Man Has His Finger Bitten Off At Jay Z/Beyonce Concert

(AllHipHop News) By all accounts, a majority of the people that attended Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “On The Run Tour” performance at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl left in good spirits and with all their appendages. Unfortunately, the Pasadena Star-News is reporting one fan was not as fortunate.

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According to the publication, a man lost the tip of his finger during a fight at the venue. The victim was apparently defending his girlfriend after 25-year-old Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica allegedly groped the woman. Authorities stated the boyfriend confronted Garnica which eventually resulted in the suspect biting the victim’s finger causing “serious injury.”

Garnica was arrested inside the stadium on suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem charges. He was held on $100,000 bail.

Around 55,000 people attended Jay and Bey’s “On The Run” show at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. Only ten people were arrested that evening – eight for public drunkenness and two for scalping.

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    fruk jay z and his number 1male groupie jon black (white boy) sad

    • johnblacksad

      Real recognize real and you don’t look familiar at all.

      Wait a sec… is that a L you’re holdin? smh…

      • He’s not holding that L…he’s taking it!

        100 mill projected gross?

        Now that’s some ‘chet I’m proud to hate on!

  • 5% Hov

    I though we we’re getting divorced and our shop was flop.

    (55,000 attendance x $250 – $350 per ticket)

    • meanygreene

      how much of that are they getting?

      • 5% Hov

        According to Forbes?

        $100m gross for the tour – anywhere from $70m – $85m

        Prolly more considering they own every company and business profiting from the tour – production, merchandise, prs royailites, management, opperating rights through Roc Nation etc

  • Markus

    Coming from a concert missing some of your finger is rough to take. It would be cool if someone with the show did something for the dude.

    • Understandable…if dude didn’t aggravate the situation.


      • hoeyuno

        Cant the dude who lost the finger sue all parties involved in the show??

      • Yes, but winning is a different matter, and lawyers only take cases for free on contingency / percentage that they think they could win, they will look at homey’s actions as contributing, etc.

        IE: >> In Jay Bey lawyer’s voice on cross examination :

        “Do you think if you had let the authorities handle the situation instead of illegally dispensing your own brand of vigilante justice, you would still have your finger, in light of the fact that the auhorities took the individual into custody and afforded him the due process rights that you illegally deprived him of, thus incurring a possible 5yr federal sentence for acting as an unlawful judge, jury and execution, which is quite the opposite of what you are seeking today?”

        >> In Mikey Fingaz lawsuit voice : “HUH?!?”

      • hoeyuno

        “Do you think if you had let the authorities handle the situation. …………” haha thats exactly what there argument would be..

      • 1st rd KO!

      • hoeyuno

        Yo you seen the woman jay and tigger woods cheated with…haha

      • Oh HELL NAH!

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