Hip-Hop Rumors: Watch Out Dream! Thots Are Scheming!

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I am sitting here doing nothing. All of a sudden I get an alert and that alert say, “Dream Info Urgent.” Well the honest facts are, I don’t know much about The Dream. In fact, I almost called him “The Game” by accident. Anyway, I have to warn The Dream! Apparently, he is pretty good with the ladies out in these skreets. They seemingly like him so much they want to set him up. I have been told that one of The Dream’s sideline skeezers is looking to have a baby with him. She has stopped taking her birth control and is looking for him to put a bun in her oven.


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  • W.$.G.T.$

    worse than a female with this gossip man!

  • Immortal

    There was no point to this rumor at all….hoe’s out for you…..NO SH*T. He just passed one to Lil Wayne

  • kane pacino

    this guy already got like 5kids . . so one more aint no biggie . .

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  • Tony the trolling ass Cracker

    This nigga is like the ODB of R&B. Yeah, I’m white and I say Nigga, Nigga

    • 5% Hov

      Nigga… this is the rumor section.
      Carrying on cooning.

  • 1hiphophiphop

    This is so bad smh.

  • Dope

    Wow.. you have sources that tell you if some random hood chick is taking her pills or not. You good.. damn, you’re G.O.O.D. KGB, CIA, MI5… they ain’t got nothing on you.

    • Jew Pac “KOSHER LIFE”


      • DeniseRTuttle

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  • irmaagregg

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    • Brindle

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  • Deam is a trick, and a cornball.

  • jeezuz_walkz


  • The Arsonist

    When can we murder the term “ThoT”? im locked and loaded just let me know when.

    • Dubz

      Now please.

    • Brindle

      NOW, hurry

  • GP

    hey he got his stage name by selling it to these buckets. he sell them all dreams. I with you brah. pimp yo pen

  • MercedNative209

    i strongly suggest you hire a new headline writer.

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  • IROC

    Stay strapped

  • MildManneredReporter

    wtf kind of article is this?

  • AlbertoRipRon

    The best thing about this piece is that funny Kimbo Slice image

  • hoeyuno

    I swear you guys a are not even trying anymore..this is insulting chuck….

  • heavyboy

    If a female is trying to set a dude up to get pregnant then why would she tell anyone that she stopped taking birth control??? She wouldn’t tell a f*kn soul. And why would a rich dude take a woman’s word for it that she’s taking them in the first place?? You mean to tell me that dude’s going raw in females simply because they “said” that they were using bc??? If someone is paying y’all to keep them relevant then try being more creative cause this is bad writing straight up*

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