Busta Rhymes Appears In Toyota's "Swagger Wagon" Commercial (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Corporations have been using rap music to sell their products for years, so it comes as no surprise that Toyota incorporated rapping into their latest commercial. What does come as a shock to many is that Hip Hop legend Busta Rhymes signed on to appear in the ad for the “Swagger Wagon.”

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The full 3-minute “music video” centers around the “Neubert Family” rapping about their new vehicle. Busta shows up near the middle of the clip to add lyrics such as “I’m digging your wagon.”

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Watch the video for “Swagger Wagon” featuring Busta Rhymes below.

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  • Montezuma1

    Busta has bills to pay. He’s a middle aged man with children to support. His best days are behind him. No time for being selective. Even Muhammad Ali promoted Brut cologne and Raid roach killer. It be like that sometimes.

  • TruthSerum

    People download music for free left & right, then turn around and have the nerve to criticize rappers for their endorsement deals and what not. People got bills to pay, if nobody buys the music, what they suppose to do, feed their kids respect for all 3 meals a day?? F-O-H, get your money busta

    • This ‘chet makes me want to create a MAG accout like ButchCraig, so I can co-sign it twice!

  • meanygreene

    he promoted sprite. at least he isn’t promoting something that has a negative influence in the black community like when rappers were promoting all those st ides commercials back in the day!

    • Executive

      What’s wrong with promoting alcohol to those 21+?

      • anemia716

        well for starters commercials are seen by all ages. second, how come I only see ciroc billboards in the city when I’m riding around but not the burbs?

      • meanygreene

        good point

      • >> In white exec’s voive : “Well, um, UHhh, you see, er, hmm, the way my bank account is set up….”

      • meanygreene

        do you honestly believe they cared about that? who do you think their targeted demographic was? I have yet to see def leapord, Metallica, or gunz’n’roses in a st ides commercial!

    • Rakim, Ice Cube, EPMD?, Snoop Dogg, Geto Boys, etc.

  • SQL

    Busta! get a grip. FFS man you are 42 not 52. the hell has happened to this dude?

  • The Legendary Troll

    money is money. i aint mad at ya bus

    • Coast2Coast

      I agree..BS aint nothin

  • $18916246

    Urban influence…..Get ya money Busta. I think conservative white folks might feel some kind of way about the HIP HOP theme and gestures displayed by a white family. Could I see this video playing on prime TV?,,,,,nope.

    • A million plus views on Youtube?

      • $18916246

        Hey….I could be wrong?

      • Well, you know for a fact they don’t expect “URBAN” to buy a Swagger Wagon.

  • BigDayOne

    Busta got paid for a verse and an appearance in a music video, ain’t much difference in rapping with the Nueberts than getting paid for a verse with a corny rapper

  • RichFromBX

    It’s 2014, not 1982….A lot of the decision makers (black and white) in companies are in the 40s which is the first generation that pretty much grew up with HipHop from the time they were children so seeing HipHop being used as much as it is shouldn’t surprise anyone. For a lot of these cats there’s a really high “cool factor” by getting an artist like Busta because they use to rock to his joints when they were still hitting the clubs.

    Damn, people have really got to stop reading to much in to shit and just enjoy fact that HipHop is appreciated and has the influence it does. I don’t know how many people on here are old enough to remember the days when pop stations wouldn’t play HipHop or plat the version of a pop song that featured a rapper. Now you have HipHop crossed over in to country music and played on country stations.

    Only in HipHop do we criticize someone’s success and see it as a negative.

    • Not all money is good money.

      • dee

        Sh!t its paying his bills so fuk it

      • RichFromBX

        true, drug dealing isn’t good money but I think it’s safe to say that money Busta earned here was good money. No one got hurt and his kids can eat.

      • ** Applies to his YMCMB signing…but not thuis Toyota commercial. **

    • PEACE!

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • John Q. Public

    Busta turning into Biz Markie

  • TheAkademik

    The screenshot is bad enough…I will not click to watch…skiddddadddleeee

  • Eli Pinilla

    Ayyy, I guess it’s better than singing for burger king nuggets.



  • jd

    Make. It. Stop.

  • Busta looks like a swollen pig….What happened to his career? This is an epic fail.

  • diggdoug

    strike two bus ! one more and i’m out . that ymcmb move was bad enough .

  • maya

    He jumped the shark when he swallowed the whale.

  • El Dogga

    Hell when did his last album drop???? His last number one single???? He’s been on aftermath and YMCMB for the last few years!

    Ain’t nothing wrong with corporate dough!

  • Chris

    Real talk, though. The Neuberts spit harder than Busta Rhymes on this. SMH.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      You aint never lied……can’t believe this is the same dude who made “ELE”.

      • Chris

        For real. This is embarrassing.

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    the difference between this and ‘real’ trap is negliglble.

  • Markus

    The fact that Toyota chose him for a commercial means that he came cheaper than any more current popular rappers. Somebody at their advertising department must have known that Busta would be an easier way to go to get this done. Busta’s not getting any younger so I’m not mad at him getting an opportunity like this. He’s pretty much finished now.

    • Not if he keeps rapping like he does in this commercial.

  • 8Galaxy5

    Im not gonna lie,that was hard to look at.
    Why did Busta do this? Is he so desperate for money?
    Surley there other,more respectable ways to earn money.
    Busta is the definition of a rapper who has sold out.
    Absolutely terrible.

    • That ‘chet was Flavor for what it was!

      Congratz! to Busta Bust Down for landing the gig!

  • Give the people what they want… Now pay me $$$

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