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Jay Z Says "Build More Schools, Less Prisons", Supports California Bill (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z is the furthest thing from a politician, but always keeps it real. During his  performance at Rose Bowl arena  in Pasadena, California he professed his support for California bill Proposition 47.

Proposition 47, also known as The “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Initiative”, is a California bill which would reclassify the severity of certain crimes and thus reduce prisoners’ sentences. According to supporters, California could save over $1 billion in five years with the reduced sentencing and prison population.

Dream Hampton, co-writer of Jay Z’s Decoded book posted a video on her personal Instagram account of Jay Z supporting the bill at the Rose Bowl stop during the “On The Run” tour. In the caption she :

Many of you know that I’ve joined with #VoteYeson47 and @mrmikedelarocha push through a California ballot initiative, Prop 47, that will change petty, nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and reallocate prison spending to prevention and schools. Thousands of poor people will no longer have felony convictions for petty crimes. Tonight, after many recent conversations about mass incarceration, Jay Z stood with us, from the Rose Bowl stage.

California currently imprisons over 140,000 inmates, with roughly 28% suffering from mental illnesses. Under Prop 47 $150 million to $250 million will be allocated to mental health programs.

The proposition is slated to be voted on in November.

Check out Jay Z openly supporting Prop 47 below:

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    congress, racist and house niggas don’t want to here that! but i know its true, more schools and less prisons, period! but that’s NOT their agenda…

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  • stackzscrilla

    Publicity stunt J. Come on now. You must have slipped and bumped your head. The issue is deeper then prisons and schools. The foundation is where it starts and ultimately ends. Prisons are big business and the worlds powers that be continually lead us in the the wrong direction. We need more positive role models and us Christians need to be bold in our faith to bring light to a dark world. Bizzle aired you out and showed the chinx in your armor. GOD OVER MONEY. GOD OVER EVERYTHING.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Eat a di(k

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Disregard my “eat a di(k” comment meant to say that to some hater

    • 5% Hov

      “The issue is deeper then prisons and schools..”

      Who said wasnt… sit down bruh.

      As for Christians…. (slave ass niggas) – Trust me being mentally brainwashed is not the way. It hasnt worked yet.

    • Immortal

      Cosign except that I don’t feel that it should be a “Christian thing” rather a everyone everywhere type of thing. I would hope that anyone would prefer to live their lives in according to their God and want that over money, but the realism is that the first thing said would be “God doesn’t put food on the table or pay rent”. I don’t think any child should idolize any rapper, sports figure, singer, or actor. Should they be influences if that is their goal, then that’s fine. But again I agree with everything you said and I too am a Christian and proud of it.

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  • RichFromBX

    Unless people start taking having a family support structure at home more seriously building additional schools won’t change a thing. You can put a school on every block but unless education is made a priority at home what difference is it going to make? Children spend the majority of a year’s time out of school than in school (yes, the number of school days are greater than half the year but when you break it down to hours in a day, more is spent out of school than in school)

    Children need encouragement above all else – if there’s no one supporting a child and guiding them towards the right direction shit will never change.

    • Poseidon

      Couldn’t agree more…

    • 5% Hov

      “building additional schools won’t change a thing.”

      Well loads of studies say the opposite – build more better funded schools – ie less kids in each class- improves the kids ability to learn (see charter schools)

      However I agree with your intent. U can’t magic a crackhead into a good parent. U can fund and build more schools We need to focus on what we can do. Not just over state the problems again again.

  • ZUBU

    On the surface it seems like a good look from Jay, I hope it is sincere. Regardless it is better than constantly rapping about money and other material goods that the overwhelming majority of us can not afford…. Props to Jay….

    • Immortal

      True. I would like to see him put this on wax tho. It would be more of a public and permanent statement and show folks he’s serious. Him giving a chain or backing anyone doesn’t prove it to me; it’s a temp “power” move.

      • ZUBU

        True 100% bro, on wax it would be a much broader statement!

  • Papi Peligro

    How about Just make weed legal. How many people in jail on weed related crimes. Crack, bath salts, cocaine, molly’s, Codeine keep illegal. Its like a child make less rules as possible makes it easier to enforce.


    jbs is a batty bwoy

  • This is a dayum good look by Jay Z!


    >> Goes back to hating on Jay Z

    • 5% Hov

      My nigga

  • Boss

    That’s cool I get it but what about ya fucked up state police force and wrongful incarceration help New York and the tri-states too hov

    • golder1

      Jay Z is not law makers he cant force New Yorkto do the same

      • Boss

        Didn’t say he was like bein a voice for Cali he can speak up for his own city nigga read the shit right

  • meanygreene

    I dare him to tell people to stop selling drugs.

    • Judah Nazayar

      thats not gonna happen….

    • 5% Hov

      “did I tell you sell drugs? No…. Hov did that
      so hopefully you won’t have to go through that!”


      • meanygreene


      • 5% Hov

        non hiphop ass nigga

    • johnblacksad

      “I know the world glued your back to the wall
      You gotta brawl? do that! I been through that”

  • Fosho3528

    I got a better idea. Make a bunch of schools for adults who have child after child they can’t provide for. That will save the tax payers money on welfare and the prison these kids end up in because they weren’t raised correctly.

  • Markus

    More entertainers and athletes need to be more socially conscious and less about social media. The youth are fascinated with celebrities and their exploits in clubs and their personal lives. However the popular people never took advantage to really get behind a cause that might spark their fans to passionately get involved. You don’t get much higher up the food chain than Jay-Z and it’s sad that he hasn’t got behind more issues that communities deal with on a daily basis. Without question the need for more schools and dedicated motivated and genuine teachers is desperate. More affordable housing, education and work training for young parents and after school and weekend programs for the youth to get into besides entertaining themselves with pass out challenges and setting themselves on fire. Every kid can’t be a rapper or ballplayer but perhaps if the stars they idolize take true interest in helping them find a path then maybe the need for more prisons will be unnecessary.

    • 5% Hov

      I agree but I think Hov has been smart on what he backs….
      he still has to grow as business man and can’t afford to offend the wrong Zionist….

      • Markus

        True indeed.

      • ZUBU

        He has to grow as a business man without offending certain groups, or he chooses to not offend in order to acquire money?
        Correct me if I’m not understanding your statement entirely. He has plenty of money he should to be able to speak what he believes, unless he values the all mighty dollar more than he does uplifting people less fortunate.
        Oprah has always supported many, many causes long before she was a billionaire, and she still made all her paper and the power mongers still respect her. IJS… I know he is not Oprah…… and of course he can’t go Prof Griff on people…IJS…..

      • 5% Hov

        i was talking about earlier in his career.

        He never would of got 500mln rhyming like common sense – or going on rallys like Immortal Tech…. was my point.

      • ZUBU

        “he still has to grow as business man and can’t afford to offend the wrong Zionist….”
        Brotha not to argue with you, this was your statement… Hence why I made the respone, questions I did.

  • Tasha Covington


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  • D REAL

    jay z< who you know like hov !

  • “U ain’t got love 4 me mah n!**@?” Well…tbh, it’s been waning 4 a young minute. Statements like this one really help you reconnect with that ” lost population of men”, as AZ put it.


  • Progress #HipHip can u dig it #Word

  • Just more spoken words from his puppet master

  • Black Adam

    “One more for the good guys!” Scott hall voice

  • sakiru oresanwo

    There are schools but ignorant fools would rather do what ignorant fools do then get sent to the big house.

  • Malibuchemist

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    • johnblacksad

      How long after purchase until arrest? smh

      • Twonpass

        real talk , dumb ass kids these days….SMDH

      • Malibuchemist

        lol hit me up bro

  • Twonpass

    funny, Jay Z got enough money to build his own school , has he done it?
    Oprah has way more then enough money to build a hospital, has she done it ?
    Dre is almost a billionaire, has he built a supermarket in the community?

    Point it , they dont do anything that should be done, they only do what they are told to do, pay attention to the puppet show.

    • Brindle

      true, but yet this is a good thing… a lot of entertainers have tried to do the very things your saying but claim the US has too much red tape, which is why they tend to do things in other countries

      • Twonpass

        Entertainers only do what they are told to do, if they want to remain rich and a relevant, dont buy into it.

        Jay Z aint did nothing for Brooklyn, neither has Oprah or Barack for Chicago, they exploit where they came from and make money off the story they tell, and yet do nothing to help the shituation, only for public perception.

        the two most well known people on the planet
        First black president of a racist nation
        and the richest black woman in that same nation

        They have built no schools, no hospitals, no supermarkets, no manufacturing, no distribution nothing but empty rhetoric and BS publicity. Nothing tangible

        WE Need our own shit, and thats real. forget all these puppets, as they will never help the real struggle

    • Mec-One

      How about all the people with more money than the people you named ……. It’s not the job of entertainers to save the world …….. If they do a little or a lot it’s never enough …….. Even the Son of the Most High was crucified ……

      • Twonpass

        its their responsibility since they control the attention of the masses, stop giving passes to puppets.

      • 5% Hov

        “its their responsibility”

        No no…. that would PARENTS.

      • Twonpass

        you might have missed my point,
        not disagreeing with you on that,

        Im saying as someone who now commands the attention of the public, he has a responsibility whether he wants to except it or not.

        We have gotten away from really being men about our actions.

        all the money in the world cant buy you substance.

    • Executive

      Yeah cause it’s his job to build schools.

      • Twonpass

        I see you dont get it, no problem. i didnt expect you to get it….

  • Executive

    Funny how people say we should build our own shit but as soon as a blacked owned business opens in the hood the same idiots complaining are the same ones filled with jealousy cause the owners making money , they’re the same ones stealing from it or trying to rob it.

  • ghettogov

    The whole school system needs to be reworked particularly in high school where focus should be on things like career training or something like that. The curriculum is bullshit especially that eurocentric views they promote while teaching world history. The reason so many kids drop out is because they aren’t learning something practical that they can apply to their lives at soon as you hit 15 ninjas tryna get some bread. I agree with what they are proposing about the prisons though.

  • bisolabliss

    Ha! Dream Hampton, the number one Jay Z groupie on the planet.

    Interestingly enough, Dream is a member of the ‘Dream Defenders’ – an organisation Harry Belafonta’s been known to be down with – and when Jay disrespected Harry on wax we didn’t hear a peep from her, she was quiet as a mouse while ordinarily, she’s rather vocal about respect and activism. You’d need to see her twitter timeline to get a clearer picture.

    And Jay needs to do more than make statements, he’s way above the caliber of entertainers that just make statements, we need to see moves akin to the ones he’s made to line his pocket, until then, all he gets from me is the side eye.


  • David Drank Lean

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