Angela Simmons

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow And Angela Simmons Reunite!

Looks like Bow Wow, I mean, Shad Moss is getting back with his dope ex-Angela Simmons. But, not in the way you may think. They are not getting back together! Damn. That would have made great TV, since they just broke up a year or so ago. But they are jumping back into a reality show. The new show won’t have anything to do with that though. They are apparently working on a reality show that focuses on his life as a host and dad. Angela will simply discuss her traveling and her fashion endeavors. Uh…doesn’t seem very interesting to me. There has to be more. I’m wondering…what’s up. Is this really going to happen or not.


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  • John Q. Public

    bow wow tryin to change it up to Shad Moss… never

    • Ya’ll killing me with these memes.

      • DeniseRTuttle

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  • John Q. Public

    never seen them pics of Angela tho…

  • Immortal

    Man if you think for one second this will be some kind of “intelligent” “reality: show then..

  • IROC


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  • The Legendary Troll

    Nobodies going to watch that ish

  • Two of the most uninteresting people in the world. Who is really going to be watching this mess.

  • AlbertoRipRon

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Sounds like Angela is just getting some money off of Lil Bow Wow.

  • ZUBU

    I never knew she looked that good, damn….. Yet she still looks too much like Run…. IMO

  • Splatter

    That’s an extravagant ass weave Angela

  • tycity

    wow, bow to the tax man. make those payments bruh.

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  • GP

    they broke up because she went to an event with bow wow and all the real ballers was likeVVV Peep the Picture

  • Tre C

    won’t even make it to TV