Hip-Hop Rumors: Somebody Got Beef With Beyonce?

Wow. What do we have here? Beyonce is a hate magnet. The super star singer can’t seem to get a break these days and apparently Kerry Washington is the latest culprit. Now, this is definitely not from the “horse’s mouth,” but a source at Dish Nation says that Kerry is mad at B for staying with Jay. Peep the un-scientifcal data:

Emmy nominated TV star Kerry Washington has privately ripped the singer for not doing enough to empower young African American girls.
The 37-year-old star of the hit ABC show, who’s a political activist and outspoken feminist, “hates how Beyonce relies on her body and sexual innuendo to sell records,” an insider told Dish Nation.

“Kerry thinks Beyonce should spend less time shaking her booty and more time pushing other agendas, like the value of education and healthy eating, as well as promoting book reading.”

“To Kerry, it seems like Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable. While Kerry’s peers, like Beyonce, exploit themselves for career advancement, she’s happy to keep her private life under wraps and let her talent do the talking. Kerry wishes Beyonce would do the same.”

This all just seems very strange to me. I like Dish Nation, but I am not sure I can rock with this one. I don’t think its true, because Jay ain’t no cheater, b!

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    It’s a shame that her private opinion gets reported on. Now it looks like hate (when it’s really just her view which she’s entitled to).

    Kerry definitely has a leak in her camp.

    • T Dolla

      Who said that it’s true?

  • dee

    What Kerry saying is true. We all know these girls look up to beyonce like God she has more influence on young women than Michelle Obama. But for some reason it do seem like she’s trying to keep up with rihanna.

    • Dope

      Maybe because she’s an entertainer who’s trying to stay on top in a business where you have to fight to remain relevant all the time?

      Honestly, I don’t see why people expect anything from entertainers besides entertainment. Beyonce sings and dances for money and that’s all I ever expect of her to do, same with any other celebrity be they actor, sports start or whatever.

      If they feel they want to do something better an positive, good, I applaud them. But they are in no way obliged to do so and it’s not something that should be high on the list of things we expect them to do because it’s not in the description of their work.

      • Saiyan Prince


      • SupaDoopaGhost1


      • Hendrix2020

        U better tell em!!


        Damn, You’re Behive, man! Smh.

      • Dope

        No, I don’t even like her music.. I’m just saying people are dumb if they think celebrities are in it to help the people and not to entertain and get that easy money and good life.


        I know right, u usually have good insight on matters, I was just wondering. LOL!

  • hoeyuno

    Kerry Washington is a 10!!! Especially pre anoraxia days when she was in x men. ..beautiful! !!!!!

    • johnblacksad

      X-men? that’s Halle Berry

      • hoeyuno

        Fantastic 4 I meant. She played things blind ass girlfriend..she was about 20 pounds thicker and looked meant.

  • Q.

    I doubt Kerry said that, though I wish. Beyoncé promoting education and reading would be like Nikki Minaj promoting natural hair and chastity.

  • Grammy #WINNING > Emmy “nominated”

  • sakiru oresanwo

    KW needs to sit her acting @$$ down lol. Beyoncé showing off her body is in a way telling young impressionable African American girls to eat healthy and hit the gym if possible. Do you see honey boo boos mama showing off her body?
    And her advocating that all women should leave their husbands if they’ve cheated, that’s just stupid. If that’s the case the whole world will be filled be divorcees. What ever happened to forgive and move on? Just do what works for you, forgive or divorce. KW has lost a couple of points if she did say this.

    • Immortal

      I dig what you’re sayin, but I DAMN sure don’t want to see honey boo boo’s mother showing off anything.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Amen, Amin and all that lol

  • Saiyan Prince

    So, wait. The chick that portrays a fornicating black woman, that sleeps with the white president, is calling out another woman for trying to stand by her husband after some ALLEGED adultery? Going so far as to say that B isn’t doing enough to empower young black women? Man, I really hope this isn’t true. I dig Kerry, but she might lose some points for this one.

    • D_Ably

      Don’t know about you but i can tell the differnce between fiction and reality.

      • Saiyan Prince

        Of course I can. But the children aren’t always able to. So she is just as much to blame my friend. Beyoncé’s stage presence is an ‘act’ much like the Olivia Pope character. They’re residents of the same glass house. Gotta be careful with those stones.

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        Amen Brother!! Thy’re two sides of the same coin. But someone always has to be the uppity negro.

      • DeniseRTuttle

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      • Hendrix2020

        Damn right!!

      • ShortDogg

        Kerry do not shake her a$$ and tell the men come and get it! Kerry is a fictional character on TV. You get it! It is acting talent. Even if Kerry did not say this, I vouch for this statement above. B is hot, sexy and just adorable but we as people still must stand up for something. Do you know how many little girls that love Beyonce? Not just black little girls, but all little girls all across the world. Sing and dance because you are happy and not because you are sexually hot!!! It is called self worthiness my brothers and sisters, your character as human people. We love B but now that she has made it, she can now provide representitation for all young women across the world. She can not only represent young women but also married women. I truly enjoy her marriage with Jay. They are so powerful together. It shows commitment and love. No hate on B or Kerry. They are both talented people but in different ways!!! Get’em Bey and Kerry!

  • Markus

    This should have been a private discussion. There’s no need to have an issue with someone played out in the news. Hopefully before Beyonce responds she could reach out to Washington and talk things through before it becomes a cat fight in the press.

    • It was a private discussion according to this “writer” but unfortunately not private enough

  • AfricaChillin

    Most of these celebrities probably have the same stylist, go to the same events, but for some reason, they never manage to grab the phone and settle their differences.

  • El Dogga

    “Mind your business lady” – DMX

  • sean

    coming from the girls that play the side chick to the white preisdent on tv, yeah that roll is real in powering the young black female

    • kerry washington isnt be idolized by any one doe… and she acts.. google what acting is..

  • Megapsycho84

    So I guess sleeping with a “White President” is sending a positive message out to the young female demographic? You negro Bedwrench, sit your sidity ass down somewhere. You trying to talk about what another grown ass woman should be doing, while you got a white dick in your mouth at the same time.

    • chicagostyl

      she’s playing a tv character on a show for adults, not 13-14 year old girls, while Beyonce’s main target audience are teenagers. sry bro you must be drunk. and you have the nerve to have french montana as your picture…#clown

      • Guest

        Do you really think 13-14 yr old girls don’t watch that show!?!? If your an adult you should know that younger generations watch and listen to the same things adults do. I agree that this may not be such a black & white issue since we do not have proof that Jay cheated. But if he did Kerry is right Beyonce is a bad influence on a group of young women seeing Ray Rice’s wife & Rihanna getting beat up & knocked out. But @ the same time Kerry has an influence on young black women who think they can sleep their way to the top instead of really working and not twerking their way into Power. smh. Black people in the media continue to show us in a negative light male & female. & we won’t get control of our image until black actors are ready to turn down a check. Cause Halle Berry couldn’t carry Scandal like Kerry.

      • wait hold up, how is kerry showing bicthes that they should sleep to the top? lmfao

    • what does “white” have to do with anything? lmfao

      u do know tv shows and movies are not real… correct?

  • The_Councilman

    How can she say so much with no upper lip?

    I remember the movie where she trying to make Chris Rock cheat on his wife with her. Damn, now that I think about it, most, if not, all of her most memorable roles, she’s a thot.

  • GP

    I mean

    • SBRon


    • LOL, you’re one funny 4ka for that. LOL

    • Immortal

      ^^^^Good one

    • jgraves58


  • Clondyke Classic

    This shit aint true. This is supposed to be a hiphop site. Y’all mothafuccas get most of y’all stories from media takeout

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    This is some divided and conquer tactics and based on some of the comments, this is working. Two successful black women don’t always have to have issues with each other. All these reality shows and thots that are garnering the t.v. time don’t represent the majority of women of color. #Facts

  • 313 Intelligence

    Kerry Washington is on ABC sucking multiple white dickzs and being used as a penal receptacle but she feels the need to criticize Beyoncé and the message she is giving young women? HALAIRIOUS

    • GP

      damn. that’s the coldest thing I hurd aww day, but true, drop more knowledge on these brainwashed women

    • jgraves58

      Kerry Washington is delusional.

  • rocnation30


  • $21384666

    I hate to say but bitch is on point.

  • killabeezle

    The Beyhive is about to go HAM on Kerry if its true

  • The Legendary Troll

    says a chick playing a side chick on tv

    • MsPeaceful

      thats only for money and a joke

      • sakiru oresanwo

        So Beyoncé is not doing it for money? Do you see Beyoncé dressing the same way when she’s not performing or on set? GTFOH

      • beyonce sold out son

      • sakiru oresanwo

        If its a choice between selling out so as to be able to provide for you and yours or not selling out and risk going broke, what would you choose? They are both actors (read somewhere they don’t like the term actresses {insert kanye west shrug}), they both do a job then go home and do them except in this case one is tryna act holier than the other.

      • well its not a choice between selling out or going broke… theres a huge middle ground you forgot to include.. lmfao

      • sakiru oresanwo

        You don’t 100% know that and neither do I. Their middle ground is for sure different from ours. All I’m saying is some people should just keep their criticism to themselves.

      • no i do know… that beyonce doenst have to make every single dollar humany possible to still live a full and complete life, i do know that 100 percent.

        good talk.

      • sakiru oresanwo


      • trvlman


      • figure that shit out son

      • MsPeaceful

        she dresses differently sometimes. but she really need to think about what kerry said though!

      • jgraves58

        Hell, Kerry needs to think about what Kerry said. She ain’t no great role model her damn self. She letting the success of that tv show go to her big forehead.

      • MsPeaceful

        lmbo, that true too.

      • trvlman

        What Kerry said doesn’t apply! Now go turn that Bey cd up.

      • MsPeaceful

        i think kerry has a point too… its true beyonce has a daughtyer however, she needs to tone it down.

      • trvlman

        Tone what down? If you don’t like her don’t listen to her music. All you know is the Beyonce that performs unless you know her personally you don’t know what she needs to tone down.

      • MsPeaceful

        UMMM.. her clothes she is a mother thats has a daughter. I never said i didnt like beyonce however, sometimes you dont have to wear so much provocatively clothing to perform.. she is the whats happening now she sells out crowds, perfumes, albums, ticket sells and clothes. So she dont need to make money to flaunt her sexuality.The women in the game now wish they can reach beyonce level of authority. So she needs to tone it down with the clothing.

      • trvlman

        She performs in those close, She is performer, when she is wearing the clothed YOU don’t like she is PERFORMING. How you know what she don’t need to do? So she need to tone it down because other women aspire to be like her??? You act like she on the pole taking it off. Or making sex tapes like Mimi. So much shade it don’t make sense. But you entitled to your opinion. Im sure we agree on other things.

      • MsPeaceful

        yes we would. i do understand what you are saying however, she dont have to wear provocatively clothing all the time, sometimes would be ok too but all the time.

      • trvlman

        Why you worried about what she wear? Dies that affect your money or livelihood?

  • Immortal

    So in between the code at the bottom and what she said, this about sums it all up:

  • MsPeaceful

    Thats a darn lie, jay has cheated on her.

    • jgraves58

      Multiple times, that’s why the rumors persist about them splitting and the Solange elevator attack.

      • MsPeaceful

        ok everybody tries to act like they are a couple with no problems.. these are all the bey stans.

      • trvlman

        How do YOU know!?!?!

  • Flea

    Keri.. I would never cheat on you baby… how about instead of throwing shade at Bey you lower yours and let a nigga smack that, right on the floor, smack that, til you get sore..

  • Poseidon

    Charitable work and causes – FACT CHECK:

    Kerri Washington:
    looktothestars (dot) org (forwardslash) celebrity (forwardslash) kerry-washington

    looktothestars (dot) org (forwardslash) celebrity (forwardslash) beyonce-knowles

    ….. The record speaks for itself. This woman talking outta her ass.

  • trvlman

    Hold up she plays a side chick on TV and she talking about empowering women FOH.

    • thats one role…

      • jgraves58

        One role that seen by millions of young girls.

      • they watch a show about the white house? GTFOH.. LMFAO

      • more thots are listening to beyonce then whatever show kerry is on

      • trvlman

        Your point?

      • figure dat shit out

      • trvlman

        Your feelings hurt! lol

  • because jay ant no cheater…. ok but how u kno dat doe?

  • irmaagregg

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  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    I doubt this is true and if Kerry did say anything remotely close to what’s being reported it more than likely was taken out of context. For Kerry’s sake I hope it was. Her career consist of being the side piece for the Pres of the United States. Not only are you fvcking him, you are occasionally screwing around with that other cat on the show also. Yes we know it’s just tv and entertainment purposes and we don’t hold that against you. It’s just entertainment and most of us find Scandal to be just that. Now, let’s keep it 100 Kerry (if you did say those things), isn’t Beyonce pretty much doing the same thing you are but in a different form of entertainment? Most of what we see regarding Beyonce is for and also based on entertainment purposes only. Case closed Kerry, (if you said those things.)

  • Jdilla2982 .

    Aint Kerry married to a NFL player please lets not throw stones if you live in a glass house……..Not saying he cheating but the chances are high with the amount females throwing themselves at NFL players

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  • PBM1986

    So Scandal isnt a bad example for black women? She fuckin everybody and they daddy… LMAO


      Do u really Believe everything u see on T.V. LOL!

      • PBM1986

        We could ask her the same thing regarding Beyonce… Dumb comment…. The point is they both set dumb examples for African American women.


        Explain how Kerry does this, Please?

      • Nes Barrett

        PBM just did. If you are an entertainer and portray a certain image, then public court will weigh their opinion on you. Since they are both entertainers it would be hypocritical for KW to talk ish on Beyonce as a Role Model, when KW get’s paid on highest rated tv show in 2014 for being a black woman sleeping w/ a married President and every other dude on the show. Not to mention “She Hate Me” movie playing the main conspirator of getting her ex man to impregnate her and her lesbian girlfriend. All before she pimped him out to a slew of random paying lesbians. Last time I checked Beyonce performs with her clothes on next to her husband making most money in entertainment. KW should check herself before discussing other people’s business, especially when you make less money than them. With that said, this whole article is FARCE with this 6th degrees of gossip BS so somebody’s assistant can feel special like they got the scoop on ish. #getalife


        It’s call freedom of speech and since we can only go by what we read, who are we to judge. You’re doing the same thing she did giving an opinion on somebody u don’t know but going by what you read in some type of media form. But the behive is strong, and I’ve seen on other sites where it would have been over 100 comments defending Bey. A true Singer don’t need to show skin, but an entertainer that know her time is almost up have too, to stay revelant. JMO. U can’t beat father time. Money don’t have nothing to do with it. True artists do it because they love it. But i respect your opinion.

      • Soulrebel1

        You are feeble minded if you compare an actress who doesn’t write her roles and just tries to find a employment with role she can get,, to the highest grossing R&b musician who has the artistic freedom and power to write say or sing what she pleases either you’re a kid or an idiot

      • jgraves58

        Actresses don’t have to take roles that portray them in a way that they personally disapprove of. If Kerry Washington is going to talk shit about what Beyoncé portrays, she needs to look at the roles that she has chosen to portray.

      • Soulrebel1

        Just like we don’t have have to take a job we don’t want how many of us who lucky enough to find a decent paying job quit and say I’ll find another I live in the real world not some utopian society,, Kerry works in Hollywood with limited roles for minorities and most take all roles until the financially well to choose roles such as Johnny depp, or will Smith or angalina Jolie that’s reality kids

      • Weedras

        she has the power to chose her roles even if she doesn’t write it…


        My bad. thought u was addressing me.

      • Weedras

        She hate me was a dope movie though i cant lie.. lol! but you hit the nail square on the head! also that movie ‘i love my wife’ where she was trying to make Chris Rock cheat on his wife…


        This show is for adults, rights so if adult are influence by this then that’s just sad. Bro everybody got opinion, but people act like bey & Jay can’t do no wrong. Today’s theme sell your soul for the almighty dollar, then fight and argue among yourself. Not saying KW perfect neither, but she don’t live on media forms like the two name above .IJS.

      • 5% Hov

        ” bey & Jay can’t do no wrong”

        What wrong? We don’t now them like that…. U acting like we should be judging entertainers for art…. FOH


        It always suppose to be bout the music bro, fuc all that other sh*t, they got Bossip for that. They may be rich, Music wise, it over wit. Nobody can beat father Time.

      • 5% Hov

        Successful black entertainers are bad examples?
        HOW SWAY?

        Both these women are extremely hard-working professional people …. FOH

      • Weedras

        its what she’s portraying is the point he’s trying to make black woman portrayed as a home wrecker in one of the biggest shows on tv right now…


        Common man that just TV. 10:00pm most kids should have they behind in bed, Who is she influnencing? Adults.

      • Weedras

        i’m sure most artistes music has a parental advisory sticker on there… so who’s to blame the artist or the parents? and just like how they can access Beyonce’s music best believe they’re getting their fill of Olivia Pope….

  • ZUBU

    Not trying to diss Bey, but Kerry may have a point. Bey reaches a much larger audience. Take a look at the beautiful sexy as heck singer SADE who has never used sex to sell her music. She is private and just a great artist……. Once again for the Bey-hive crew….. no diss

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    How about the fact that Jay, Bey, and Blue portray a more important image? A solid black family…..complete with two traditional(male and female) parents?

  • AlbertoRipRon

    This is when you say “shut up bish”.

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Kerry actually has a good point, but her message doesn’t reach as broad an audience as Bey reaches with her audience. Bey has more fans, her audience is broader and people like her because she’s sexy AF.

    • 5% Hov

      Kelly didnt say this.
      And no points were made.

  • Weedras

    Doubt this is true…. just a conversation piece on AHH’s part i guess…

  • DeniseRTuttle

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