Hip Hop Rumors: Future's Checks To Be Garnished

Future may have more to worry about besides Ciara no longer flossing her engagement ring. According to theJasmineBRAND.com, your favorite crooner is gonna have to give up more paper for child support every month.

“The 30-year-old rapper and his baby mama Jessica Smith – who share a 10-year-old son – came to a child support agreement in January 2013. The deal had the rapper paying $1,662 a month in support based on him claiming his monthly income was only $16,516.
Then in March 2013, Jessica submitted a child support modification suit, claiming he lied about his monthly income and believed he made more than 50k a month. She demanded an increase in support.

theJasmineBRAND.com has learned that Future and the mother of his child came to an agreement last month. Due to the rappers income increase in monthly income from 16k to 50k, his support was increased to $2,800 a month.
The support payment will be taken directly from his music checks and given to his baby mama. He was also ordered to pay $3,952 in past due child support.”

Future has a total of four little ones, but considering some of the things he spends on, $2,800 shouldn’t be much to a boss right?

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  • brotha_man

    thats actually not as bad as i thought it would be.

    • Terrance

      Me too…

  • Markus

    Irresponsible behavior. He’s not that popular a dude to not be taking care of his family first. To have to come to the point where the courts have to make you do the right thing by your children is foul.

    • The kid is 10 according to the article and also only behind 3900 according to the article. …in my opinion he been handling his…and don’t get it twisted the courts don’t just up and order you to do sht…homegirl filed them papers for the check or either she tried getn Govt assistance. ..lol ask me how I know…I been to child support court and seen cats with arrears of 50k and they were only ordered to pay 37 bucks as in dollars a week…I swear I’m dead ass serious…

    • Obi Won

      Man one thing I learned, some people really could care less about kids, They’ll cut the check as long as the kid or mom doesn’t get in their way.

      • Markus

        That’s true.

  • Executive

    You lay, you pay.

  • El Dogga

    Man…..what does his salary increase have to do with child support though???

    Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be out here on these streets being “Raw-Dog Mcgraw” but dayum! Sounds like someone just want a check! Beat babe mom’s copped like 8 fendi bags this month!

    • chicagostyl

      if someone making about 5mil a yr and all you gotta pay is 35k to one chick, that aint bad. And I dont think shorty buying fedi bags off 3k a month unless she already got a job.

      • El Dogga

        35k?!?!?!? Are you crazy??? “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!!!!”

        You can start a franchise off 35k! Don’t forget taxes and out of pocket expenses from that 5mil! It ain’t as much as it sounds!

  • Tre C

    shit, he actually got off light..but damn Future, 4 kids?

  • ZUBU

    I wonder how much he has to pay the other baby moms. As others have mentioned just because they say you make 50k a month or whatever you not bringing nowhere 50 home per month: taxes, managers, pr peeps, other related expenses, etc.

    • That counts as bringing home.

      You can’t make 50k per month & claim you pay you maid “Brittiny Big Breast” 49K, leaving 1K for support.

      Now if brittinay Big Breast was his manager and only paying him 1K per month & keeping the 49K…that would be legit.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Stop runnin up in dem hos raw then u won’t get burnt. Ya’ll see what I did there?

  • king

    Well at least he taking care of his kids a lot of people can’t say that.

  • hoeyuno

    Future need to get straight with his kids moms..I mean we dont know what really goes on but if how the media is painting the situation true then this guy needs to take care of his seeds….no love for dead beat rappers with active bank accounts. ..

    • He was only behind 3900 if this story has any truth to it….I been to child support court and seen dudes behind like 40 50k….3900 means he was at least paying, AHH say the kid is 10….

      • hoeyuno

        Wasnt there drama with other baby moms though..I might be wrong. .

  • 313 Intelligence

    I swear Ni99as never learn. Need to stop bare backin these hood trash rats who only looking for a free check from a successful ni99a.

  • Qkirk

    I’m trippin that they’re already talking about trouble between Future and Ciara. Damn! I guess she said I’m not going to be added to the list…or supporting it.

  • I give future’s music the grade of what’s on his shirt in the pic… 2800 ain’t nutn if u making in excess of 50k a month….still a lot for one crumb snatcha….lol

  • anemia716

    so there are HOUSEHOLDS who dont even bring home 1600 a month. i swear this system is so one sided. women can literally make a living off of birthing children. damn shame. you mean to tell me your child need. I don’t even need 2800 a month to support myself and I’m a grown ass man with bills and a mortgage.

    dudes, stop falling for these tramps. please. they make us look so foolish as black men. Smarten up!

  • beezy


  • steezy

    Hey math genius, $16,516 is his MONTHLY income, which is $198,192 annually. $19,444 doesn’t even scratch that, so he’s got plenty for the dollar menu. Questionable stuff like this should not be published but it seems “writers” like beezy here lack the intellectual wherewithal to see these obvious red flags.

  • ghettogov

    chicks making a living off having kids what a wonderful country we live in…That’s Damn near the average annual income of an African American family going to one kid…foh why do they have to pay that much why can’t you just let him do stuff for his kids? Getting the state involved is some sucka Shit