf?

        And the original point was 50 starts beef with the person net to person he has a problem with… i.e there wasn’t any “beef” with Gunplay – his “beef” was wit ross… pretty sure 50 ayed no hands on Gunplay…

      • King Cold

        If i recall correctly gunplay was on video sayin wat he wanted to do to 50 so the beatdown was justified

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        Gunplay ran up on 50 and hit him first. ” Pretty sure 50 layed no hands on Gunplay”. You obviously didn’t see the video. 50 grabs Gunplay, slams him into a barricade, and beats his face until the cops mace him and his man. Gunplay still got some shots off on 50’s roady, after the mace, and he threw the first punch, so I respect it.

    • Butch Magnus Milosevic

      Read the 48 laws of power, and you’ll understand. To truly defeat an enemy, you must cut off his support system.

  20. Dan_Tebasco

    Pretty cool interview, Fredro trying a little too hard to be hard tho, it’s like he has to prove his hardcore or something… That’s just kinda lame and makes him look kinda like a douche… But but…

      • Dan_Tebasco

        Fire Starr was a dope solo album of his IMO, and he delivers whats needed in Onyx as well IMO… Not a bad actor either… But he’s trying way too hard at “keeping it real”

  21. TheAfroRican

    I could have sworn Fredro did a interview about the altercation with 50 Cent admitting that he got punched in the face. I guess some street dudes have short term memories….

  22. irmaagregg

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  23. Keir Wannadrinkanddance

    Fredro caught all the feelings during this interview and sticky seems like he drank a molly-colada before he got on air. wtf happened to these dudes. Damn

  24. dee

    These clowns probably wont be invited to do another interview in the next 20 years I believe they just blew it. Unprofessional

  25. GP

    fredro starr is a nobody how he even in the news. C should have told sticky don’t make be beat your ass like that white boy on mtv!

  26. JokeznSmoke

    hahahaha@CthaGOD fredro turnt up or not anytime a grown talks to you like dat a ass whooping come wit it!!! “Pull Dine ya skirt!!!”-PIMP C

  27. Mr007

    Garbage. I pumped onyx back in the day. Glad I grew from that space. He said he wouldn’t know because he has a job…… While sitting beside the skateboarding kid trying catch the bus

  28. einsteincentral

    C is known for speaking in a way that creates chaos. He is popular because of it. If a man feel disrespected by another man he is gonna address it. That’s what happened. Shout’s out to C and Onyx. They both doing what they paid to do. Onyx put that work in the streets in the 90’s. It seem like in this day and age people stand for nothing have no money but have an opinion. Get your money up and not your hate up. The Mad Scientist EINSTEIN einsteincentral. com

  29. Hector G

    fredro star and gunplay are the exclusive members of the “I got punched by 50 cent at an award show” club. enjoy that

  30. douglaslwolfe

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