Hip-Hop Rumors: Crip Tries To G-Check Lil Wayne


Things ain’t the same for gangsters. A dude out there in L.A. made an attempt to G-Check Lil Wayne when he was with his boo Christina Milian. Apparently, the couple was out having a nice dinner at the Supper Club in Hollywood when a Crip ran up on the Maybach. I was a bit shocked that security didn’t handle that a bit more expeditiously but maybe they didn’t want any issues they couldn’t handle. Anyway, the man told Wayne to “check in,” but it looks like he just “checked out.”

Check the video below.


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  • That sht was weak….

    • water_ur_seeds

      Yeah, it looked half hearted, if your gonna confront him atleast make it look convincing…

      • or have a back up plan.

      • BALLER ✔️

        Looks like the dudes at the end was plotting on crip like texting suge like how much for this nikka magic dead

      • DeniseRTuttle

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  • whatupdoe

    Seems like dude was trying to get put on then got his feelings hurt when lil wayne didn’t pay him no attention.

  • OnlyFaDaReal


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  • Immortal

    To the dude who was a “convenient” Crip…..

  • chippc

    Thought AHH had an update story cuz this shiit about a week old now aint it?

    • Jovaughn


  • Jdilla2982 .

    Its so irrelevant Wayne probably dont even remember this happening

    • atle fjeldstad

      True.. Junkies forget everything..

  • It look like he wanted to hand Wayne his demo or ask for a job at first, but he got ignored then got mad lol

  • Sugar-el Edwards

    let me guess ??? this broke ass dude has a mixtape coming out in 2 weeks and he’ll use this as a download-promotion……bitch ass dudes do anything for attention and do even more bitch-ass shit when they get the attention

  • mike

    he got “checked” because he a fake blood

    • Nah, that’s a real Blood’s job not Crip. He just wanted to see how a so called real Blood responds to a real Crip…He’s not an OG tho so he looks like a upset fan crip, lol.

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  • Sadat

    Lil Wayne is not a gangster. No points for G-Checkin someone who aint a G.

    • Que Don


      • I think both yall points valid…..

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  • STFUUIgnants

    So he gets all the benefits of claiming a gang w/o any of the risks? That’s actually a boss move, bc obviously some real bloods are backing him. Shows you how worthless gang banging is… low level thugs who will only fill up the prisons and graves. SMDH.

    • heavyboy

      if you think that claiming a gang without having lived that lifestyle is without risks then you are mistaken.

      • Hell yea false flaggers get that ass beat and embarrassed eyday from where I was coming up..

      • STFUUIgnants

        calculated rish that he seems to be winning…..easily

      • heavyboy

        It’s a moral issue bruh….. you don’t claim shit that you’re not. That’s just me*

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  • IROC

    While dudes in gangs on the street live this life entertainers like Lil Wayne are fake along with others who play like they Bloods until it gets real, Wayne has no street cred and neither does Baby who is just a child molester

    • Casor_Greener

      You wrong about Baby

  • Un Huh!! See nigga couldve got touched right there! This gang shit for real it aint for play!

    • wickedjones

      yeah but he didn’t. Niggas a rapper not a gangster. Please get back to reality.

      • Celz

        Tell ya man crush to get back to reality.. Talkin bout suwop on every song.. Trust and believe he’s checkin in with someone..

  • spanky520

    gayne aint no g he a fake fag.a real blood would never let a crip get that close set trippin

    • Celz

      Real shyt DJ Quik wouldn’t a played that..

  • Modesto Koczwara


  • wickedjones

    I hate crab ass niggas. Whatever set you from, there’s a proper place for everything. They should’ve whopped his ass. This young nigga got enuf money to get that young gangbanger’s dope fiend momma to turn on her son. Niggas just don’t like to see other black people make money.

    • Celz

      Naw niccas just hate fake ass wannabe thugs that sell lies about a lifestyle they never lived to impressionable kids so they can get rich and proceed to feed all of their money to richer white people to buy things to prove to the impressionable kids that they are richer than they are..

      Fucc Wayne the rich stupid thug and this broke real stupid thug.. If Wayne needed to check in wit the nicca he would just call him..

    • Ryan Cole

      You’re talking like Wayne’s money comes from positive shit, like uplifting his culture and educating his people. Wayne’s money comes from portraying a bullshit image that ni99as keep dying behind. Wayne bangs from a gated community. While these radio and TV personalities are too busy kissing these guys’ asses, it’s gonna come to street niggas putting these phonies in check, and that never turns out good.

      • wickedjones

        thats true. i can’t argue with truth.

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  • Montezuma1

    Magic is a Crip with stripes out there. Believe he’s from Watts. Had entertainers under pressure till he got a parole violation a few years back. Look like he’s back on the street. He’s bout that life for real. Ask Kevin Garnett.

    • ZUBU

      I never heard of Magic, but I been to LA many times and I know C’s and B’s out there and them brothas ain’t playing. Wayne is a toy blood he don’t want it with the real bloods or crips. I have seen a lot of bad things happen out there. Basically if you’re not really about that don’t play with fire.

      • Montezuma1

        Magic used to rob entertainers years ago. Got so bad the police picked him up on a violation so the fake thugs could breathe. His hustle is robbing and extorting wealthy athletes and entertainers. He’s not trying to get a feature on his mix tape. lol

      • ZUBU

        LMAO bro sound like a beast lol. I believe it all day! When I use to visit out there my people always protected me I was out there getting a lil paper nothing major, but my people always made sure I was safe, cause if you ain’t connected it ain’t safe out there!! Word, some of these people on this site don’t have a clue how grimy LA is…… SMH

      • Casor_Greener

        You wasn’t getting no paper anywhere my dude. Stop it with the hustler fantasies

      • ZUBU

        Sissy boy I have nothing to prove, I have lived it. Word is bond… Now take your troll ass on somewhere else! Word…. Also you police ass fag I never mentioned hustlin’ I said getting a lil’ paper you inserted hustlin cause you are a fag police troll!

      • Casor_Greener

        “fag police troll” damn bro. You definitely wasn’t get money with vocab like that. Try a little harder next time why don’t you….

      • ZUBU

        Simply called you what you are, and if you think everyone getting money speaks broken english them you’re dumb as well as being a “fag police troll.” Street brothas come in all flavors.
        You watched too many movies, not every person getting a lil paper speaks ebonics that is just a generalization the trolls like you make about people, cause you sitting on the porch, feet ain’t never touched the streets.

      • Casor_Greener

        I walked into work this morning…

    • Oh so now it makes a lil sense…I was wondering why wayne bodyguards ain’t ball him up…..

  • AlbertoRipRon

    C’mon bruh, you just rocked a blue hat (one piece of blue?) and was talking in your library voice.

    • Lmao nigga g checked his maybach exhaust….bruh was close enough to smell Cristina or whatever hair but sounded real Ralph tresvant wit the cuzzin sht….

      • AlbertoRipRon

        LMFAO!! This nigga said he g checked his maybach exhaust. I’m done.

  • king

    Wayne no fighter or gangster more ni $$€ r shi+ new day same bs



  • Markus

    Studio gangsters beware. If you talk ignorance, you attract ignorance. Gangs I don’t believe is Wayne’s lifestyle now so maybe the best action to take is cut back on rapping about a life he doesn’t lead.

  • best_believe

    Wayne and Birdman gonna pay somebody to make there new found problem stop. That Crip might be in his new music video

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    This nigga love the dreams left overs

    • I guess the dream weak azz is that nigga huh? Lmao

  • hunterwo

    Lil Wayne Pacino. He’s at the forefront of a culture that he’s helping to destroy. Face tattoos and fake banging is killing people out here to support a fake? Wayne, it’s a damn shame you try to take your acting and make it seem like you live that life. People believe this shit. You’re smart enough to know. Don’t destroy your people. De Niro, Pacino, will smith all are respected without carrying the BS over into real life. When you look at yourself in the mirror you know you’re an actor, and a lot of us do to. I dare you to walk down the street in Cali. Pop tart MF. White boys out here are harder than you. ;). STOP PLAYING. At this point, you’re only safe in “Hollywood”.

  • hunterwo

    Soft as lambs wool.

    • Nah nigga soft as a freshly hatched chick doing back flips on a posterpedic mattress lined with marshmallows…..and b4 u fuk niggaz say sumn I’m pretty sure I spelled posterpedic wrong, sorry I don’t own one…..

  • hunterwo

    Last comment. I’ve never even posted shit before but this is out of hand. Wayne, you’re one of the greatest poets of the last 200 years and when you’re gone you’ll be remembered as a fake. The only work you’ve put in WAS ON YOURSELF. The only “gangster” that I know that’s ONLY SHOT HIMSELF. Don’t ruin your legacy. Please. The best rapper that ever lived or the most fake? You decide. YOU CAN’T WALK DOWN 99.99999999% OF STREETS IN THE USA. STOP! I live in LA and nobody is in lamboos or maybachs. MF’s just trying to eat. I respect the hustle but you exploited the entire game and PUT IT ON RECORD. Please…… If I ever. Smack my b!tch up.

    • HalfPast7

      Time out, did u just call this nigga one of the best poets in the last 200 years and then imply that he could be the best rapper that ever lived or am I just missing the sarcasm???

      • hunterwo

        There may NOT been another wordsmith like Wayne EVER. Can’t rob his talent but the fake banging is sad. Pathetic. My homies REALLY live that. I’m not active but in LA this is life. Not fat white bitches in Miami. When did he put in work? When the nigga was 4? He’s a movie star but acts hood. Ask people in Rikers. Pulled PC like a HOE. You’re probably a fly over state but by the water we know? USA is small when you cut the corn out.

      • HalfPast7

        Wayne ain’t a wordsmith! Nas, Jay, Mos Def, Pharoah Monch, Rakim, Jada, Em, Kendrick, Pun, Big L, Pac, Big L, etc. << THOSE are wordsmiths, I'm done here fam

      • I dig what u saying but wayne wasn’t exactly a slouch….he garbage now but back in the g lil bro was cool….til the lip piercings and leggings came out.

      • HalfPast7

        Nah I mean I remember a time years ago when I wasn’t mad listenin to Weezy (Go DJ, Fireman to name a few), yah mean sh!t was tolerable and it was knocking, but to call son wordsmith n the greatest poet of all time is just plain ole reachin’……OD reachin’. I just can’t rock with that opinion, but that’s just me.

      • Lmao like I said I dig what u was saying….niggaz be in love wit they rappers on here tho at times and not dealing wit reality, lmao I go for they neck too but u know sometimes u gotta be like fk it. Can’t explain sht to a dumbass type thang.

      • HalfPast7

        Lol I feels. I’m startin to see that now

      • Weedras

        Last Wayne track i truly enjoyed as a master stroke of rap was hustler’s Muzik…. the rest are mostly forgettable joints or joints you tire of hearing after awhile..

      • Jhiggz Kharique Merritt

        Exactly how he one of the greatest when Gillie the kid wrote the early carter albums and Drake is his new writer…please listen to the flows

      • Weedras

        I even give J. Cole credit as a wordsmith over Wayne…. i throw Wayne in the same category as Cam, nursery rhymes…

      • NYG20

        He pulled pc? You know anyone famous gets put in pc.. Even Aaron Hernandez got put in pc before he was even convicted.

    • greatest poet of the last 200 years? nigga what are you smoking? dat shit must be really really good ….. lmfao…

      • Gonja

        nigga smoking rolled up pocket lint

      • hahahahaha

      • Gonja

        Wayne ain’t even the last greatest poet of the last 2 years. This nigga said 200.. Wayne got a cornball artist named Drake with better bars.. The west coast got a nigga named Kendrick with better bars.. NY got a nigga named Bobby Shmurda with…. never mind


        LMBAO!!! That nigga is smoking that “Sticky” pocket lint!!!

    • Immortal

      This is Chuck D’s face to that BS you said about the “greatest poets of the last 200yrs”


      “Wayne, you’re one of the greatest poets of the last 200 years”???

      You must be drunk!!!

  • i’mreloaded!

    even the security didn’t wanna deal wit it. You can’t false flag foreva, cuz someone will check your status. Gangs is played out anyway.

  • Splatter

    Y’all talking about this gangster blood right here??

    • Splatter

      If I was blood I’d be upset as fucc about hip hop dudes claiming the gang. Look at the dudes claiming blood( lil wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown, Jim jones Young Thug,) these dudes is embarrassing y’all. Then you look at rappers claiming Crip ( Schoolboy Q, Nippsey Hussle, Snoop) see the difference?

      • This funny as hell but I definitely see what u saying……ain’t no street niggaz gon claim them clowns tho…

      • ChadAlexander

        why tf would they be upset all them niggas you named claiming bloods paying some blood nigga but who cares gangs are for dumb ass niggas

      • well thats why they have to pay tribute. wayne ant just running around sayin he a blood, bloods are lettin him because they getting money and booty banging lil wayne whenever they want.. lol..

      • brotha_man


  • drac215

    If he got that close, beeeelieve me wayne couldve got touched!!! Sad but true the same thing happened to Big and Pac because those with a little connects get to get up close on you like he did. His security was shooked cause they must have known who this dude is(they have to live there, wayne get to go home) They wouldve thrown any joe blow around like a toy but they had to know or know of this dude and his crew. God bless because all this is b.s. Jesus is King

  • yeah… wayne looking real gangsta.. sike.

  • EniggaMA

    Internet thuggery is getting sickening.

  • DeniseRTuttle

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  • Esi Fante

    What grown ass man is yelling crip old ass about 50 years old STILL gangbanging. SMH

  • tc wiseguys111

    Magic was involved in that Dr Dre & Young Buck shit in mid 2000’s I think that’s nigga got shanked by YOUNG BUCK ……87 Gangsta Crip only rappers was LV fron coolio gangsta paradise fame & Havoc & Prodigy from South Central Cartel……….Oh Yeah nation wide young murder squad was a rap group in 90’s

  • Guest

    “Wayne a beast I aint gone lie he can go but when he step off the boot you still a hoe. He a wanna Be ,Chris Brown ,jim jones waka flocc’a lil wayne aint no bloods NO REAL REPUTABLE B DOGZ WOULD NEVER RESPECT THESE CLOWNS they will end up getting put on 4 real in LA COMPTON OR INGLEWOOD an SAN DIEGO Cali gang bangers only respect other cali gang bangers

    • Killuminati

      And you know this because your a Cali gang banger right? Also **reputable

    • MLB44

      There are real C’s and B’s in other states outside of Cali who get respect, just none of them are in the industry who started banging after they were rich and famous. There are real ones and fake ones in every state, including Cali. It’s just the fake ones from Cali who are in the industry tend to get a pass cuz they at least likely grew up with some real Crips and Bloods.

      • Guest

        Tru they also do alotta spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on these hoods as well if not family get hog tide and Jacked and they ghetto pass get revolked

  • maya

    Pathetic. But that’s what he represents and promotes.

  • GP

    lmao is that dame dash?

  • GP

    i doubt he a real crip cause if he was a real crip he would have blew wayne ass back to da N.O. don’t be surprised you see that same dude in that bucket hat on the LA Times front page

  • jacksjus

    I mean if you wanna bang on wax, this is what can happen. It’s unfortunately real to a lot of people and some of these rappers that have it made don’t seem to realize this. Real bangers would trade in their left nut, for a chance to move up and out of the hood legally.

  • DirkDigg1er

    It’s sad regardless. This looks like he was waiting outside for what? To get pushed by security. Only in black communities you savages have no respect for each other & glorify it.

    I wonder how the world would react if blacks respected each other, stop squandering money, & focused on ownership.


      I wonder what life would be like if you cowards would stop talking schitt behind your keyboards???

  • Ann

    Wayne have some serious pit bulls and bulldogs on his trail. Sometimes I feel sorry for you guys with wealth. Because you have some people with pocket change in their pockets and no friends because they threw them away and come on these blogs and hate. And some of these people don’t read books, all you hear is hate, anger and jealously. I can’t comment on Wayne because I’m not tucking him in at nights or scrubbing his back in the bathtub. Go figure?

  • Ok so when Wayne comes to town he has to call Mr.Crip named magic first??? Smh ok…..