The Wire's Anwan ‘Big G’ Glover Stabbed, Releases Statement

(AllHipHop News) Anwan ‘Big G’ Glover of “The Wire,” the acclaim television series, has been stabbed in an assault.

Glover played the role of Slim Charles on the award winning show.

The actor, who is well regarded in the Washington D.C. community, was attacked in a Cafe Asia when two men started to assault him. One of the men stabbed him.

Glover was rushed to the hospital and his injuries were considered “non-life threatening” by The Baltimore Sun. He also suffered a number of bruises and lacerations.

Big G released a statement, which can be seen below.


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  • GQ

    Marlo back in the game and want his spot back. The russians cool wit it.

    Nah but fr tho, glad you ok.

    • DeniseRTuttle

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    • Bumpy Johnson

      no its michael he been trippin ever since

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  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Homies very thorough look him up

  • John Q. Public

    I got to season 3 and stopped. I don’t remember him? is he seasons 4 & 5 or somethin?

    • brotha_man

      damn. I couldnt stop watching that show. the only season i didnt like was season 5 when mcnulty was faking those homcides. but season 4 was prob my fave. I think he didnt show up till season 3. he was in 3,4,5 if i remember correctly

      • John Q. Public

        I wasn’t big on the show. Season 2 was so boring to me I almost didn’t even check Season 3.
        And after they killed Idris Elba’s character in Season 3 I had no more interest, he was the only character I liked. Omar was cool too but he was barely even in it.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        thats your lost yo… Marlo Stansfield was a helluva character and you should have kept watching! Marlo, Chris, Snoop and Mike were ruthless

  • GP

    i live in dc from dc etc, dude either gets shot or stabbed. but when it comes to the go go and them clubs big g holds it down. his music will get you amped to kill somebody. bottomline in dc we don’t care if you famous or not when its on its on. ask cam and lil flip

    • brotha_man

      not something to be proud of. but i feel where u coming from. unity, my brother

  • brotha_man