Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Own Version Of "Flawless (Remix)"

(AllHipHop News) The Queen Bee is not done with her feud with Nicki Minaj. Lil Kim dropped her own lyrics on Beyoncé’s “Flawless (Remix)” with a few words aimed at her longtime rival.

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On the Nick/Bey version, the Young Money rapper refers to herself as “the queen of rap” and shouts out her collaborator Beyoncé aka “Queen Bey.”

Apparently, Kim took offense to Nicki claiming she is the ruler of female rap and also saw the “Queen Bey/Queen Bee” line as a diss.

“Am I tripping or did this ho just say my name?” Kim spits. “Queen of rap? F**k outta here. Queen’s back, f**k outta here. Time to get this wack b***h up outta here.”

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Listen to Lil Kim’s take on “Flawless” below.


142 Responses to “Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Own Version Of "Flawless (Remix)"”

  1. STFUUIgnants

    Shouldve just let that rap beef go. Kim is capable of making quality music. If she just did that, it would’ve been a better look. Now she opens herself up to all the ageist & haterz who love to see rappers fall off and stay down.


    Lol…i think B.I.G. would have felt the same way…if another NY..M.C. claimed to be king of NY, while hes still alive, even TODAY if he was still alive…ijs i aint mad at her

  3. William Witherz

    I wish she would have came a little harder; the verse kind of fades toward the end. Nicki’s verse ended up being pretty huff as well though.

  4. Clondyke Classic

    I fucc with Kim but it’s time to let this bullshit go and focus on herself. She might not like it but Nikki out here gettin them M’s

  5. Mr. Starr Vision

    As Fucked Up As It Sounds “Flawless” and “Lil Kim” Shouldn’t really be in the same sentence…i always wondered why she just didn’t have a plastic surgeon just make her look back how she use to when she looked good.

  6. MsPeaceful

    This is crazy.I don’t think it’s right for people egged this crap on with the females of rap there is money to be made out here for everybody.lets show the up and coming female rappers that female rappers can work together. all this darn beefing within our own community is utterly ridiculous. Every body needs to understand that supporting this beefing between the two it is nuts let it be. Lil kim,please you are older you really need to quit it.nicki never dissed you. She had good things to say. This chic,is trying to make money and please her fans.just like when you started. STOP the beefing and black folk stop instigating this mess. Other races,always say we cannot unify as a people.
    You never see Latinas beefing country singer females beefing and,rock stars making diss records

      • MsPeaceful

        I’m not wrong for saying black female rappers need to work together.lil kim needs to stop being jealous and let nicki make her money. It looks like lil kim is jealous. Nobody can’t claim no darn city in the darn United States if they didn’t discover it or invent it.

  7. Dmac Uno

    Kim Beefed with Remy before she got locked up but Remy wasn’t having that and put her in her place on some “I don’t care if she don’t like me, she doesn’t even like her with all that surgery”

  8. KareemSayeed

    Theres so many things wrong with this.. Of course niki is wack as fuark, but nobody in the industry can end careers… Maybe drake can end a career (as sad as that sounds) hiphop stays losing in 2014

  9. Poseidon

    That pathetic moment when….

    Your career turns into an obsessive preoccupation with the person advancing ahead of you in your field.

      • 5% Hov

        HOW sway? Apart from the looks (short and fat ass)…. I can’t see where Lili Kim’s “Monster” verse is.

        I loved Kim. But she didn’t write her shit. I can’t fully call her GOAT because of that.

  10. Sean Power

    really kim? your to old for this your 40 year old mother, you really come back to start back i rap beef you lost ?
    to the kids under 25 the only queen B they know is beyonce


        str8 up, these M.F. love to box another M.F. in..and talk about these black female rappers (lil kim and Nikki) like a DOGS..smmfh at “most”of
        these young and old bloggers…ol’ peter Rosenberg ass M.F….shout out to all blogs for give them type of folks a voice, black or white!! and most of them “really” don’t know sh!t about hip hop or the environment it comes from! and live in!

      • EDOGZ818

        >>In Roger Mayweather’s voice :

        “Most bloggers don’t know ‘chet about Hip Hop!”


      • LKZ STR8FAGS


      • Sean Power

        yeah big difference you don’t see nas em and jay attacking younger artist just get people talking about them on the blog, its not about age limits it about being mature and being able to move on and let your music speak for it self

      • Danny Martin

        Nicki was throwing shade. throughout that whole verse. The part about birthing and slapping babies on their asses is probably why Kim attacked her. Nicki deserves a good slap for being disrespectful.

  11. Danny Martin

    Kim has every right to shit on Nicki. Nicki’s entire career is built off being a parody of Lil’ Kim. When Kendrick claimed to be King, ya’ll were cheering on the responses, but telling Kim she can’t? GTFOH


    Reblogged this on SuperStarStyle Blog and commented:
    I live Nicki and Beyoncé version. I like Kim’s comeback but enough with the drama. Can they please have a Chris brown, Trey Songz and August Alsina moment. Pleasssssseeee???? Youre both QUEENS



    • Jonathan Bacher

      Kings and Queens dont stay on forever bruh
      If you’re mad at that tell your idol to use a different title.

      • EDOGZ818

        “See kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent
        Talkin big words on the mic but still irrelevant
        Especially when you’re not, college material
        Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal”

        KRS – Criminal Minded 25yrs + ago?

        *Throwback of the Blastmaster on the left!

    • 5% Hov

      Bro. Lil Kim paved the way – but she never a wrote a verse.

      Also – Nicki tried to pay homage. Kim just jumped out the window before she realised that she coulda played OG and improved her status.

      • Danny Martin

        Kim wrote her shit faggot. Nicki never paid homage–she was using Kim’s name & swagger for attention from the female rap fanbase; which Kim had the biggest following.
        & Sicki constantly dissed Kim WHILE swagger jacking her!

      • 5% Hov

        So im fagggot now? Bro kims never wrote a verse in life.
        Read any of of album credits. LOL

    • NJNATL

      dam near every bitch from the south that rapped was mediocre at best yall thirsty lames stay trying to find ways to hate on the empire state smh

      • NJNATL

        trina definitely not above average in fact she garbage to me I guess I can give u brat although last time I checked Chicago wasn’t in the south. never really considered missy a real mc more of all around entertainer singer dancer producer raping lil something

      • NJNATL

        last time I checked brat is from the chi that’s not the south. Trina wack as shit dnt know y u even mentioned her and missy is more of an entertainer then rapper singer dancer producer wit sum rapping here and there

  14. Tony the trolling ass Cracker

    And another thing, how you gonna have a bitch with so much plastic surgery on a song called flawless? Someone is trying to make a joke at her expense…..hating ass Brooklyn bitch.

      • 5% Hov

        Who cares if the result is Nicki…
        If you gona do it at least don’t come out looking like a female Michael Jackson

      • 5% Hov

        Yeah…. Looking ass nigas posting on a nigga article…. smh

      • Tony the trolling ass Cracker

        Nigga, you’re gonna have to learn how to talk to a cracker boy


    foollll you came back after you exit as the best to let the new youth on the block to take that from you, now you will make nicki the best that ever live, she will kill you 5 time & bury you ten times what fool, relax & let the youths shine. #thisisnickitimetostar.

    • 5% Hov

      for real if Kim had stayed retired we would all still have her as one of the GOATS – but she had to keep rappping…

      then we all found out 95% of issh was Ghostwritten by Big, the Lox Mase, lil cease etc

      • Danny Martin

        You are dead wrong son. Big only helped with a few songs on her debut album. The Lox & Cease nor Mase never wrote for Kim. Ironically Kim wrote for Cease! LMAO!
        Kim is certified female GOAT status!

      • 5% Hov

        They all wrote for Kim… she said so HERSELF>

        Where do they make these kids? Guessing you were born after 1990….

  16. TK

    I liked it, Kim got at her. Starships, Pills & Potions that is GARBAGE lol man that aint rap Nikki lost, now she mad @ Iggy becoz she took her spot, so she resorted to stripping in order to stay a float lol

    Nikki should really call her album the Kim Blueprint, she stole her swag from the beginning lol

    • 5% Hov

      Kim doesn’t write her own rhmyes.
      I loved Hardcaore and La Bella Mafia too….
      But c’mon.
      Kim doesnt even own her own face….

      Nicki >> Kim

      However Nicki still hasn’t got a classic album.

      • $18916246

        Nicki don’t write either…what you think all them stand around artist over at “What Money Records” are doing?…..Tyga and the other silent label mates signed on as co-writers for hire. You guys need to pay attention to lyrical cadences and flows….Wal’e does the same thing over at MMG. Pusha T…makes a living in HIP-HOP writing for the likes of Kanye and others.

      • 5% Hov

        “Nicki don’t write either”

        Nah… don’t believe that for second. If you can point to any one verse or rapper that claimed to write for Nicki??

        Tyga?? LOL dude can’t even rap. U bugged man son,
        If nicki was a Man you be calling her Top 5.

        She don’t have weak verses.

      • $18916246

        Pardon me surface dweller, you have no understanding of the music business…look past the glitz and glamour….just listen. These are not MC’s…and what your listening to is not HIP-HOP…It’s HIP-POP….See the difference…now just listen.

      • 5% Hov

        ” no understanding of the music business”

        What are u on bruH?

        “what your listening to is not HIP-HOP…It’s HIP-POP”

        Who said anything on MC’s or Hiphop? lol Ur a werido.

      • $18916246

        And your green as a blade of grass…..blissfully ignorant you are.

      • $18916246

        Why are you ignorant? Sharpie’s have nothing to do with checking yourself.

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        That’s where i beg to differ. Tyga definitely CAN rap, but only when he’s on his actual rap shit. Not Rack City, 187, DJ Mustard beats and borrowed YG flows. I mean when he’s actually rapping like on the Black Thought mixtapes or The Potential.
        Fam was absolutely spitting then..

      • 5% Hov

        HAHAHA…. u crazy bum ass tyga is writing for Nici who’s shit is 10 better than his.


      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        Never said he was writing for her.. Idk where that came from, i’m just saying as someone who has listened to Tyga since his voice was squeaky, he can rap..

      • 5% Hov

        Fair enuff. the other guy did tho… i think Nici is one of the few who actually writes… check her publishing.

      • MsPeaceful

        This hating on nicki need to stop. I like lil kim and nicki however, I’m not supporting lil kim dissing her own black sister seriously. I hate it when the brother do into each other.all this rap beef isn’t cool to me.

      • MsPeaceful

        that was supposed to be lil kim …. not nicki, I know! i like nicki and lil kim. i wish lil kim will stop this crap with nicki

      • MsPeaceful

        It gets to appoint where the artist is learning and growing how to write a great lyrical content.lil kim had shit written for her. But to diss nicki by calling her a whore make it look like she is hating and envying her. Damn everybody think they are the best in rap otherwise niggas won’t be rapping showing their skills. I think wiz Khalifa can rap, he don’t sound like nobody else to me. Common can rap he to don’t sound like anybody and writes his own shit.

      • Danny Martin

        Nicki don’t write her own rhymes either. S.B. writes them–check her credits.
        Kim >> Sicki Garbage

      • Danny Martin

        S.B.’s on Nicki’s writing credits. Just cause it’s her boyfriend doesn’t make it any different. Actually it’s the same as when BIG helped Kim. They had something going on also. So they’re in the same boat–only difference is, BIG been gone and Kim still has hot classics.

      • MsPeaceful

        I agree,don’t get me wrong I like lil kim. But if anything she don’t need to be dissing nobody. Not one time nicki has dissed her. I searched every song nicki did and no lyrics has anything dissing lil kim. I just want them to work together instead of a diss. Lil kim is older she needs to stop seriously. As I said before, black folk need to unify not be divided. Seriously this crap has to stop. Dang it it’s not too many female mcs who are active. We got underground people but they aren’t really mainstream. . I just want the female mcs even the white ones to work together

  17. M. Skittle

    Well you’ve done it Kim, you no longer look like Lil Kim. Someone needs to check this chick before she has no bones left in her face.

      • El Dogga

        LOL! I rather hear that than someone jumping on a person track dissing them…..To me the logic behind that is stupid!

        “You are so wack…..have no skills, you are garbage and aren’t the queen…….BUT I’MA HOP ON YOUR SINGLE THE NEXT DAY IT COMES OUT….”

        seems stupid to me.

      • 5% Hov

        So u downloaded her last mixtape that came out?? LOL

        Fort not

    • Poseidon

      Haha, now that’s a backhanded compliment. She still looks like “Evil Dead 2” in that pic though. Keep it real.

      • WeakSauce

        I was just trying to be nice to The Real Queen B! Know what I’m saying! Keeping it real son!

  18. Mark Lamount Burns

    Kim…Kim, just…stop. Not denying your credibility or the fact that Sicki Garbaj is just awful, but for goodness sakes, give your daughter a good role model. Let Young Dummy records hang themselves!

    • LaTonna Tee Roberson

      I mean …ok!!! Everybody know Kim gangster.
      But really though Nikki stole her style and then to say she’s the Queen pf rap. Come om now – how you gone dethrone the realest

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