Jeezy: Nobody In This Game Got My Credentials… It's Me & 2Pac, That's It

(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper Jeezy gave an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, and the Atlanta native used the platform to separate himself from his musical peers. The “Seen It All” rhymer expressed now his mission is to take on a leadership role for the youth. According to Jeezy, the only other Hip Hop star to carry that load was Tupac Shakur.

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“I can’t prove anything to nobody in this game. Ain’t nobody in this game got my credentials,” said Jeezy. “It ain’t nothing to talk about. It’s me and Pac. That’s it, leave it there.”

When asked about Jay Z’s place in that conversation, Jeezy shows respect to his frequent rhyme partner, but adds he and Tupac represent the revolutionary side of the coin while Jay represents the business side.

“Hov is a business man, but me and Pac were more so on some revolutionary leadership,” stated Jeezy. “Don’t get me wrong – Hov, that’s my G. At the end of the day, I respect anything he do, but he’s a boss. He makes boss moves. But you have somebody like me and Pac, we’re always on the ground level trying to motivate and inspire the people with my music.”

Jeezy goes on to discuss the ongoing violence in cities like Chicago and how the young people in those communities do not have an “OG” who survived the streets to look to for guidance. The Atlantic Records A&R executive cites Jay Z as an example of someone the streets show love to for making it out.

“That’s why Brooklyn loves Hov so much. Everything he do is better than last time. He’s always moving in a forward motion. You always want to be around people that move in a forward motion,” said Jeezy. “Before I leave this game, I’m going to make sure I put my imprint down and let them know this is what you can be ten years out of the game.”

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Watch Jeezy’s interview below.

117 Responses to “Jeezy: Nobody In This Game Got My Credentials… It's Me & 2Pac, That's It”

  1. Papi Peligro

    YAWN. All respects to Jeezy though. Recession ninja called it and had an album out the week it happened. You don’t have that kind of prophetic effect without your ear glued to the streets. Tupac though. Stop selling yourself short all I’m saying.

    • johnblacksad

      “I hate to have to be the one to say I told you
      Lord knows I can’t wait until this recession is over”

    • ZUBU

      Jeezy came out with the recession on point, but the recession had been building up for quite some time during the Bush era. If you listened to the nightly news you knew we were in or headed toward a recession, not saying he is not in the streets. He at least he still got boys in the streets.

      • ZUBU

        Jean-Michel Basquiat, bro are you referring to the artist? I’m really not familiar, so I searched to get a lil’ insight.

      • Papi Peligro

        Yeah you know Jay Z, Kanye, Ross, Pusha T, ETC ETC. Talk about buying a bunch of stuff. I get it support black artist. But Jeezy always kept it to the ground. I don’t think he Tupac. To me Tupac was more Black Power Movement. Dudes more BMF than Black Power movement. But he always kept it at a level I could relate.

      • ZUBU

        I agree with your statement for the most part, though Jeezy does talk about money I just think he does it on a level that most of us can relate to what he’s talking about.
        Pac was certainly on a Black Power Grind, coming from the family he came from it prolly was engrained in him from birth. You know family full of Black Panthers will have you think and feeling a certain way about the govt.
        Not certain how Jeezy really grew up, but he did his thang and aligned himself with Big Meech BMF. I’m pretty certain Jeezy has done a lot of what he speaks about.
        For me Jeezy just made a bad comparision, and having said that I feel Jeezy’s music he just ain’t in the same lane as Pac….

  2. Montezuma1

    Jeezy is a fake Crip from Macon. Was a backpacker before he joined Meech’s entourage. This guy is so delusional. Wait… He does have a lot in common with Pac. My bad.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      word, i don’t know anyone who was into hip-hop before Pac came out that even rates him as a rapper !

      • johnblacksad

        “You ain’t lookin thru my scope, so you don’t know my aim”

        Mayne… Jeezy’s best bars are on par with the best bars your favorite rappers ever spat… IMO

  3. Markus

    There must be something in the Ciroc these dudes are drinking. First Jermaine Dupri now Jeezy making comparisons to an icon. Nobody’s remembering Jeezy’s work when his career is all said and done. It’s sad that the new way to promote new music is to invoke the names of legends past. Dude is nowhere near the top ten list dead or alive to ever do it.

  4. ghettogov

    Jeezy is nowhere near a revolutionary…nigga probably don’t know what the word means…guys like nas or lupe can talk that revolutionary Shit…maybe even jay elect but anybody who is really in a revolutionary mindstate is not listening to young jeezy. This nigga think he so important. I got some respect for him cuz he sticks to his guns but this dude wildin. Ninjas will say anything when they gotta album coming smfh

  5. El Dogga

    Ummmmm just because you named your Album “Thug Motivation” doesn’t mean you actually motivated anyone to do anything positive! FOOL!

  6. Freezamon

    If that nigga’s a revolutionary then I’m Malcolm X in the flesh….he need to be checked asap….niggaz will say anything to get sales…His movement needs to move on..

  7. Ipullcards

    You and Pac? Smh u were my man until that dumb comment.. There’s Dmx who comes closer to Pac (old dmx) than you. You sold 20-25 million records jeezy?

  8. True_Fan

    I guess everyone just gonna dismiss the fact that Thug motivation 101 was one of the best albums of the decade and when Obama was elected My president is black was like an anthem for black people.


    You know what, I didn’t even read the article due to the ludicrous subject matter. “It’s Me & 2Pac, That’s It”; negro please. Jeezy is good, but not even close to a 2Pac good. Hell to be quite frank, he ain’t even on a LL Cool J level, so what cha sayin Jeezy???

  10. Eny Daboss

    Lmaoo then rozay said he is the god of hip hop …. this is i dont buy cd i download them lol rather hear stupidity for free than buy them

  11. EDOGZ818

    I co-sign everything Jeezy said about Jay Z, but none of him being on the same level as Pac.

    >> Takes a few seconds out of busy day to hate on Jay Z out of respect.

  12. WeakSauce

    Jeezy, you my nikka and you come hard with your music my nikka but you is nowhere Tupac was! But still looking forward that new album!

  13. ZUBU

    Jeezy, I’ve always dug his music but very few songs inspire or influence unless of course you getting street motivation. Pac was a very deep thinker so many of his tunes gave people something to think about, of course Pac had his thug tunes as well. I think Nas is close to Pac as far as opening the mind a bit, but Nas still didn’t raise fervor of the masses like Pac.
    Maybe Jeezy is referring to the songs: Prez is Black; Recession; Don’t Get Caught. Jeezy you better quit smoking that shiiittt, it’s messing with your brain…. IJS

  14. hoeyuno

    “My president is black” does not make you a revolutionary leader! ! Haha good tune but your not the mainstream immortal technique. .

    • meanygreene

      pac spittin’ at the camera>>>anything jeezy has said or done
      pac gettin’ shot>>>>anything jeezy has said or done

    • Black Adam

      Pac shooting two cops>>>>more revolutionary than anything Jezzy or any rapper has ever done with the exception of maybe PE & I.T.

  15. Lean Left

    Ridiculous. Where is the “revolution” supposed to start–in the imaginary trap house that he has constantly rapped about since 2005, in each and every single song he’s ever recorded?

    Does he even know what the term revolution means? And since we’ve already established his world view is limited to a baggie of crack, what insight can he offer?

    Jeezy clearly has a much higher opinion of himself than many Hip Hop fans have of him and after reading his comments, I’m embarrassed for him. This man is obviously an idiot. He might try to release a worthwhile album before he turns into MLK, Jr., Ghandi or Mother Teresa.

  16. youngplaya

    Jezzy trippin. PAC stand alone my nigga. PAC had niggaz thinkin like we need to get our act together. Jeezy make a nigga want to go get some “Work” lol ljs lol

  17. GP

    and this is why I don’t support this dude no more when will rappers learn you cant compare to tupac. bottomline it was only one pac! please stop trying!

  18. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Anything for attention.. This f..k boys with no sense of respect. Bunch of attention whores. A yo! keep Pac name outta yah mouf! talk about a ignorant idiot… Pac’s legacy is not to be compared to anyone’s But the Martin’s, X’s Bob Marley’s etc.. let me calm down before i become a troll, now i see why people go off online because these idiots claiming they shit they really ain’t.

  19. 5% Hov

    He right on that Hov verse.

    Jeezy aint no Pac but he definitely the last of the real rappers that actually made moves …

  20. AverageDon

    This guy should be embarrassed! What credentials homie? Crack Cred, street cred, Does he even have a GED? GTFOH!!

  21. Chrisfx50

    These rappers kill me thugnificent.yo I’m sayin tryin to put hood on the map give them hoops a pack their and their cause nigg got to eat too no what sayin!😁

  22. ZUBU

    The Nominees For The Dumbest Rappper Statements Of The Day Are:




    The Winner Is: _____________________

  23. stackzscrilla

    You CAN’T be serious dude. I suspect you hit some A1 Cridddnack, blazed a blunt of LOUD to the neck AND shot up some herrrrrron’.

  24. Poseidon

    Funny we never thought of you as a revolutionary up to this point, Jeezy. Considering you’ve been in the game already twice as long as Pac and he dropped a body of truly “revolutionary” work at an age more than 12 years younger than you are currently. I’m just saying.

    He got that Hov assessment right though, I’ll give him that.

  25. damion911

    My nigga Jeezy what you doing lol. You and Pac on two different fields. Pac was not in the streets for real, Pac was born into a revolutionary family. You sold dope my nigga and you did it for real I give you that.

    • LeCore Noah

      Pac was not in the streets for real?????????? damn, that tells me how much you know about rap music and the people who make them. wow. No arguments and no words, you’ll soon come to realization and correct yourself. Peace.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        Pac was in the streets if by ‘the streets’ you mean drama school.

      • EDOGZ818

        Hey! It’s not like the school was located in the country side…..there were streets around it!

      • LeCore Noah

        Thank you bro. I am glad you answered that before I got to it. Some people are just as stupid as stupid comes I tell ya. Pac was a thug unfortunately. Another child who fell victim to the programming of white racist AmeriKKKa who were doing a good job locking young black males including this drama kid 2Pac by the way. I guess according to “opposite of you” he never met school boys and girls that run the streets as well. smh.

      • EDOGZ818

        Fugg that…folks forget he shot 2 cops for abusing a black male motorist….if that ain’t some G ‘chet…nothing is in my book!

      • LeCore Noah

        Indeed and I ain’t never heard of no Jeezy shooting no motherfuckin’ cops (The biggest crooked organized gang in the world). Like Pac would say, “Somebody gotta explain why I ain’t got shit”.

      • Loch121

        pac was in the streets being dirt poor in major cities.It’s not like he was off in the hills not living in the field w/ a drug abusing mother and gangs and violence.

  26. ILL Will

    I ain’t gon sit up here and say I don’t like jeezy…I like his music and sht but I’m sick of these rap niggaz even mentioning Pac name…ain’t another like the brother…unless u was on a track wit Pac shut the fk up rap niggaz…lmao deep niggaz doing too much…jeezy might have been trapping for real but don’t none of them BMF niggaz fk wit that boi, Bleu and nem stay going at em. I like his music tho but nigga need to just drop his album and kill the theatrics.

  27. LeCore Noah

    Did he say him and Pac??? Try Pac and Nas. That’s sounds like a better comparison and even THAT doesn’t add it much. smh. How you compare BMF vs Black Panther Part?

  28. Immortal

    After Thug Motivation 101 I haven’t seen any real growth minus a few one off’s in his career, and when I think of him I see this being both are corny:

  29. La'shaun Saint Claire

    every boody wants there status like Tupac Shakur, it’s understandable, those that say pac was not street don’t know them neither. It’s so eazy to judge people but look at ya self first. That’s how jeezy feels find, “but you and I know what’s going on” !

  30. FoundingFathers


  31. Marcel Morris

    Jeezy not comparable to Pac, he makes really good musiv but he no t in the same league as pac at all, now Boosie Badazz I would say is the most comparable rapper to Pac

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