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Freddie Gibbs Says Young Jeezy Lied About Financing His Career (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jeezy has been making his rounds to different media outlets to promote his upcoming album Seen It All. During the promo run, the CTE general was asked about his relationship with former protégé Freddie Gibbs. One of those media stops including a sit down with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning where Jeezy explained how he spent money to finance Gibb’s career.

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According to the Snowman, he paid for a Gibbs music video that was never released, airplane flights, and other expenses. Jeezy told Ebro his business dealings with the Gary, Indiana rapper left him $300,000-400,000 in the hole.

The following day, Gibbs went to Hot 97 as well to address Jeezy’s statements. He presented his side of why the deal between the two did not work out. After first stating he respects Jeezy, Gibbs said the two rappers just had different approaches to the industry.

After parting ways with CTE, Gibbs released diss tracks aimed at his former boss. He claimed it was Jeezy’s untruthful accounts about their business relationship shared amongst mutual friends that sparked those songs.

“The reason why I lashed out the way I did with the records and the words that I said is truly because of what was said yesterday,” explained Gibbs. “He made it seem like he saved some little, poor Gary boy to the rap game, but that definitely isn’t the case. Before I got with Young Jeezy, I was on the cover of XXL. Before I got with Young Jeezy, I was on tours. Before I got with him, I was making money. I didn’t take a dollar from Young Jeezy. That 300K/400K thing, that’s a total lie.”

Gibbs also added that he did not receive an advance from Jeezy, and he only shot one video during his time with CTE which was discarded because he did not like the final product. He said that was the only financial loss Jeezy suffered as it relates to his career.

Another point Gibbs had issue with was Jeezy saying they saw each other in a L.A. club and Jeezy requested for Gibbs to come and speak with him, but Gibbs refused.

“That’s totally untrue. Another lie in the Jeezy movie. He got an album coming out. I expect him to do these type of things,” said Gibbs. “He just seen me the day before yesterday.”

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Watch Freddie Gibbs’ interview below.

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  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Gibbs don’t even talk about him. Jeezy was only talking about you for his album which gon be garbage anyway.

    • WeakSauce

      When an artist goes out to promote an album release, he is not reliable for whatever questions he is asked. They ask, he answers. I’m sure this is not all they talked about, just the media trying to pull shit again.

    • golder1

      Jeezy hasnt released 1 weak album and wont this time. Gibbs on the other hand cant even get a major deal as he wants. So, Jeezy must not have been the problem

  • Man, if you’re sitting’ in his $100,000 car for a video, flying out to do shows with him where he’s getting paid and adding to your budget and the fct that you had a video that didn’t release…Even if the label paid for that video. Jeezy got you access to funds that he could’ve been stingy with. Gibbs needs to be grateful that Jeezy even fucked with him.

  • Brainiac1ne

    Gibbs right on the money with this 1

    • golder1

      Gibbs is lost. Just because Jeezy didnt put money directly in you hands doesnt mean he wasnt fronting your career.

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Gibbs ripped that freestyle….fuck all that money talk though. Where’s jeezy response lyrically? Jeezy took it to the radio and all these interviews instead of just droppin a track. People gone always defend jeezy cuz of the money and what he supposedly did for gibbs. But Where’s the raps at? Where’s the rebuttal? unless jeezy responds with some music directed at gibbs, then this is pretty much dead.

    • golder1

      why would Jeezy waste his time making a diss record about someone who isnt even relevant in the game. It would be a bad look for him.

  • ZUBU

    Not certain who is correct, though I did hear of Gibbs before him being with Jeezy. Also several other people formerly with Jeezy have taken shots at him…… IJS


  • Rowan Richards

    Listen to his albums. u will respect him, way better rapper than half the industry nigas and way better that jeezy.

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  • Clondyke Classic

    I’m a Gangsta Gibbs fan but he not telling the whole truth. You can tell how he answered some of those questions it’s some truth to what Jeezy said

  • Faceda59

    I think it’s been a minute since I killed a mf.Gibbs went in on that ish.

  • Black Adam

    Gibbs>>>Your favorite rapper.

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